argus day

Trust the signs to:

Trust an ☆Aries to be your #1 supporter when you need that extra push in life to make things happen.

Trust a ☆Taurus to argue with you day and night if it means proving their point and making you look stupid in the process.

Trust a ☆Gemini to keep you smiling when no one else does and remind you to have fun every now and then.

Trust a ☆Cancer to be the one show you just how important you are.

Trust a ☆Leo to always indulge you with compliments and give you anything and everything you need.

Trust a ☆Virgo to be the one to teach you how to prioritize things.

Trust a ☆Libra to always put your needs first so you will never have to question the love that they have for you.

Trust a ☆Scorpio to be everything that you want in a partner or a friend.

Trust a ☆Sagittarius to teach you to never look back and always move forward no matter how hard things can get.

Trust a ☆Capricorn to give you wisdom and show you what real bosses look like.

Trust an ☆Aquarius to bring new meaning to your life and take you on wild and crazy adventures.

Trust a ☆Pisces to always know when you’re feeling off and what to say to get you out of that mood.

Turn That Frown Upside Down

Young Argus Filch was not a “smiler”

He didn’t smile for presents.

He didn’t smile for a night on the town.

He didn’t even smile for babies…

He almost smiled at funerals.

No, Young Argus Filch never smiled…

Until the day he met her…

That fateful day… Argus Filch finally found a reason to smile.

And he called that reason… Mrs. Norris. 

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Day 5

Remus was bored.

It was the last week of Christmas break and, as expected, Remus had already finished all of his homework. Both James and Peter were on dates with Lily and Mary respectively, and the only Marauder bar Remus that was in the common room was Sirius.

Usually it was Sirius who was pestering Remus while he was busy because he was bored. But now the tables have turned, and Remus had no idea what to do.

Sirius, as usual, had left all of his homework until the last minute. The grey eyed boy had claimed a table near the fire and had all of his work piled in front of him. Standing on the stairs, Remus watched the other boy for a bit before deciding to join him.

“Hullo, Pads.”

“Wotcher, Moons.”

“How’s the work coming?” Remus asked.

“I think Minnie’s still peeved about that last prank. Bloody woman’s trying to kill me!” Sirius moaned, gesturing onto the large scroll of parchment that Remus realized was the Transfiguration homework.

“Do y’know how much you have left?”

“Just this bloody essay, thank Merlin, but I’ve been working on it for hours and it’s barely half way done! Remus, if I die writing this essay, please staged it like I drank to death or something. Dying like this is unbecoming of me.”

Chuckling at his friend’s antics, Remus suddenly got an idea.

“Well, why don’t you take a break? You could use one, mate.”

Sighing, Sirius nodded and stood up, stretching for a bit before smiling at the werewolf.

“Brilliant. Give me a minute to drop this off, yeah?”

Nodding, Remus leaned against the table as he waited for Sirius to come back down. Doing a quick sweep of the common room, Remus took the map out of his pocket and drew his wand from the other one. Smirking softly, he pressed his wand against the folded parchment and murmured “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

By the time Sirius returned, Remus had spread the map across the table, his eyes darting about as he looked for the best route.

“Where are we going, Rem?” Sirius asked, trying to look over the taller boy’s shoulder.

Grinning, Remus held the map out of Sirius’s reach, closed it, and stuffed it back in his pocket.

“Come on, Pads, where’s the fun in that?”

With a wink, Remus started heading out the portrait hole, Sirius quickly following him once he realized the other boy was out of view.

Sirius followed Remus’s lead, and the two boys were jostling and bantering the entire way to Remus’s surprise destination. Once a portrait of a fruit bowl came into view, Sirius looked at the other boy, eyebrow arched as he said “The kitchens?”

Laughing, Remus shoved playfully him once more before reaching out to tickle the pear.

“Come on, then.”

The werewolf reached down and grabbed his hand, dragging him into the kitchens. Immediately the pair was swarmed by eager house elves, all asking the boys if they could get them anything. One of the house elves, Hooky, stepped forward, and as if on cue, the other house elves returned to their work.

“Master Moony, Master Padfoot! What is bringing you to the kitchens today?”

“Hullo, Hooky. I was wondering if we’d be able to get some hot chocolate?”

With a smile and a nod, Hooky disappeared into the crowd. Remus and Sirius headed towards the Gryffindor table and sat down across each other.

Two mugs of hot chocolate appeared suddenly in front of the new boys. 

“Cheers,” Remus said, smiling as he brought the mug to his lips. Sirius copied him, taking a sip before immediately spitting it back into the mug.

“What the hell?”

“Pads, what’s wrong?”

“Moony, what the fuck is in this drink?”

