“Pearl isn’t a good mom to Steven! She only loved Rose and doesn’t actually think of Steven as a kid to care for. She only wanted to protect the remains of Rose Quartz!”

Yeah no. Are you sure you’re talking about Pearl?

Pearl, who’s usually the first to rush to Steven after something dangerous happened and ask if he’s okay.

Pearl, who thinks of Steven as “sweet, considerate, and only occasionally obnoxious” and became a sobbing wreck when she tried to stop Steven’s aging.

Pearl, who wants to show Steven real swordfighting and gets herself stabbed in the process. 

Pearl, who feels herself inadequate and weak compared to her physically stronger friends, but wants to inspire Steven, be his “rock”, and teach him to be strong in the real way. 

Pearl, who wants to see space so bad and show Steven what it’s like that she nearly got herself and Steven killed, but decides that she prefers Earth, with Steven. 

Pearl, who along with Amethyst and Garnet decide to fuse into one so that Steven can have a proper mom to show Connie’s parents, despite the fact that she thinks they should only fuse in deadly situations.

Pearl, who wants to boost Steven’s confidence, but also feels incredibly proud of him, knowing that he’s come so far already. 

Pearl, who, knowing that Steven doesn’t want to see Connie after the events of “Jail Break”, distracts Connie (to the best of her admittedly abyssal ability) while Steven leaves the house.

Pearl, who is the first to admit that they, the Gems, have been working Steven too hard after their defeat of Jasper.

Pearl, who loves Steven, who is occasionally overbearing and overprotective of him, but always had good intentions.

Yes, Garnet may be a better mother figure as she lets Steven test his abilities rather than prevent him from doing dangerous tasks like Pearl does, but Pearl always means well, and she cares for Steven like a protective mother does. She cares for Steven, not only what was left of Rose Quartz. She loves the kind and cheerful bouncy boy in a different way than she loves the courageous, brilliant, and beautiful figure of Rose Quartz. 

If you don’t like angry feminist rants then kindly ignore this.

Okay. I’m really sick of men who shame women for using the “I have a boyfriend” excuse. They have no clue how difficult it is to turn down most guys. 

This is the problem: most guys won’t actually ask a girl out. It’s pretty simple to just be upfront and say “sorry, I’m not interested in you that way” when a guy makes it clear that he wants you romantically. It’s the guys that are too afraid of the word “date” that are the problem, and the ones that just want to hook-up with you. You see, these guys will ask you to “come hang” or “watch Netflix,” so that it seems super casual. Then they’ll just start randomly touching you or try to make out. Which is fine if that’s what you’re looking for I guess. 

So when the girl is getting these I’d-like-to-casually-hook-up-with-you vibes from guys that they don’t want a casual hook-up with, she gets scared and feels cornered. Why? Because if a girl in this situation were to honestly say “sorry, I’m not interested in you that way,” she gets labeled as this conceited bitch that assumed he was into her, when all he wanted to do was “hang” or “watch Netflix.” Or, she gets teased for overreacting and thinking he wanted anything more than a hook-up, like that’s a ridiculous thing to not want. Like at the very least she should want to hook up with him, no matter her feelings/emotions. Like it’s absurd that feelings and sex are at all related. So her choices are to either make up an excuse (imaginary boyfriend) for not being able to see the guy, or hang out with him and risk getting felt up, or keep avoiding him and deal with his persistent attempts to “hang” every weekend.

I know you must be thinking, “but how does the girl know he’s going to make a move? He could actually just want to hang?” That is a valid question. And I’m sure there is a rare type of guy out there that actually thinks this is a good way to make a friend. To those guys who genuinely want a friend: the key to keeping it casual and non-intimate (which, let’s face it, is a natural hindrance to boy/girl friendships) is to get together as a group. Truth is, 99% (completely made-up statistic) of girls will perceive your invitation to be alone with them as a romantic one. Why? I don’t know.

Before I get anon hate, I’d like to say that i’m sure there are many guys who aren’t such losers when it comes to asking girls out. If you are one of those guys and you’re frustrated that girls won’t just reject you directly, considering you were able to directly ask them out, this is why. For every one of you, there’s about 3 bros who just want to hook up and will actually manipulate girls into feeling foolish just to protect his own ego/conscious. 

Basically: as soon as men can be upfront about wanting to hook-up and not make it so sneaky and manipulative, we’ll be upfront about not being interested, because we’ll feel respected. In my experience, the more direct I am, the worse it gets. As if it’s some kind of challenge to men. The second you give them something to argue with, they will.

I am not afraid of an argument. Get emotional. Get angry. Spit language venom. Be unrelenting and cruel with your words if you feel you have to be. Because above all else I am terrified of the silence — of things becoming so bad between us there is no longer anything left worth fighting over.
—  Beau Taplin || T h e  A r g u m e n t 
Japanese lesson: Arguments

そんなに怒るな!(sonna ni okoruna)
Don’t be so mad!

Fuck off!

勝手にしてよ。(katte ni shite yo)
Do what you want.

いったい何不満なのか言えよ。(ittai nani fumanna no ka ie yo)
Tell me what the heck is bothering you.

いい加減にしろ。(iikagen ni shiro)
Give me a break. 

Leave me alone!

これ以上論じたくない(kore ijou ronjitakunai)
I don’t want to argue anymore.

言い過ぎよ(iisugi yo)
You’ve said too much.