Kurt Cobain: was mentally and physically abused by his biological father because he had ADHD and was hyperactive which bothered his dad.

Kurt Cobain: his parents didn’t want him to play with poor kids because he was “better than them” and he was forced to wear a sweater he was allergic to so his mom would brag how her kids “were the best dressed kids in town”

Kurt Cobain: thought he was the reason of his parents divorce since his parents usually argued about his up-bringing which made him feel guilty and embarassed 

Kurt Cobain: witnessed his mother being abused by her boyfriend who once broke her arm and felt guilty because he couldn’t do anything about it

Kurt Cobain: moved to live with his dad in a trailer trying to improve their relationship but his dad ended up marrying another woman after promising his 10 year old son not to remarry

Kurt Cobain: couldn’t get along with his step-mom because he felt that if he would love her he would betray his mom and because his father treated his step-siblings better than him which made him withdrawn and deprssed 

Kurt Cobain: he had minor scoliosis but both of his parents didn’t care which caused several physical problems in the future mainly his stomach problems

Kurt Cobain: was forced by his father to practice sports and left his father’s house when he was 14 after a huge argument because he lost a wrestling match 

Kurt Cobain: his mother didn’t want him to come live with her so he had to move from relative to relative. None of his relatives afforded his stay which made him feel depressed and un-wanted

Kurt Cobain: moved to live with his mom and her husband and he was constantly abused by his step-dad for being a virgin and single and often called him “loser” and “faggot”

Kurt Cobain: was bullied in high school for being friends with a gay boy and because he was intersted in arts while the other boys were interested in sports

Kurt Cobain: started smoking pot when he was 13 to deal with his depression and his mother didn’t bother to stop him because she was also smoking pot that she hid in her jewerly box and she even once took a drag from her son’s joint at a party

Kurt Cobain: got kicked out of his mom’s house at 17 because he brought a girl with him to impress his step-dad who would always brag about how many girls he slept with when he was in Kurt’s age

Kurt Cobain: was homeless when he was just 17 and he would sometimes sleep in the library, in the hospital waiting room or on cardboards and he NEVER complained to anyone about it

Kurt Cobain: had to quit school at 18 to find a job to afford his bread and rent a dirty and smelly shack and he went through several jobs including being a janitor at his own high school

Kurt Cobain: he was kicked out of his appartements several times because he couldn’t afford to pay the rent until moving in with his first girlfriend when he was 21

Kurt Cobain: suffered from severe stomach problems because he had  a pinched nerve in his spine caused by his untreated scoliosis and he didn’t talk about it because he didn’t want to bother people which later made him medicate himself using heroin in littles doses to kill the pain   

Kurt Cobain: would sometimes stop in the middle of the performance to check if the people who stage dived were ok

Kurt Cobain: heard the story of a 14 year old girl who got raped and wrote a song about her (Polly) 

Kurt Cobain: hated sexists, racists and homophobes and didn’t want them to come to his shows and always expressed his annoyance because of their presence

Kurt Cobain: respected women dearly and encouraged feminist movements (like Riot Grrrls) 

Kurt Cobain: tried to quit drugs and went to rehab twice in a row. Once when his wife was pregnant and a second time when his daughter was born

Kurt Cobain: accepted to play a benefit for rape survivors in Bosnia and Herzegovina and didn’t get a dime for his performance

Kurt Cobain: wrote a song about rape (Rape Me) because he wanted to attract media’s attention to that issue and kept playing it despite the critics and the controversy that surrounded the song

Kurt Cobain: played a gay rights benefit supporting No-on-Nine

Kurt Cobain: stopped in the middle of the song to defend a girl who was being harrassed and kicked the man out of the show after making him feel ashamed about himself

Kurt Cobain: used his fame to promote good bands who weren’t famous and was bothered by media’s focus on his band only and openly expressed how he thought bands like Soundgarden and Alice In Chains were better and deserve more recogniation

Kurt Cobain: didn’t want to be called “a voice of a generation” because his drug use was exposed and he didn’t want to influence anybody negatively and he felt that he was judged by media which deepened his depresion because of his insecurity and made his drug addiction worse

Media: Kurt Cobain was a rock star junkie who hated fame and commited suicide because of it at age 27

People: Kurt Cobain is an emo pussy! He was a coward for killing himself and he was a junkie loser! He was always complaining about how his life sucked and the only thing he did is whine and sing about depression!

