The only part of this party im hosting tomorrow that i actually care about is the person its for.

Husband keeps promising shit that goes beyond our predefined boundaries: people staying in our room, saying that a shitstain of a scumbag can come (thankfully, that does have limits and i dont think he’ll come anyways) and i just dont feel like cleaning for this thing anymore.

Do not compare me to the sun on a perfect summers day,
For I cannot always be the warmth and light of our love,
And when time’s icy’s grip clutches over our hearts,
We will find ourselves in the deep and cold winter,
Where the sky grasps and claws at the fleeting moments between the slow stubborn poison-filled clouds.
And the birds which once sung the song of our love,
Will be sheltering from the wrath of storms,
Our arguments of rain,
And the strikes of lightning,
Which are now the light,
And razor sharp warmth,
That mock the sun to which you compared me so.

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Could you explain whats going on with matty? His twitters not loading.. What happened???

No problem! Basically he upset a few people and got into an argument with others about Islam and the punishment for apostasy in the religion. He was not trying to offend anyone but he likes to be educated on whats going on in the world and with his following tries to inform others. Because he upset people (they thought he was being rude and “taking it too far”), something he stated he never wanted to do, he deleted his twitter. Hope that makes sense!

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I'm such trash so something along the lines of Alec getting into a huge arguement w/ jace and then alec like storming to magnus's apartment and magnus comforting him? or while jace & alec are fighting, Magnus interrupts them accidentally? (bonus it'd be cool if @ the end u would resolve the issue between jace & alec u know) alrighty i love u

i love u too and i love this prompt<3 I still have 3 prompts lined up but feel free to send more if you want!


He was startled by the sound of the door slamming and Alec stomping into the kitchen. Magnus greeted him with a smile, which faded the moment he saw Alec’s reddened cheeks and the furious fire in his eyes.

“Hey,” he spoke carefully, slowly, “you’re early for dinner—“

“Do you think I could run the Institute?” Alec interrupted. His voice was strained and terse and Magnus, though it hardly happened, knew that the signs pointed to Alec being colossally angry. When Magnus got angry, he glared and whispered fiercely and quietly burned up with rage. Alec was the opposite. Alec let everyone around him know that he was angry. It was a new trait that came with his confidence after the war. It was one of the only new traits he’d acquired that Magnus didn’t like.

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The Neopets staff at the time had released a public statement explanaining that it wasnt -homosexuality- that was against the rules but discussions of sexuality period, as it could lead to a comprimising atmosphere for kids, and that Neopets and the people that run it aren't against LGBT rights or discussion but simply wanted to keep out topics that could become incredibly heated, be it in arguement or... otherwise. . (i'll submit source in a sec)

Source for TNT’s reasoning on filtering words related to sexuality

That’s interesting. I wouldn’t say it’s a good reason, since it equates the existence of any sexuality that isn’t hetero with political discourse and adult content by nature, which I think is the wrong approach. I mean, if it’s a complete ban on discussions of sexuality and gender identity then you’d think words like “kiss” or “romance” would be banned, but it’s literally just “anything not hetero = inappropriate”.

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I got into an arguement with my friend who turned out to be a SJW over the ISIS attack on British and Germans at a beach and hotel in Tunisia. She said that they deserved it because they were white and even shared a photo of the dead bodies. What a fucking world we live in

My question to you is why do you consider her a friend?

An arguement i had against sjw earlyer

me, an intellectual and atheism,: if feminists want equal rights i can punch them

dumb sjw: how did you get this number????

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Send Me A Ship And I’ll Tell You Who..

Drinks all of the coffee

Anders. Drinks the stuff until he passes out then wakes up wondering where its all gone, and accuses Fenris of drinking it all. 

Brings up adopting a pet

Anders. Of course it’s Anders. He brings up adopting a cat every week without fail and Fenris rolls his eyes and prepares for the inevitable doe eyes, followed by an arguement, then mind-blowing sex and Anders putting it out of his head until next week. 

He gets amazing sex out of it, and it stops him getting a cat until his birthday when Fenris can present him with a kitten. 

Kills the bugs

Neither of them. I don’t think Anders would want to kill them, he’d do his utmost to get them out of the house safely, and Fenris wouldn’t care. He just lets them do their thing. Anders went away for three weeks once and there was a spider living in the corner of the bathroom the entire time. He even named it, and was secretly disappointed when Anders recoiled at the size of it when he got home and immediately ran to get the biggest glass they own and some paper.

Cooks the meals

Fenris. He knows how to cook a lot better than Anders does, who would quite happily survive off spaghetti hoops on toast and fish finger sandwiches for the rest of his life. Since his life might be a lot shorter if he did, and also fish fingers ugh, Fenris prepares their meals, and Anders lunches because otherwise he simply won’t eat until he gets home and devours the fridge, a weeks shopping gone in an hour and Fenris just doesn’t understand where it all fits. 

Starts getting into holidays way before they should

Anders. He adores it, he volunteers more, decorates the house, tries to put hats on Fenris who threatens dismemberment. He cajoles him into cooking the proper foods with sex though, and always puts a lot of thought and effort into the presents he gets Fenris. They’re not expensive, but they’re heartfelt, and Fenris appreciates that a lot, even if he’s grumpy about Holidays in general.

Initiates the couple selfies

Fenris. Missing memories has made him eager to preserve what he has, and so he’s always snapping selfies on his phone quickly and quietly, or just pictures of Anders doing things, and Anders is more than happy to indulge him. 

Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries

Anders. He gets swept up in work and volunteering, and gets back to something prepared by Fenris, along with a gift, and he will always clap his hands to his mouth in horror and start apologising, but Fenris expects it now, and it’s not like he did it maliciously, and he will always more than make up for it, so Fenris just plans around him now, predicting just how late Anders will be pretty much perfectly so the food has never gone cold, and it gives him extra gift-wrapping time.

Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping

Fenris. As much as he likes having decent meals, he also has something of a sweet tooth and likes to have things to snack on in the house, and since he does most of the shopping, he can grab whatever he likes, and does. Of course Anders helps himself to a great deal of it, but he was expecting that.

Nicknames the other

Fenris, though ‘Fool mage’ started out as an insult, it gradually became an endearment over time.