A tip for dealing with Libra Mars:

Libra Mars are the first ones to avoid conflict at all costs and it takes a long time for them to show their angry side, since they praise peace above all, it’s the balance of their lifes.
When they do get angry, their anger might be worse than Aries Mars, since it’s not expressed aggressively but it’s taken out verbally and their resentment and bitterness is shown in a passive-aggressive way. Libra Mars are one of the worst people to have arguments with because they can easily turn manipulative and defensive, they will show their arguments with such logic and passion (they are very skilled at oratory) that the other person is forced to concur. Don’t forget they’re an Air sign, they are mental and they’re able to win various battles with their intelligence and diplomacy. Their natural grace and charm will keep conflicts away but keep in mind that they will never back up from a fight if they’re sure they’re right and justice is calling for their intervention.

Reasons that the Signs get into Arguments

Aries - Someone told them they were wrong.

Taurus - They were feeling used or betrayed.

Gemini - They decided to play devil’s advocate.

Cancer - They were forced outside their comfort zone.

Leo - They felt that their character was questioned.

Virgo - Someone expressed an opinion they didn’t agree with.

Libra - They saw something they thought was unfair.

Scorpio - They wanted to rile up their opponent.

Sagittarius - They heard a lie.

Capricorn - Someone was keeping them from their goal.

Aquarius - They were feeling misrepresented or misunderstood.

Pisces - Someone hurt their feelings.

**These can be your Sun or Mars sign.

A tip for dealing with Taurus Mars:

Taurus Mars are slow and steady people, they don’t play around when it comes to obligations. As an Earth sign, they are strong, patient and stable and as a Fixed sign, they can be stubborn and a little bit on the obstinate side. They don’t usually get angry since they crave safety in their lifes but their strong head and inflexible and traditional nature will clash with some and make them be mad.
When Taurus Mars gets angry, it’s an unusual but explosive event. It hardly happens, but when it does, it will be everything coming at once and anger transforms in an uncontrollable and volcanic rage where everything might be shred to pieces. You should never underestimate Taurus Mars’ anger, it is the feeling that makes them the most irrational, they will not argue with reason. What’s worse about it is that Taurus Mars lingers in that furious state for long and it’s hard for them to get over it, since they tend to bottle it up for so long. They fear unforgiveness from their loved ones because anger blinds them and makes them do and say things they wouldn’t normally do or say.
These people can’t be pushed to that breaking point because the results are never positive. Taurus Mars has to learn how to express their anger more frequently and in small doses.


A legendary argument 😂| Vine by: DoubleD

Another common mistake is to assume that just because somebody has stated an opinion or position means that they’ve opened themselves up for debate, even if it’s in a “public” space such as on YouTube or Twitter. While I’m a believer in “you have a right to what you can defend”, there’s a time and a place for challenging others – and many people wrongly assume that’s “any time”. The fact that somebody is having a conversation on Facebook or Twitter doesn’t mean that they’re looking to take on all comers. Yes, they may not have their settings on “private”, but simply being in a “public” space doesn’t serve as an invitation for anybody to put their two cents in. Restaurants or shopping malls are also public spaces, but inserting yourself uninvited into somebody else’s conversation there is still rude.

Can we appreciate Ruby and Sapphire’s few words we hear after Ruby’s “I AM AN ETERNAL FLAME, BABY!” 

Ruby: You don’t know me!

Sapphire: How could I possibly not know you, we always fuse. (Ruby makes “Oh, oh, OOOOH” sounds while she talks)

Ruby: You don’t even know yourself!

Sapphire: (Greg’s talking over her but you can kind of hear “You’re so intense”?)

Ruby: Ha! I’m intense? You - 

Steven: *smashes plate*