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  • dean is the grumpiest bf ever omg 
  • cas so sessy ooohhhhh 
  • i like to imagine the lady vessel for cas actually has a super high pitched voice and cas just isn’t good with human vocal control
  • sam and dean: *spend a good 20 minutes not basically almost dying but get right back to it* 
  • i’m so happy that i watch spn alone because the amount of times i’ve squeaked “OHHH, CAS” is embarrassing 

what i learned: i’m a filthy shipper but i’m not sure what else i was supposed to gain from the episode???

My roommate and her bf are legit having a loud ass argument over peeing in the shower and they woke the whole house up yelling oh my fucking god

anonymous asked:

Do you have any rics that could cheer a person up?? Had an argument with my bf tonight :(

I’m so sorry, hon, I hope you guys can work it out.  

Well, I can offer a few.  Not sure if they’ll help, but I’ll give it a go:

Captain Sweden (Steve)

Just Touch My Cheek Before You Leave Me (Deadpool)

Well, I Wasn’t Expecting That (Deadpool)

Awkward & Adorable (Daredevil)

Who’s A Pretty Boy? (Sam)

Civil War (MCU Cast/Avengers)

I’m Here To Pick Up A Fossil (Steve/Bucky)

bokutos-kuroo  asked:

Okay but consider this: bokuroten. Shitty memes to the max.

Oh no yeah I’ve totally been considering it for like. About a month now. It’s such a wild ot3 tho. Like I can just see them having a semi popular jackass style youtube channel. Or going on week long “adventures” where they just travel somewhere random with like 50$ and have to survive for a week.

I actually have a fic idea for them and idk if I’ll write it or not yet, so here you go!
Basically, we have established, poly Bokuro at a bar, and they spot this HAWT tall, blond glasses boy, yeah? So obviously they go hit on him, right? But right as they strike up a conversation, a Tender Salami appears.

The Tender Salami proceeds to try and hit on the blond himself while attempting to trash Bokuro and make them seem bad.

Tsukki is very unimpressed by the entire thing, but he’s getting free drinks so he’s rolling with it. It develops into a full blown argument of who’d be a better fuck, a better bf for this hot blond who they know nothing about because no one even let him say a full sentence since this thing started. It might have evolved into a rap battle, too, if an absolutely gorgeous black haired beauty (Akaashi) wouldn’t show up, casually kiss said Hot Blond and ask what’s going on.

Bokuroten gape at Tsukki as he smirks his most shit eating grin at them and goes, “oh, gentlemen, meet my boyfriend, Akaashi.”

“I should have known he was out of my class” x3

Tendou and Bokuro then apologize to the other side for dissing them and saying those harsh, totally not true things. Tendou apologizes for saying Bokuto’s hair was stupid and Kuroo’s was a disaster, Kuroo apologizes for saying Tendou’s hair looks like he colored it with mulled sheep blood but apparently Tendou took it as a compliment?? Wow this dude is weird but totally hot and they wonder how far his freckles reach~~ which of course ends in them finding out like two hours later while stripping him down in their apartment.

Scrapes, Sprains and Sorry

[Word count: 1,811]

Prompt: So I fell down the stairs last night because I had an argument with my bf..was upset…and didn’t see the bottom step. I heard something in my ankle pop and my ankle twisted and it’s pretty badly sprained along with a really messed up knee. It would make me feel so much better if you could do one where the same thing happens to the reader. Her and dean have an argument..she falls down the stairs..he freaks out and they apologize amidst scraped up knees and severely sprained ankles!! 

frik this is cute but omg seriously i hope your ankle and knee heal up real soon!!!

for bcimbatmandude!! Hope u like it lovely!!

Dean x Reader


It’s late in the evening, and you’re lounging in the library in one of Dean’s old Led Zeppelin shirts and a pair of sleep sorts, with your favorite novel trying to relax after returning from last night’s hunt- key word being trying. Dean is making it difficult - no, damn near impossible - to relax. 