I was just randomly clicking through episodes and stumbled upon this scene and it’s actually quite underappreciated and very sweet

this obviously happens shortly after their stupid argument over the lost bag of nuts (rest in peace brave soldier) and it’s clear that they’re still a bit tense after that. But Yuuri makes an attempt to break the ice 

“What would you like for a gift?” can just as easily be translated to: “I’m not annoyed anymore and would like to put this behind us.” It’s a sweet peace offering, with Yuuri showing interest and care in something that he presumes is important to Viktor.


Viktor misinterprets what Yuuri is trying to say and, while answering truthfully, also accidentally dismiss the hand Yuuri reached out for him. It’s a good display of them facing a cultural gap, since Yuuri might have planned to get Viktor a gift in advance and Viktor shoots that wish down. It’s not on purpose! But, speaking from experience, sometimes cultural gaps cause misunderstandings between couples that might lead to hurt feelings

 As is also evidently displayed here; Yuuri tries to mend what was hurt in the previous scene, in his own way, and Viktor misunderstands and Yuuri is left feeling rejected and possibly anxious that Viktor is still mad at him


VIKTOR CLEARLY NOTICES THAT YUURI GETS HURT and immediately tries to make Yuuri feel better in a way that is just as sweet as Yuuri’s own

it’s a line of dialogue that is just as simple as Yuuri’s when he asks what Viktor wants as a gift. “Do you want some hot wine, too?” is basically Viktor reaching out to Yuuri and showing care for his well being and offering to share something of his own with him. It’s simple, it’s sweet and easily leads into the hilarious line about Yuuri not handling alcohol well, bUT IT’S JUST SO CUTE AND THOUGHTFUL


Blocking is not evidence

People get to decide who they do and don’t want to talk to.

Online, part of what that means is that people can block each other. People who don’t want to talk to each other can make the conversation stop.

If someone blocks someone else, all it means is that they’ve decided to stop talking to them. In almost all cases, you have every right to do that.

Blocking someone doesn’t mean you’ve lost an argument. (Similarly, if someone else blocks you, that doesn’t mean you’ve won or that you’re better than them.) It just means that you’ve chosen to stop talking to someone.

There’s nothing wrong with ending a conversation. You don’t have to interact with everyone who wants your attention. You have the right to have boundaries and you have the right to use technology to enforce them.

The only time it’s wrong to block people is if they are entitled to your attention for some reason. That’s rare, and mostly applies to corporations and elected officials. 

Blocking is not a punishment or a confession of weakness. It’s a boundary.

1. Know your stance: Make sure you know exactly where you stand on the issue! Which side will you take? What are your biases? The importance of a persuasive essay is to be able to assert your point while simultaneously acknowledging the opposition. State your claims and back them up.

2. Understand your topic: One of the most important aspects of a persuasive essay is the evidence that you use to back your assertions, and disprove your opposition’s argument. This can only be done if you have a very clear and thorough understanding of the topic at hand. This means doing research, research, and more research!

3. Audience: It’s important, especially in a persuasive essay, that you know your audience. While you may stand strongly on one side of the argument, keep in mind that there will always be others who don’t see the situation through the same lens as you do. It’s important in a persuasive essay to not only assert your opinions, but to also consider and address the opposing side. Whether it’s to disprove an argument, or to concede to some valid points, it’s essential to acknowledge the other side.

4. Structure is key: The foundation of a good essay (of any kind) is in its organization. The introduction to your essay should grab the audience’s attention, state your thesis, as well as provide some background information on the subject at hand. The body is where the bulk of the argument comes in. Remember that each paragraph should assert a certain point (a clear topic sentence is key), and that each of your points should be backed with strong evidence. Evidence can include research, quotes, data, or real life examples etc. And finally, include a strong and succinct conclusion to round off your essay!

Tips: Remember that the flow of your essay needs to be logical, so that your reader can clearly see the point of the argument instead of getting lost in the midst of a scramble of ideas.


Outline and Draft!
Forming an outline really helps when writing any essay. If you have written a structured and detailed outline, then writing the draft will be much easier. Flesh out the outline that you have prepared and just let your ideas flow. Don’t worry too much about wording or grammar the first time around, just try to get your ideas out onto the paper.

Congrats! You’re almost done! Now, go over and edit your draft. Really pay attention to the flow, coherence, and organization of your ideas. This is also the time to look for any grammatical errors. 

Take a step back!
If you have the extra time, it helps to leave your essay for a while (a day or two), before coming back to it. Sometimes taking a step back can really go a long way!

