A set of twins born during Daylight Savings in 2016 had everyone confused about which of them is older. Samuel was born first at 1:39am, but even though his brother, Ronan, was born 31 minutes later, it was then technically 1:10am. Thanks to the time change, each of them is older than the other. Source Source 2

The signs during an argument
  • Aries: *punches you*
  • Taurus: *lets you win for the sake of the friendship/relationship no matter how hard it is for them*
  • Gemini: *wins, quit trying*
  • Cancer: *starts crying, you'll feel bad and stop arguing*
  • Virgo: The facts are (blah blah blah) and that's why you're wrong, bye
  • Libra: I don't wanna fight, why are you talking like that? What have I done? omg, don't hate me
  • Scorpio: *is the most calm or tries to murder you there is no in between*
  • Sagittarius: lol you just made like a really really hilarious grammar mistake *laughs and the fight's over, whether you like it or not*
  • Capricorn: You don't know shit!
  • Aquarius: *adjusts glasses* *clears throat* (36 hour long speech)
  • Pisces: I'm so sad right now, I want to write a poem about this...
Reasons that the Signs get into Arguments

Aries - Someone told them they were wrong.

Taurus - They were feeling used or betrayed.

Gemini - They decided to play devil’s advocate.

Cancer - They were forced outside their comfort zone.

Leo - They felt that their character was questioned.

Virgo - Someone expressed an opinion they didn’t agree with.

Libra - They saw something they thought was unfair.

Scorpio - They wanted to rile up their opponent.

Sagittarius - They heard a lie.

Capricorn - Someone was keeping them from their goal.

Aquarius - They were feeling misrepresented or misunderstood.

Pisces - Someone hurt their feelings.

**These can be your Sun or Mars sign.

In 2015, the Harvard debate team lost to 3 prison inmates. The maximum security prison where the men were incarcerated after being convicted for violent crimes has a debate program that holds its members to the same standards as Ivy League competitors. Their topic was whether children of undocumented immigrants should be allowed to attend public schools, and the inmates won fair and square against the reigning national champions. Source

I am not afraid of an argument. Get emotional. Get angry. Spit language venom. Be unrelenting and cruel with your words if you feel you have to be. Because above all else I am terrified of the silence — of things becoming so bad between us there is no longer anything left worth fighting over.
—  Beau Taplin || T h e  A r g u m e n t