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Hi there, I was wondering what your thoughts are about Lexa's wardrobe that would be considered wrong such as the bindi that she wears. There has been some arguements about it within the 100 fandom

I do not believe it is a bindi nor that it was meant to be a bindi. Many cultures throughout history have used facial ornamentation and decoration of all kinds and of this nature, and the show-runner has already confirmed that Lexa’s particular facial ornament was inspired by/modeled after the Helm of Awe.

The Helm of Awe (or what can also be translated as the Helm of Terror) is an old symbol from Norse mythology, representing power and protection. In Norse mythology, it was a symbol that was worn between the eyes to evoke fear in enemies and to protect against abuses of power, among other protections (x, x), which makes perfect sense for Lexa’s use of it given her status.

Here is an image of the Helm of Awe (there are some variations of this design that represent the same symbol, as well):

Here is an up-close image of Lexa’s facial ornament (they are very, very similar):

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Max was holding up Eve as they trudged through the sewers of New York. She grumbles as she drags Eve after their little meeting with some Erasers. (( Two for the price of one. ))

((Nice)). Leo was walking in the sewers trying to cool off from another stupid arguement with Raphael. He hated how they always get into fights almost every day. He heard someone behind him and looked back to see Mikey. His youngest brother “Leo. Wait” he called out. He ran over “what was that fight about this time?” Leo sighed “can we not talk about it” Mikey sighed “fine”

So many relationships fail because we are to busy taking advice from jelous lonely friends,comparing our relationships to dumbass goal pictures and videos,and posting our business on social media everytime we have a small arguement with our partner smh

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Could you explain whats going on with matty? His twitters not loading.. What happened???

No problem! Basically he upset a few people and got into an argument with others about Islam and the punishment for apostasy in the religion. He was not trying to offend anyone but he likes to be educated on whats going on in the world and with his following tries to inform others. Because he upset people (they thought he was being rude and “taking it too far”), something he stated he never wanted to do, he deleted his twitter. Hope that makes sense!

“But you never tell smokers they’re unhealthy!”

This is an arguement often brought up when we’re talking about obesity.

And I will tell you why that arguement is bullshit.

The whole point in telling obese people they’re unhealthy, is because most of them refuse to acknowledge that. They will scream somthing like “Healthy at all sizes”  and then change the topic by bringing up smokers. 

“But they’re unhealthy too, why don’t you tell them that?”

Because smokers know they’re unhealthy. If you’ve paid attention, you’d notice that on our cigarette packets there are at least two warnings about how smoking kills. They talk about it every grade in school. Every smoker gets told this at least 10 times the first time they start doing it. They;ve been educated long and hard about how dangerous it is. So it’s their responsobility. They know all of this but they continue. Which we have no problem with, because they NEVER blame other people for their mistake.

Got lung cancer? Well shit, my fault for smoking.

On the other hand, obese people will blame doctors for telling them to lose weight or chairs that they brake. Most obese epople never stop and think - is it really society’s fault or mine?

Also, you never see anti-obesity campaigns, while there are thousands of those for smokers.

Point beng, we are trying to educate people for things they may not know is shitting on their health. Smokers know the risks, some obese people don’t.

Which lifestyle you choose, it’s your choice.

imvu just being imvu..

when someone is not even a mod in a room but still bosses everyone around and takes full credit for every action in the room

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when you take your mod job seriously so you boot anyone that types anything that is of typing so that makes you feel like a boss

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When everyone gets gifted in a room expect from you 

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when someone says something mean to you and you try to defend yourself and they start calling you a bitch

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when someone gifts you the cheapest thing on your wishlist

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when you in a arguement and someone blocks you so they can get the last words

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People that just flaggs you for just seeing your avi near them, basically people that just flagg everything and everyone for no reason

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When a noob invites you once and you decline but keeps inviting you so you just there like

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When someone calls you broke on imvu but its cool anyways because you know you makin it rain inrl 

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i’ll never know love the same way as i know heartbreak.
maybe that just clarifies on what a mess i am.
no matter how much i throw the word around or conserve it till the right moment, it still hasn’t measured up inside.
and i’ll wonder why and how.
what am i missing, what am doing wrong.

But with heartbreak, it was different.
I felt it instantly and long after. I felt my heart was rip out of my chest. And I felt every hope and promise fly out of my hands. Like every ounce of emtion inside of me was actually real. too real.
and i’ll wonder why.

maybe it’s because i grew up only seeing love in fairytales and storybooks. while i knew heartbreak everytime i cried or heard arguements through the walls.
maybe i just knew heartbreak longer than love.

—  maybe i grew up loving heartbreak.