Imagine Loki being your boyfriend and getting into an argument with the other Avengers because they worry about your safety.
“Listen, if you dare to hurt Y/N, we will-”
“What? Imprison me? Because that worked out so well last time, right?”
“Y/N is our-”
“Y/N is mine! She belongs with me and I will not let any of you pitiful creatures tear us apart”

Imagine you and Loki getting into a huge argument about the topic of having kids. You end up storming out as Loki began to become more vicious and proclaims that he will never have children because of how he was treated. When he doesn’t hear from you all night and for most of the next day, he gets worried and begins looking for you all over Asgard. He finds your body by a lake, having drowned by a crazed servant. Apparently, the servant heard you two arguing and decided that getting rid of you would be her chance of finally having Loki.