He’s sat opposite you, nursing a bottle of beer that’s probably been warm for the past half an hour as he throws you glares every five seconds. He must think he’s being subtle, his hooded eyes flitting between you and the hand that holds his beer, and every so often, he heaves a little sigh or lets out a grunt of annoyance. 

You manage to hold out for a record of eighteen minutes before you snap your book shut, the slap of the pages echoing around the room as you let out a frustrated sigh of your own. 

“Dean. What’s the matter?” You ask tersely as you prepare for an argument - you know that look in his eyes, the fire that makes them glow an acidic emerald in his anger (having been in a relationship with Dean for the past eight months means you’ve noticed these things).

“Oh, nothin’.” He grunts, teeth grinding, and you roll your eyes mentally. 

“Okay then.” You snap back, flipping your book open to a random page as you settle back down, though you’re too tense to do anything other than stare blankly at the word ‘but’.

“It’s just that you really seemed to be enjoying that guy’s attention earlier.”

This time you do roll your eyes. “Are you actually being serious right now?!”

“Uh, yeah, yeah, I think I am being serious.” He deadpans, lifting his legs off of the table to plant them firmly on the floor, leaning forward to rest his arms against his knees. 

Pursing your lips, you narrow your eyes as you study him from over the top of your book; with his sleeves rolled up and forearms pressed to his spread knees as he glares at you with a set jaw, you have to admit that yes, he looks very serious, and also extremely hot, but that’s besides the point. The point is that…

“You brought this whole issue up not even three days ago.”

“Did I?” He mutters, jaw still clenched. “I don’t remember doing that.”

“Yes, Dean, you did. You told me all about how the bartender was checking me out and about how I ‘loved the attention’.” You close your book for the second time and drop it onto the table before standing up and placing your hands on the table to lean forward. “And you know what, maybe I did like the attention, but I think everyone enjoys a little bit of attention every once in a while-”

“So you admit it. You like the attention.”

“It’s not like I was about to leap over the bar and fuck him!” You yell, face flushed with anger. “And don’t act like you’re a saint around here! I see you basking in the attention of girls all the time! What’s so wrong about me receiving a compliment from someone every once in a while, when it’s okay for you have random girls literally hanging off your arms?!

“It’s not like that and you know it!” He shouts back, standing up to mirror your position. Your faces are inches from each other, and as his breath ghosts over your lips, you briefly consider leaning forward to pave the way to a night of hot angry sex, but then he goes ahead and says quite possibly the stupidest thing he could have said. “I’m a guy, it’s different!”

“Are you fucking serious?!” Your voice breaks halfway through your shriek of disbelief, and you have to restrain yourself from reaching out to slap him across his stupid pretty face. “Did you actually just bring gender into this argument, as if that can somehow magically win the argument for you?! Me being a woman has nothing to do with this-!”

“Yes it does!” He interrupts, voice hoarse. “It has everything to do with this, because you’re my woman!”

You roll your eyes so hard it actually hurts. “Ah, yes, nothing like a bit of neanderthal ownership to win an argument over. ‘My woman’.” You hiss, narrowing your eyes at the way he rolls his own eyes, throwing his head back and sighing deeply. You huff out a disbelieving laugh, and his head snaps down to stare at you.

“Well, what else do you want me to say?! You’re my girl, and I’m your guy. I don’t want you giving all your attention to the first guy that offers you a drink on the house just because he likes the look of your-”

“Ugh, do you know how done I am with this jealousy bullshit?!” You shout, throwing your hands up in the air and turning around to storm away. 

“Don’t you walk away from me, Y/N!” He shouts, and you whip your head around, glaring over your shoulder at the sight of him pointing a ‘threatening’ finger at you.

“Oh yeah, and what?” You hiss as you carry on walking, eyes narrowed in challenge. 

“Y/N…” He growls lowly, tone deep with warning, “I swear-”

You don’t get to hear him finish his empty threat, because as you’ve been glaring at him - in other words, not looking where you’re going - you’ve been getting closer and closer to the small set of stairs that lead out of the library. 