“It’s just marshmallows-”


Remus started at Sirius. 

“Wait, have you never had marshmallows with your hot chocolate before?”

“No, because it’s a bloody abomination!”

“Are- Are you serious right now?”

“I’m always Siri-”

“Sirius, how can you not like marshmallows?”

And thus began the Great Marshmallow Argument of 1978. 


argued on the first meeting  →  really good friends
smol and tol pair
dark-haired and angry + super strong blondie

me, arguing with a guy on Facebook about the ACA repeal
  • Him: You say the new health care bill will not cover pre-existing conditions. You got that from where?
  • Me: From logic. They're repealing the mandate. The mandate is what allows insurance companies, financially, to cover people with pre-existing conditions. Otherwise, healthy people will opt to be uninsured, until they become unhealthy, all insurance policies will be for unhealthy people, and insurance companies will not be able to bear the financial burden.
  • Him: We will see what Trump will do, but wants to retain pre-existing conditions and kids on the health plan of their parents til age 26. I agree with you, I don't see how they can do it without a mandate.
  • Me: So you see why those of us with pre-existing conditions are concerned?
  • Him: Nope. He said he's keeping pre-existing conditions, kids stay on parent's policy until 26. Selling across state lines. No mandate. More to come.
  • Me: So except for the fact that that's financially impossible, everything should be super!
  • Him: Beats me how he's going to pay for it.
  • Me: *screaming internally, externally, and eternally*

But their existence will float away
And just like every word they say
And we will hold hands as they fade

- Avett Brothers

The day I let you down, should have been like every other day.  Should have been straight forward and we should have done what you needed.  We should have done what you wanted.  Instead I let you down.

We had known each other for a while.  You were the sweet lady that huffed and puffed to breathe after a lung transplant that left you with really only one viable lung. You had a sweet smile and you knew me on sight.  I would come by your room when you weren’t my patient and say hi and chat for a moment.  You were a tiny lady with a big beautiful heart.  

Two days ago I was assigned to you.
You called me by name and we spent the day arguing about whether you would get to drink or not.  You couldn’t so I put a feeding tube in and tears formed in your eyes as I did. I apologized profusely and you smiled weakly at me.  Half way through my shift you called me into your room and gripped my hand.

“I’m not.. gonna… make it.” You said between breaths.  You stared at my face as you said the words. I looked at you in surprise and quickly reassured you a best I could.  Your numbers all looked good.  Stable.  You looked at me resigned and nodded as I told you that you were improving.  You asked to go on the bipap so you could rest and I tucked you in.  

The next shift- you told me you wanted to be done.  You told me to turn everything off and take all your tubes out.  There was no mistaking what you were asking.  I talked to you at length about it. I asked if you knew what taking all of that away meant- you nodded and asked me to help you.  I squeezed your hand and told her I would talk to the doctors and your family.  
Hours later- your daughter, despite hearing your pleas that you are tired and wanted to rest and be done, told the doctors to do everything. Despite the fact that your head shook a violent “NO” when asked if you wanted intubated if need be- your daughter said yes.  Despite my telling the doctor that you had appeared to be in your right mind for me, they labeled you confused.  I hung my head when they told me what they decided.  I avoided the room for a few hours because what could I possibly tell this sweet soul that I had promised to help?

I snuck in as you rested, your breathing labored and the bipap obstructing most of your face.  I turned around and your eyes opened.  You waved me over to you and I hesitantly walked to your side.  You mumbled something through the bipap and I leaned closer to hear you.  You tried again and I apologized for not understanding.  You shook your head in frustration and I popped the bipap off so you could tell me.
When are you going to release me from all this?  When are you going to let me go?” You said in between your labored breaths, your hand gripping mine.  “When are you taking the tubes away?”  
I stared at you and squeezed your hand.  I didn’t know what to say to you other than the truth.
I can’t…” I said my voice on the verge of breaking.  “Your daughter… your family…They want you to keep fighting.  They want everything done. The tubes have to stay.”

The look on your face when I spoke those words to you made my heart physically hurt.  I didn’t know how else to tell you that you had been betrayed.  By your family… By your doctors…By me.  

You shut your eyes and laid back on the pillow.  The family members that had been left to “encourage” you, stood awkwardly to the side.  I straightened your lines, pulled your blankets up and was about to go when you raised your hand.  You set it gently on my arm and looked at me.
“Thank you.” You said loud enough that the bipap didn’t smother it.
I squeezed your hand and we shared a moment.  I didn’t look at your family.  I looked at you, my eyes glistening with the same frustrated tears that mirrored in yours.  I nodded and you closed your eyes.  
The day I let you down, should have been like every other day.  Should have been straight forward and we should have done what you needed.  We should have done what you wanted.  Instead I let you down.

