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Destiel high school AU is honestly my biggest weak spot ever i crawl into a ball and squeal for hours omfg

*whispers* How about nerd!Dean and popular!Cas?:

“Hey Winchester." 

Dean looked over as Castiel passed him in the hallway, almost dropping all of his books on the floor. Castiel Novak was the most popular guy in school, and Dean had been certain that Castiel had no idea who he was. Let alone his name. “Um-hi-uh-hey-hi-“ 

Castiel flashed him a perfectly white smile and Dean wanted to whip it out and jerk one out. “What are you doing this Saturday?” 

"Sat-Saturday?” Dean fumbled lamely. 

“Yes. On Saturday. There’s this party going on at the Harvelle barn, you should come with.” Castiel leaned casually against the locker next to Dean’s. 

“You-you want me to go…with-with you?” Dean tried to fix his books but he almost dropped them again out of nervousness. 

"Yes. Me. You…is it a date?” Castiel asked with another smile. Dean nodded lamely. “Great,” Castiel continued. “Meet me there?”

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