Suddenly, only the edge of the heel of your foot is in contact with solid ground, the rest of your foot stepping on thin air. You teeter, arms flailing as you feel your body falling forward. Naturally, you try to save yourself, twisting and leaning back, however this only serves to make the fall worse; you can feel your ankle twist, hearing a pop that most definitely isn’t normal, and you let out a yelp. 

Trying desperately to grab something only results in your body somehow miraculously performing a 360 turn, and it would have been impressive if you weren’t, you know, falling. After what feels like an eternity, your body collides with the cold ground, palms slapping down with a bruising force as you let out an ‘oomf!’, and you’re left wheezing as the shock of the fall jolts through your body like an electric shock.

Dean is by your side in a second, almost falling down the stairs himself in his haste. “Y/N! Shit, baby, are you okay?!” Gentle hands flutter over your body before carefully turning you over. Dean rests your head in his lap as his eyes scan your body, his hands skimming over areas already coming up in bruises. 

“Fuck, I’m so sorry,” He grits out, and after blinking away the stars from the fall, you catch sight of the tears in his eyes. 

“Hey, Dean, it’s okay, it wasn’t your fault. I wasn’t looking where I was going.” You murmur, wincing in pain, and he shakes his head guiltily. 

“Doesn’t matter, I started it.” He adjusts his grip on you to lift you up, carrying you back into the library to place you down in the chair you were sat in not five minutes ago. Kneeling down in front of you, Dean’s head tilts down as he assesses the injuries, practiced hands trailing down both legs methodically, taking note of the way you wince.

“This might hurt,” He warns as he takes a hold of your ankle and gently moves it in the beginnings of a circle, but you yank back with a yelp as you bite back tears. “Shit, baby, I’m so sorry.”

“’s fine,” You grit out, reaching up to wipe at your eyes. “My knees hurt. Left one ‘specially.”

Glancing down, you can see why - your ankles, scraped up from last night’s hunt, have started bleeding again, the fall having pulled off the scabs that had already formed. Tiny rivulets have trickled down an inch or two, and when Dean reaches up to touch your left knee, he smears it away, rubbing the blood absentmindedly against his flannel before continuing to assess your injuries.

“I think you might’ve twisted your knee, babe.” He mumbles apologetically, pulling away to grab the closest first aid kit to patch you up, cleaning your reopened scrapes and grazed palms and covering them with the silly Hello Kitty band-aids he had bought for Sam last month. He takes his time in wrapping your knee and ankle, apologizing every time you wince - meaning he said ‘sorry’ a hell of a lot of times.

When he’s finished, he drags out the process of tidying away the first aid kit, turning his back to you as he does it on the table. After two minutes, you let out a quiet sigh and reach out to tug on his shirt. “Dean?”

He freezes immediately, turning and kneeling in front of you as he takes both your hands and cradles them in his like you’re made of paper-thin glass. “What’s wrong, sweetheart?” His voice practically melting with concern, and a half-smile lifts one side of your face.

“Dean, baby, I can see that you’re beating yourself up over this. It was just an accident, I wasn’t looking where I was going, there was nothing you or I could have done to stop it.” You try to ease his tension, rubbing circles into the back of his hand with your thumb.

“None of that would have happened if I wasn’t being such a dick.”

“Honey, you weren’t being a dick, you were being the protective, concerned boyfriend that you are - you were just worried, that’s all. If anyone was being a dick, it was me.”

“I’m sorry baby, it’s just, you know how jealous I am, and-” Dean breaks himself off and sighs quietly, staring down at your interlocked hands. “You know I love you, right?”

“I know, I love you too, baby,” Your eyebrows draw in, a slight crinkle forming as you frown down at him. Placing a gentle hand on the side of his face, you caress his cheek with the pad of your thumb, and his eyes slide shut as a soft breath leaves his parted lips. “Dean, I love you, forever and always. I’m never going to leave you, no one can take me from you.”