So in our party the Fighter and Paladin tend to get into scraps over who drives the wagon, this I how the Fighter lost an argument to the very mute Paladin.

DM: “Amund.. you make an argument as to why you should drive the wagon, Erys stares at you grumpily”

DM: “Amund.. you make a counter argument as to why you should drive the wagon, Erys just stares at you grumpily again”

DM: “Amund.. you make a counter argument against the counter argument as to why you should drive the wagon, Erys once again.. just stares at you grumpily, as you just get in the back of the wagon.

DM: “Well done Amund, you just lost an argument to a mute woman who did nothing but stare at you.”

Beauty and the Beast Post-Curse headcanons

In the past week, after seeing the new live action Beauty and the Beast (twice thus far. Still jonesing for a third viewing) the movie has taken up a permanent residence in the back of my mind, thus creating many a headcanon to frolic about in the space betwixt my ears. I personally enjoy reading other people’s headcanons so here are a few post-curse headcanons of mine, organized by character…

- Belle uses the library to start a school for the village children, bringing the village’s literacy rate higher than anywhere else in the country. The children often give her drawings and short stories they’ve written which she displays prominently.
- One of her favorite things is watching Adam interact with children. He was a bit concerned at first that they wouldn’t like him, but it turns out he is great with them! She’s had to enact a “no piggyback rides in the library” rule. 
- She and Père Robert start a book club.
 - She is almost constantly tinkering with ideas and inventing things to make things easier around the castle. Washing machines, kitchen gadgets, carts with built in book shelves, and so on and so forth. Adam is more than happy to provide her with anything she could possibly need and often watches her work, helping when he can, but mostly just admiring her mind at work. 

Prince Adam 
- Now that he is considerably less hairy (and over all less beastly in terms of body mass) he gets cold easily. (Mostly at night or in the early morning since early post-curse is summer.) He can often be found in the library by the fire and occasionally making his way through the castle wrapped in a sort of mobile cocoon of blankets.
-Since the curse has been lifted he is trying to encourage a lighthearted atmosphere around the castle, attempting to undo the “when I enter a room, laughter dies” reputation. This ends up manifesting itself in quippy remarks and the occasional pun (much to the surprise of the staff at first) and ultimately learning to laugh at himself more. 
- He finds himself gravitating to Belle. Absentmindedly taking her hand in his whenever she is close by. Reading over her shoulder from time to time. Overall just preferring to be near her. She makes him feel safe. Yes, this is real. The curse is broken. She really does love him.  
-Having Phillipe around has proven very therapeutic for him. He goes for walks around the grounds with Phillipe and talks with him, pampering him with lots of apples for being such a good listener.
-He waits a while to propose to Belle, but he keeps his mother’s wedding ring on his person pretty much from the start of their post-curse days. He just didn’t want to make Belle feel rushed. 

- After years of having no taste buds,  Lumière has become a foodie. He relishes being able to savor the simplest ingredients, often enticing Plumette to try whatever he is most excited about at the time. “Plumette, you must try these strawberries! They are positively exquisite!”
-He often forgets that he can no longer produce a source of light at will, and can often be heard muttering as he stubs his toe in the dark.
-When Belle and Adam do get married, he is Adam’s best man and delivers the greatest speech. Lots of laughs. Even more happy tears.

-Plumette maintains a feather-like touch and learns how to paint from Maurice. Her landscapes become famous for her delicate brushwork. 
-She has never lost an argument with Lumière. Any time he is being stubborn on a point of disagreement, she tickles him until he is willing to talk things out. 

Cadenza and Garderobe
-After their long curse induced separation, Cadenza and Garderobe take a second honeymoon and are nearly inseparable. 

Mrs. Potts and family(plus LeFou)
- Mr. Potts ends up moving into the castle and commuting to the village for work. Any time he has to leave he takes a moment to hug Mrs. Potts and Chip, studying their faces with a smile so that he never forgets again.
-Mrs. Potts and LeFou end up becoming good friends. She gives LeFou motherly advice and Chip ends up looking up to him like a big brother. 
-LeFou makes sure to encourage Chip to follow his heart, be self assured (but remain humble) and to have the courage to stand up for himself, even if it means standing up to a friend. 


Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes

Words: 6.358

Warnings: smut (oral sex (female receiving), explicit language), swearing, angst, wrap it before you tap it!