The Leninists and Anarchists have been arguing for three straight days straight, minus smoking breaks, about a lightbulb that needs to be replaced. Meanwhile, in right-libertarian land:

The invisible hand of the market already screwed the lightbulb in, no argument, just efficient social mechanics, the way human nature intended

New Year’s Preference

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New Year’s was your favorite day of the year, especially when you spent it with Dean. The two of you sat on the couch binge watching Orange is the New Black while eating pie, curled up under the same blanket. It was the one day of the year that the two of you didn’t have to go on a hunting trip and could pretend that you lived the “apple pie life” together. Dean told you how everything that he loved about you, from your eyes to the way you snort when you laugh before the two of you got in a pillow fight. For dinner, Dean had Cas bring you two your favorite burgers and some more pie for dessert. After you were both finished eating, you and Dean climbed into Baby and drove to watch the fireworks.


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Spending New Year’s with Sam was the most relaxing day of the year. The two of you watched Harry Potter all day while arguing over the Lord of the Rings. It was the one day of the year that you could convince Sammy to eat as much junk food as he could fit inside of him and then some which is why the two of you always gained at least five pounds by the end of the day. As the day drifted into the evening, Sam pulled you on his chest and draped a blanket over the two of you, lazily rubbing his arm up and down your back as he told you cheesy jokes that you tried your best not to laugh at. To top off the night, Sam told you how he couldn’t imagine sharing the day with anyone else before the two of you drifted off to sleep.


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For Cas, celebrating a new year had never been special until he met you. When Castiel learned how much you loved New Year’s, he insisted on spending the day with you doing whatever you wanted. You agreed, and dragged your boyfriend over to the couch to start your disney marathon while consuming an unhealthy amount of junk food. As you watched Frozen with an unwavering smile on your face, Cas looked away from the screen and lovingly gazed down at you as you watched the movie. He loved watching you change emotions to follow the movie, but what Castiel loved the most about you was how caring and empathetic you were towards others. Although Cas didn’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions, this year he decided that his would be to never let someone as breathtaking as you get away from him.


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Spending New Year’s with Crowley was as relaxing as sitting on the beach or travelling to Paris- whichever you preferred. On New Year’s Crowley was determined to make his Queen feel like royalty. The two of you started off the day in Greece for breakfast, enjoying the beautiful clear water before heading to Italy for a romantic boat ride in Venice. After Crowley had finished showing you around in Italy, he insisted that the two of you roam the streets of Budapest- somewhere that you had always wanted to go. You eagerly agreed, and with the snap of his fingers the two of you were standing in front of the chain bridge. For dinner, Crowley teleported the two of you to a romantic dinner under the Eiffel tower before taking you to New York for fireworks. When everything on Crowley’s itinerary was done, the two of you cuddled in bed, eager to spend another year together.

okay no offense but 5sos should make a music video for social casualty about a girl from a broken and abusive home running away not to a boy but to college in order to pursue to her dreams. like picture this, luke starts the opening verse and she’s walking around her small and boring town and watching her parents argue as the days go by, then michael comes in with the chorus as she starts packing her bags, then calum with the second verse and as he sings “just a girl turned eighteen, she ran away to chase her dreams” she’s getting off a bus and then you see her view of the university campus and she starts unpacking her bags in her dorm room. and as the song continues on it switches from the boys playing on a stage to moments of the girl’s experience in college like the football games with her friends, late nights studying in her room, finals, partying, and then back to the boys until the very end of the song where you see her walking across the graduation stage shaking hands with the school officials with her diploma in the other hand and she’s smiling brighter than she ever has in her entire life because she ran away and accomplished her dreams.. idk i think it would be a badass video because she’d be breaking the cliche norm of running away to be with a guy and instead be running away to get an education and make a future different from her past. @5sos-official hire me to be your next music video director. i gotchu fam


Gif source:  Avengers

Imagine being in a relationship with the Avengers, and they try to work out a schedule.

——— Request for anon ———

You found them all sitting around Tony’s lavish coffee table, Chinese takeout littered over nearly the entire surface as they argued over days of the week, “What is going on?”

Tony smoothes his arm around your waist, holding you into his side, “Tell them you want to spend Saturdays with me instead of with Clint on his farm.”

“Whatever, man, she’d much rather be with me on Saturdays,” Clint shoots back with an eye-roll.

“Are you scheduling my life, without me?” you frown, giving them all an accusing look.

“We were going to come up with a draft and ask you about it once we’d agreed on something,” Bruce explains, only serving to make your frown deeper.