His eyes peak open after a moment of silence to scan your face, taking in every ounce of sincerity before leaning forward to capture your lips with his own. “I won’t let them,” He mumbles against your lips. “Don’t leave me, please…”

Your fingers card through the short hair at the nape of his neck as you rest your forehead against his. “I’ll never leave, Dean. Ever.”

“And I’ll never leave you. I love you, Y/N.”

anonymous asked:

Same bdsm anon, ok so when I had my first appointment with my primary care physician she was like we'll how're things with your bf no arguments? no tension? how'd you get all those bruises on your arms and neck?? And I just panicked and said uhhhhh idk I bruise rly easily and she fucken knew I was lying and I was so embarrassed and my bf is like honey they're going to call the cops on me omg and it's just so fucken awkward when ppl ask 🙈

ajdklfntld #justmasochistproblems

anonymous asked:

that sounds like a personal issue between the couple and lauren..... the argument is like 'we beefed no one should be friends with them'. bf even said they responded to their apology and this is still an issue? like this is why the concept of callouts is a joke

this isn’t a stand alone incident, lauren has a pattern of behavior like this. stop trying to minimize the emotional manipulation others have suffered under her who are trying to speak up about it

Mingyu as a boyfriend but also during fights/arguments

okay i had this idea in mind earlier… because there’s always a fluff “____ as your boyfriend” (like i’ve done before) but i wanted to add how the member would be during an argument or something so yeah! enjoy :)

mingyu as a bf

-will cherish u forevessss

-honestly will treat u like royalty

-and won’t let u touch the floor whenever ur sick or wants u to rest

-most def will cook meals for u

-breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnIGHT SNACK???

-but that doesn’t mean you don’t try to cook for him either

-he gets super happy when u do even if it tastes bad


-just imagine doing sweater paws with it

-and him flashing that winning smile to you because he thinks you’re the cutest thing everrrrrr

-cuddles while listening to music

-while your head is on his chest, he’d be playing with your hair until u fall asleep

-he would be super protective over you even when it’s just around the members

-but then he will realize “wtf she’s mine there’s no need to be jealous”

during fights and/or arguments

-he’s the type to remember every single date and the little things

-and if u forget it

-he’d be realllllly upset

-I think mingyu would b more towards the sensitive side

-but would only show it towards u

-during fights or arguments he’d b really trying to hold everything in but really he wants to explode and cry

-but then also anger would take over him as well

-he didn’t mean to yell at u but he couldn’t help it

-would have to take a breather and step out for a little bit

-he wouldn’t be out for long because he’s a little puppy who needs your love when he’s torn like this

-the type who’d rather lose an argument than his relationship with his special someone aka u b

flufy07  asked:

thank you guys. :) So another try at the request: A dean x reader where the reader hunts with her bf (not dean) and gets hurt on a werewolvehunt and they get in an argument where her bf says she is useless on hunts and shit so she leaves him. After some time she starts hunting with the boys but her ex shows up. apparently they didn't kill all werewolves and the one that survived bit her ex and now he wants her back at all costs? Even going so far as wanting to bite her.

added my dear!

I hate when people ask me about my weekend like “how was ur weekend” I broke up with my bf had an argument with my dad and spiralled into a shitty depression session but I’m not gonna tell you that Susan

“being with rose made the doctor selfish, he burnt up a sun, killing loads of people, just to say goodbye to her”

pretty sure he would’ve found a star that wasn't supporting the lives of a galaxy of people, but whatever helps you justify your Rose hate, i guess

my bf got into an internet argument with another WoW player so i turned back to my pasta and waited for it to subside then a few minutes later i look back at his screen and him and the opposing person are just aggressively spamming the letter ‘Q’ back and forth to each other at a rapid rate for about 2 minutes straight

anonymous asked:

the other night my bf and i got into an argument and after a while we made up. we had make up sex. i handcuffed him to the bed and them blindfolded him and gave him a handjob/blowjob and he was so hard. he was so turned on and kept moving around and i pinned him down and had to keep telling him not to move. He was so fuckin hard i rode his dick for a while and he made me super wet. after we both came i uncuffed him and his wrists had lots of marks from the cuffs// it was wonderful