Котенька - a really cute Russian pet name like ‘kitty’

“I don’t want you to worship the ground where I’m walking on.” you screamed angry at the back of a leaving Bucky. After another argument with him, you lost your well-trained patience. It was always the same topic. You loved Bucky, from the bottom of your heart, and you tried your best to work with his insecurities but today was too much. As he heard your voice and the words you spat against him, he stopped in his tracks to walk away from you, away from your relationship and out of your shared apartment.

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The Stranger Came In A Boat (Part One)

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Reader x Hvitserk

“Mother you have to be joking!” You gasped as you trailed after her.

Your shrill disagreement lifted through the air where Hvitserk, and his brothers were lounged on the front porch of the main hall. “(Y/N), please hush your objections.”

You made a noise of irritation as she continued to hurry through the slowly busying streets. “You expect me to simply let myself be sold as chattel, I am unlike you mother I hold some value on myself, above baring sons and waiting for a husband I do not like to return from overseas.” Your objection caused many people to look over at the two of you, but you couldn’t care less.

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Altean Lance Theory

So this is all the evidence I’ve found. Stick with me.

So we all know the beginning- In Episode one, while Lance was piloting, the blue lion was able to make a wormhole jump to Aris. The argument is that they did it without Allura’s help, and it’s been said in the show that it is Allura’s connection to the castle that makes wormholes possible. (Coran: We might have enough of Allura’s essence stored in the ship to make one jump…)

The thought is that Lance shares the ability to use his essence to make wormholes, and thus is Altean.  Honestly, I find this really shaky and unfounded in itself because Allura’s life force could have been stored in the lion like the ship…

Or not. If the castle alone could barely hold enough essence for one jump, then I doubt a single lion could do better. But still, Lance isn’t Allura. It’s very important that Allura and Alfor are the only Alteans that have ever piloted the Castle of Lions. They’re the royalty, probably because of their ability to interact with essences around them. It seems highly improbable for Lance to be Altean royalty. 

But then again, so was Keith being part Galra. And if we Earthlings know anything about royalty, it’s that there’s always that odd cousin or nephew or aunt that barely counts but is, in fact, royalty. It’s possible one of these were on Earth when Altea was destroyed and stayed because they had no where else to go.

But wait, there’s more! Remember Haggar? When we first meet her, she tells Zarkon she “Feels a resurgence in Altean energy”. At first I overlooked this, but it’s actually important. When Allura meets Haggar face to face, she’s surprised that Haggar is actually Altean. Altean. Meaning one Altean sensed another, even galaxies (an entire universe) away. 

So let’s go back to when Allura meets Lance:

 “Your ears… they’re hideous. What’s wrong with them?”

Ouch. Remember, we’ve been taught that Alteans are a chameleon-like, peaceful race. They’re born and bred for diplomacy, and we’re talking about a princess. If Allura found herself confronted with a foreign person, I’m willing to bet her first instinct would be to be nice and ask questions carefully because it’s been drilled into her since day one of Princess Life. And yes, I hear your argument, she just lost her father! She’s not thinking clearly! 

True, but if you’d just lost your father, you’d be screaming for his location and well being. Allura calls for him, of course, but stops when confronted with the new problem of the person in front of her- a curious boy who looks different then she thinks he should. And why is it such a puzzle? 

Maybe she senses Altean energy in him. Maybe she felt something familiar in him, and felt safer bringing out her Anastasia-side (Get it? History joke) because she felt he would already recognize her. She is his princess, after all. 

So in recap, Lance is not only Altean but royalty, as seen in the wormhole incident and Allura’s immediate recognition. 

Altean Lance shall live.

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Title: Furry Misunderstandings

Pairing: Loki x Reader (ft. Thor, Tony, Clint, and Bruce)

Drabble Prompt: “Find some proof that she betrayed you.”

Content/Warning: Angst; fluff

Words: 1055

A/N: I already posted one fic today (When We Were Young, Pt. 2) but I’m in a writing mood. So here, have a Loki fic. (I really need help) As always, prompts are open. I’m not desperate for requests or anything. Psshhh, no. Not me. XD

“What’s troubling you, brother?” Thor asked, entering his brother’s room to find Loki pacing the floor.

The trickster god paused, glancing at Thor. “It’s none of your concern, Thor. Please, just let me be to think.”

“Whatever is troubling you, Loki, I can help,” Thor pressed as Loki began pacing once more.

Again, Loki stopped, this time reaching up to pinch the bridge of his nose. “Thor, it’s not exactly something I wish to discuss with you. It’s personal.”

“You can trust me, brother,” Thor said. “Perhaps I can give you some advice.”

