arguments against dairy

I think what a lot of vegans don’t understand or don’t really care to think about is the fact that it takes privilege to be able to eat the way vegans do. The foods you need to buy is expensive. The supplements, the snacks, the quantity of food you need for your meals, that shit adds up. If you’re not at least a middle class citizen in America, especially if you’re not an upper middle class citizen, sustaining yourself on this diet can be really difficult. If you’re working a minimum wage job like myself, it’s a struggle just to stay on your feet. I don’t see why you guys keep insisting that your diet isn’t more expensive than ours is because it really and truly is. Organic shit, vegan shit, any specialized kind of snack is always going to be more expensive than its normal counterparts. The argument against eating meat and dairy is annoying at best and elitist at worst.