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anonymous asked:

Hey there, I'm brand new to Wicca and I had a question about the 'Do no Harm' code. I assume that also means emotionally and mentally, but what about when it comes to defending things that you love(with words for me, i have a strict no-violence rule) or fighting for things that you love? Sometimes biting remarks just... come out of my mouth.

Hey anon.

So, there’s a difference between defence and offence. When you defend something that you love, you are supporting it, you refute ideas about it that are untrue, and illustrate how someone is bringing harm to those around them when they attack those things. You come from a place where you are simply trying to illustrate to them the disadvantages of their argument, and how you believe your stance to be “correct.”

Offence, on the other hand, seeks to harm. It seeks to say “That other person is stupid, they are evil, they are angry, they are trash…” etc. This, at least in my personal view, and I believe in the view of many other Wiccans, is against the crede of ‘An harm ye none.’

Not to mention, offence is not the best way to refute someone’s argument. Observe below:

This is called the pyramid of argument. It’s a debate/philosophy related concept.

NOW, when you get in an argument with someone about something you believe, they are not going to necessarily acknowledge when you’re right, or you will find that you come to a place where you simply cannot find any way to meet in the middle. It is then best to leave, for the following reasons:

1) You will never win. You’re wasting energy you could be using to feel a lot happier in general about yourself.

2) You are probably so frustrated at this point you’re just spitting negativity at them.

3) You are making yourself feel negative and they are making you feel like crap, too.

You don’t have to explain why you need to leave. They may take it as “winning,” but to anyone watching, you look mature and centered (because you are acting that way!) and they look emotional and like an asshole.

So, I recommend for your personal benefit that you do your best to learn to pull it in sometimes! You will be much happier in general, and stand to gain a lot of personal strength and willpower in the process.

The Argument Pyramid

This pyramid, when followed from the base upwards, explains how to propose an argument professionally. 
I can clearly remember this being applied and done in The Republic of Plato, when Socrates and Thrasymachus are discussing justice and the just-man vs. the injust-man.