Loki gave an incredulous snort, but nodded. “Alright, fine. It’s about myself and Y/N.”

“I thought you and her were doing well?”

“That’s what I thought too, Thor,” Loki said. “But I’m starting to think Y/N doesn’t feel the same anymore.”

“I don’t understand why her feelings would change, Loki,” Thor said. “She loves you, correct? That’s not something that just changes all of a sudden.”

“That’s not exactly what I’m talking about, Thor,” The trickster said with a sigh. “This was a bad idea.”

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I remember way back me and my gf were having an argument and I lost my temper and swore at her and she said “You wouldn’t want anyone else talking to me like that” and honestly the stopping power of that sentence still haunts me.

Aries ~ if you want fast acting relief try slowing down

Taurus ~ those who have the last laugh think slowest 

Gemini ~ get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please (Mark Twain)

Cancer ~ my mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but i think she enjoyed it (Mark Twain)

Leo ~ There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. 

Virgo ~ “The only thing to do with good advice is pass it on. It is never any use to oneself.” - Oscar Wilde

Libra ~ if you lose your temper, you’ve lost the argument 

Scorpio ~ “"If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is ‘God is crying’. And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is ‘Probably because of something you did’.“
- Jack Handey, Deep Thoughts

Sagittarius ~ because you think it’s true, doesn’t make it the truth 

Capricorn ~ “One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one’s work is terribly important.”
- Bertrand Russell (1872-1970)

Aquarius ~ the one who loves least controls the relationship 

Pisces ~ "You got to be careful if you don’t know where you’re going, because you might not get there.“
- Yogi Berra 

motherofthecoven  asked:

Your writing is a god send (hehe). Could I possibly request some Icarus au angst? I don't know why but I want to see my favourite trio sad.

Apollo places one elegant finger in his book to mark the place and sighs softly as he looks over at where Icarus is napping on the couch, and Helios knows that Apollo’s picturing the kid dead.

It’s not as though it was some big secret that Icarus will die someday. To the contrary; the gods have known since the beginning – before the beginning, really. They’ve known, even before they were aware of Icarus’ reincarnation, that all mortals are now condemned to age and die. No more gifts of immortality for favorites. And to make it unquestionably final, even Zeus himself has followed this order.

At the time – this was a few decades after the spectacular debacle of the Trojan War – they’d all seen the sense in it, though a little sullenly. They had allowed the mortals to manipulate them into taking sides against each other, with consequences that had left a mark for quite a while.  So the gates had been shut forever after that – Ganymede was the last human to be immortalized.

There were other rules, about the limits of their interaction with humans, but most pertinent to Apollo at this moment is the rule about Dead Mortals.

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Sorting (Peter Parker x Reader) Hogwarts AU

Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

Part two of the Improper series

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3* 

You stood in the crowd of first years, legs actually shaking from fear. Most of the kids here were probably feeling the same, equally scared. It wasn’t even real fear, but a crippling sense anxiety that whatever house you will be put into will disappoint your parents.

Don’t be a Hufflepuff. Your father said sternly. Refuse to be in that house if you must. Don’t be a Gryffindor either. They’re a bunch of idiots going into dangerous situations just waiting to be killed. He grew silent for half a minute before continuing. In fact-only accept being in Ravenclaw. Slytherins are just a group of creepy little bastards that practice dark magic. You had frowned and crossed your arms, defending the Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors and Slytherins as best you could.

Hufflepuffs are NOT useless morons, Gryffindors are NOT attention hogging idiots and Slytherins are definitely NOT creepy! Those are just stereotypes! And yes, Ravenclaws are very smart, but that doesn’t mean I want to be one! You had said, voice steadily rising from anger. Of course, you had still lost the argument. Parents were meant to be obeyed no matter what, at least that’s what yours said. So now as you were nudged and pushed by your fellow first years as they chatted and laughed, waiting for introduction, you tried to compress your body in a way that would help avoid all the contact, keeping your shoulders at an odd angle so people would get the hint and just stop touching you. Peter appeared by your side, stumbling over another kid’s feet and grabbed the sleeve of your robe to steady himself.

“Klutz.” You whispered in his ear. He stuck out his tongue and squished his face in a teasing expression. Meanwhile, Professor McGonagall stepped up and placed the Sorting Hat on the old stool. She tapped her wand on the edge of her podium, signalling for everyone to quiet down. When the talking stopped, she took a long look around the Great Hall, seizing everyone up.

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