I’m surprised to hear that there are people who didn’t notice the chemistry between Kylo Ren & Rey in both “The Force Awakens” and “The Last Jedi.” That blows my mind.

When I think about it, I remember “Bewitched.” Not the movie – the old TV show. It is my Rosetta Stone for on-screen chemistry.

In most of “Bewitched,” Dick York (who played Darrin) had terrific chemistry with Elizabeth Montgomery (who played Samantha). They got into each others’ space. They touched. It was sexy and flirty and sometimes intimate. Dick York always managed to touch Elizabeth Montgomery – on the arm, the waist, the shoulders. He practically lived in her personal space, comfortable in a way that real married couples are.

In the final seasons, Dick York left the show because of an agonizing back injury and was replaced by Dick Sargent, who did not have the same chemistry with Elizabeth Montgomery. He didn’t get into her personal space, and his body didn’t angle toward her. The reason for this? Sargent was gay. It’s hard to have chemistry with someone you intrinsically can’t find attractive. Some actors can do it, but Sargent couldn’t.

Since I saw the difference firsthand between York and Sargent, both with the same actress, I learned what chemistry is and isn’t.

Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley have great on-screen chemistry. After I saw “The Force Awakens,” I thought, “Huh,” but didn’t dive into the fandom because I didn’t think anything would come of it. I just walked away thinking it was a shame they’d probably let all of that chemistry fizzle out over the next two movies.

Then, in “The Last Jedi,” they ramped it the hell up. They didn’t just refuse to let it fizzle, they turned it up to a boil.

And I left crying because I was so scared that the next movie wouldn’t have a happy ending. If it doesn’t, it will crush me. I got emotionally invested in “The Last Jedi” in a way I haven’t with anything else in the Star Wars franchise.

Since then, the Reylo fan community has soothed my heartbroken hopes. Whether or not Rey and Kylo Ren get together in the third movie, I feel better because there are so many other wonderful people making content with the happily-ever-after I crave.

Lastly, it’s okay if you don’t ship them romantically. What I’m trying to point out is that their characters have an intense chemistry, much different than they have with any of the other characters, and whatever happens to them at the end of this story arc, they have created some beautiful, subtle, and heart-wrenching scenes together.

tbh this is all bullshit

All of you should be ashamed. All of you including me.

I woke up and my feed everywhere was just filled with JK Rowling arguments.

All of you, just grow up? The truth of the matter is that we will never know what happened between Amber and Johnny - ever. Fuck all of you who say “oh this happened, this was recorded etc”. I don’t care. You and I weren’t there, the 2 people mentioned were. Only they know what happened.

However, this is does not justify some truly disgusting comments I have seen eg

“Amber is an attention seeker. Disgusting. If she was abused, she deserved it.”

“Depp is bullshit. JK Rowling was always a bitch, fucking die.”

Shame. On all of you. How dare you all act high and mighty, deciding what another person is like or what has happened to them.

I know you all have opinions, I know you all are either potterheads or just interested in this story.

But opinions, when just plain offensive and stupid, are best kept to themselves.

We are all here. These Hollywood abusers, druggies, rapists, accused people all seem so far away but it is the reality of everything around you as well.

I cannot say I am on anyone’s side. However, what I will say is don’t make the situation worse. If you don’t want to watch the new HP films, fine. You don’t like the 3 I mentioned, fine. Just don’t call them out with disgusting comments I have seen everywhere today.

Just don’t.


Aries : Push you in the corner of the room , and pull out all your insecurities. They put so much energy into their arguments , always yelling.

Taurus : It’s actually really easy to provoke these individuals. When you do, they collapse. Totally. Probbably won’t talk to you again, or pull out the victim card, and turn everyone against you.

Gemini: BLA,BLA,BLA,Fuck you,BLA,BLA. Basically, don’t provoke them unless you want to listen a lot of bullshit about you.

Cancer: Always the victim. Probbably will cry in front of everyone, and make you look like a monster.

Leo: They will hold your actions against you. For example, if you did something bad and only they saw it, they won’t hold it. They would spit it all out in the worst possible time.

Virgo: They’ll become ultra cold and shady. Will ignore you. Like, forever.

Libra: They won’t fight you. They won’t try to. Usually. They’re chill. And if you say something awful, they will just forgive you.

Scorpio: Revenge.

Sagittarius: They’ll hate you for some time, but forget it later. They usually stay on good terms with everyone. They just know what to do and say to make things good.

Capricorn: If you provoke them, they will remember ,but forgive. If you do it again, they will fucking destroy you. Not even joking. They’ll become super competitive and beat you in everything. They will give their maximmum to do so.

Aquarius: Argue a lot, and win in that arguements because they have a plan. Always. Really smart people. And they usually know everything about everyone. They’re curious.

Pisces: Most of the times, pisces are friends with almost everyone. They’re super social, and always picking the right words for everyone. If you provoke them, they will explain to you why you shouldn’t do that or why you’re not right.

Imagine Loki being your boyfriend and getting into an argument with the other Avengers because they worry about your safety.
“Listen, if you dare to hurt Y/N, we will-”
“What? Imprison me? Because that worked out so well last time, right?”
“Y/N is our-”
“Y/N is mine! She belongs with me and I will not let any of you pitiful creatures tear us apart”

I am not afraid of an argument. Get emotional. Get angry. Spit language venom. Be unrelenting and cruel with your words if you feel you have to be. Because above all else I am terrified of the silence — of things becoming so bad between us there is no longer anything left worth fighting over.
—  Beau Taplin || T h e  A r g u m e n t