“Nat, you know everyone’s schedules, right?” you ask, getting a nod from her from where she sat between Thor and Steve. “Alright, you’re helping me set up the schedule. No more arguing between all of you.”

I swear some of you just want to turn this place to trash. What’s wrong with having some fucking peace after the holidays? Y’all are crazy. What is with you, newbies? Do you all have a wish to ruin this resort for everyone except yourselves? I understand you’re all upset with the whole ‘no alcohol’ shebang, but Jesus. There’s more to life than tequila. You could at least try to enjoy everything else the resort has to offer before you do some stupid shit like smashing a camera while you try too hard to get everyone revved up and get everything taken away. Chill. Have a Shirley Temple. Record a song, get a tattoo, have sex, whatever. Just don’t get more shit taken from us. You don’t get how much you actually have till it’s gone, and then you’ll all be crying about how Big took your pool away when ‘all you wanted was some fun’. You can have fun without dragging us all down with you when one of you inevitably goes too far. You just got here. Please don’t ruin it for yourself straight away.

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It was a tiny little coffee shop in the corner of campus. Quaint and quiet, Danny sat in a corner table with his chem lab partner, sipping a warm cup of cocoa. They were going over their lab for the next day, casually arguing over the amount of reactants and products between lame science puns and bad jokes about their professor. He was so caught up in what he was doing that he never heard the chime of the bells when the door to the coffee shop opened.

“That looks like an unhappy person,” his lab partner mentioned quietly, gesturing towards the door with her head.

Danny looked away from his partner towards the door. Sam was standing there, arms crossed, a frown on her face. “Hey, Sam!” he said, waving at her.

Sam scowled and didn’t move.

“I should go,” Danny said, collecting his book and laptop and shoving them into his bag. He smiled at his lab partner, who was looking between them with a concerned expression. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Tossing his bag over his shoulder, Danny headed towards the door and planned what he was going to say. Ever since Sam had been possessed by the plant ghost all those years ago, she’d changed. And as time went on, that change got more and more pronounced. Every now and then, Danny looked her over, hoping to find a spectral thorn that had been left behind, or a seed that was sprouting.

Join us, Danny.

Tucker (who refused to talk to Sam anymore) thought maybe it was just Sam’s natural, possessive personality coming through. Danny remembered how Sam used to be, and never lost that bit of hope that someday she’d go back to the fun girl she’d been.

“Hi,” he said cautiously as he walked past her and out the door, hoping to take their conversation out of ear range of his lab partner.

“Who’s she?” Sam asked, her voice sharp.

“Maria. Chem lab partner. I told you about her.” Danny turned around to walk backwards.

Sam was following him. “She’s pretty.”

“I suppose.” Danny was well aware of how pretty the girl was. And how smart. And how funny. And how nice to be around. And how much she loved cocoa. “But you’re my girlfriend.”

“That’s right.” Sam’s frigidness thawed just a bit. She took a few quick steps, catching up.

Danny flipped back around so he was walking forwards again. Last year, he would have reached out to hold her hand. Now, he kept his fingers in his pockets. “You know, you don’t have to follow me around all the time.” He tried to be gentle when he said it, but he could see Sam tense. “You’re my girlfriend, and-”

“And you’ll stay that way,” Sam said sharply.

Stay, Danny. Stay and rule with me.


“You can’t leave,” she said, grabbing the front of his shirt and pulling him in close, her voice dropping to a whisper as they stopped walking. “I know more about you than anyone on this planet. And if you leave me, I’ll make sure that everyone knows… everything.”

Danny searched her eyes. Now and then he thought he saw something - a flicker of a flower or a thorn-covered vine - but today he saw nothing but emptiness. “I’m not leaving,” he finally said, although each time he said it, his heart was heavier. “Don’t worry.”

She smirked and let go, snagging his hand and pulling herself close to him. “Of course not. You’re my boyfriend. You’ll stay with me forever.”

There’s a difference liking a theme and liking the EXPLORATION of a theme


What do you mean? 💭
(O que você quer dizer?)

You’re all that matters to me 💎
(Você é tudo que importa pra mim)

You’re so indecisive ❤
(Você é tão indecisa)

Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing.
(Às vezes é difícil fazer o que é certo)

I’m not made out of steel 💔
(Não sou feito de ferro)

Is it too late now to say sorry?
(É muito tarde para pedir desculpa?)

Wanna argue all day, make love all night.
(Quer brigar o dia todo e fazer amor a note toda)

I’ll show you ❤
(Vou te mostrar)

Where are you now that I need ya? 💕
(Onde você está agora que eu preciso de você?)

Just as sure as the stars in the sky 🌟
(São só as estrelas no céu)