His last tweet is kinda heartbreaking..

I’ve always respected Joss Whedon for his work. While this doesnt automatically mean I also agree with his opinions everytime, I have to agree that he is a good script writer and director.

Also, this whole arguement about Black Widow being a love interest that needed saving is stupid. Clearly, Banner was the one who needed to be saved.

anonymous asked:

Are you worried about Harley being too sexualized in the movie? :/

let me start by making clear that i always withhold any opinions until i’ve watched at least a trailer and, even then, until i’ve seen the actual movie. i don’t like to speculate on a hardcore level because i’ve been wrong before and have learnt my lesson but that being said, and to answer your question (even though said answer may as well change as we find out more and more about the movie, so don’t hold me on this): surprisingly, no, i’m not. yet?

i don’t wanna give you the most commonly seen “well new 52 harley has a more revealing costume so SS’s version is actually subtle” arguement because i don’t exactly agree with it. harley could be naked and, except for aesthetic and familiarity and just plain coolness purposes that costumes tend to give since comics/movies are first and foremost a visual medium, i wouldn’t really care about her clothes as long as margot can act the part. but, i can understand your concerns:

as it’s all too commonly known, hollywood does tend to sexualize characters half as intense as harley’s. in a film that’s basically a sausage fest with enchantress, katana and harley being the only females in the team, it’s like DCCU is screaming their intentions, right? but i don’t see it that way for now. yes, the get-up they made for her is like she’s just finished a shift at hooters but then again… so what? you know? i mean, on one hand you think “these deprived pigs are trying to sexualize this amazing character because that’s what always happens” but then again, if we see harley as her own person and not a fictional character who gets dressed by hollywood, she can wear whatever the hell she wants and act as promiscuously as she wants, and still kick ass 

granted, the lines get fuzzy because we’re talking about a character that’s always had this sexual side to her. harley has continuously been sexualized in one way or another, it’s part of who she is, so i guess the way you said “too sexualized” is a good way of putting it… but i have good faith (that might boomerang and hit me right between the eyes but anyway) that, in the end, we’ll see her kick ass in her usual psychotic way

i didn’t intend for this to get so long but, generally, i think that at this point we should all hope for a good portrayal of our beloved psycho, because, even if they had decided to go with quinn’s trademark onesie, if margot can’t make us feel the right vibes that’ll make us go “yes. that’s harleen”, none of this holds important meaning 


He/She Says: Being gay isn’t natural

You Say: If we rejected everything that isn’t natural we wouldn’t have eyeglasses, air conditioners, makeup… [The list goes on & on]

He/She Says: Gay marriage will encourage everyone to be gay.

You Say: Right, in the same way that hanging around tall people makes you tall?

He/She Says: Straight marriage has been around a long time and has never changed.

You Say: Is that why woman are still property, blacks and whites still can’t marry, and divorce is still illegal?

He/She Says: Straight marriage will be less meaningful if gay marriage is allowed.

You Say: You’re worried that the sanctity of Britney Spears’ 55-hour-just-for-fun-marriage will be destroyed if gay marriage is allowed?

He/She Says: Straight marriages are lethal because they produce children.

You Say: So old people and infertile people shoudn’t be allowed to marry?

He/She Says: Children can never succeed without a male and a female role model at home.

You Say: Ever heard of single parents? Should they not be allowed have children either?