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If Miley did say some fucked up shit about Nicki (I don’t read celeb gossip so I don’t know) in the press then Nicki had every fucking right to blast her. But nah when Nicki stand up for herself suddenly y'all bitches wanna pull out the fact that she got implants. Or that she’s making women look ‘bad’ because she’s standing up for what she believes in. Y'all need to miss me with that one because everyone of y'all bitches would do the same thing if y'all was in her position but y'all so caught up on some dumb shit to even realize that she is opening doors for y'all dumb hoes. She telling y'all it’s okay to be a hoe and get yo money as long as you not depending on some fucked up nigga to take care you. But y'all hoes gotta complain about the plate that’s being given to ya homeless asses.


A legendary argument 😂| Vine by: DoubleD

  • Family:I wish this trend of 'heshe' people and gays would get out of fashion. It's amazing how far these people go to get attention! I swear everyone's gay now! What is this world coming to?
  • Me:*makes valid comment about how the lgbt community aren't who they are for attention*
  • Family:Oh dear, they've fooled you too? Soon the whole worlds going to be fooled by them unless we stop them soon! They're on the news, the telly and even teach my children!
  • Me:that's called equality
Meant To Be?

TITLE: Meant To Be?


AUTHOR: Quixotic-Dreamland

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki and Thor both having feelings for you, and Thor becoming clingy and controlling. One day, you spot the brothers fighting over you in a heated argument.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Some sexual humor and swearing.

You glance up with curiosity at the tall blonde figure, none other than the Asgardian prince himself, plopping down in a seat across from you at the long banquet table.

With your fork dancing between your fingers, poking and prodding at your apple pie, you nervously bite your lip, contemplating how to initiate small talk with Thor.

To your relief, Thor takes the initiative for you and begins with saying “Good evening, love.”

You shyly look up from your plate, coming to eye level with Thor.

“Evening,” you reply with a soft nod.

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Another common mistake is to assume that just because somebody has stated an opinion or position means that they’ve opened themselves up for debate, even if it’s in a “public” space such as on YouTube or Twitter. While I’m a believer in “you have a right to what you can defend”, there’s a time and a place for challenging others – and many people wrongly assume that’s “any time”. The fact that somebody is having a conversation on Facebook or Twitter doesn’t mean that they’re looking to take on all comers. Yes, they may not have their settings on “private”, but simply being in a “public” space doesn’t serve as an invitation for anybody to put their two cents in. Restaurants or shopping malls are also public spaces, but inserting yourself uninvited into somebody else’s conversation there is still rude.

Can we appreciate Ruby and Sapphire’s few words we hear after Ruby’s “I AM AN ETERNAL FLAME, BABY!” 

Ruby: You don’t know me!

Sapphire: How could I possibly not know you, we always fuse. (Ruby makes “Oh, oh, OOOOH” sounds while she talks)

Ruby: You don’t even know yourself!

Sapphire: (Greg’s talking over her but you can kind of hear “You’re so intense”?)

Ruby: Ha! I’m intense? You - 

Steven: *smashes plate*