and just so y'all don’t think I’m hcing klance as ooc too much i still think that they bicker like

they bicker cause it’s fun they like having someone to argue with, someone on their level who’s not afraid to say what they feel even if it’s not what they personally believe but they don’t want a ‘yes’ man

they bicker cause it’s like foreplay, one upping each other and stroking their competitive nature. feeling oddly proud when the other makes an impressive quip about whatever they’re arguing about; doesn’t mean that they’re not going to be bitter about it

they know how to annoy each other, trying to push the envelope to see how much they can get away with, not knowing when to stop in the beginning but the longer they’re together, the more they learn each others cues of when to leave things alone

they’re only big arguements is when they go on missions, keith always going ahead, lance always trying to pull him back, screaming their fears in each others faces, fights that are explosive as missiles and ends in kisses just as destructive

lance calls keiths mullet ugly but will also run his hands through it, grasping at it when keith runs his tongue in places that make lance want to curl up and gasp

keith calls him a ladies man while kissing him deep and possessive, to make sure to keep lances attention on him and him only

lance will say keith is unfashionable but steal his jacket to wear just cause he can

keith would say ‘yeah? look who’s talking’ while doing the same

they bicker cause it’s normal and in a space ship shaped like a castle hurling through the cosmos while fighting purple aliens for the safety of the universe, they’re grateful for anything normal and will cling to it with everything they got

they bicker like it’s a song, an art form that only they know how to sing

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Urgent - I've asked this before but I can't really wait any longer for an answer... How do I tell my friend to call me by my real name? She's been very supportive since I came out to her years ago and most of the time she uses the right pronouns but says she can't bring herself to call me by my real name and it makes me feel uncomfortable and dejected... I don't know how to talk about this bc I know she'll say the same and that'll make me angry and the last thing I want is have another fight

Kii says:

Personally, I would be direct with her and say “That’s not my name. ____ is my name and I need you to respect that. I understand if you make a mistake, but I would still like you to try because you calling me ______ makes me uncomfortable and I don’t like it.” and if your friend doesn’t respect that, she isn’t being a very good friend and I would consider moving on. You deserve friends that respect your preferences and identity.

Pent Up Anger//Kunpimook Bhuwakul

Originally posted by jypnior

Pairing:Bambam x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Summary:Anonymous said:
Some BamBam angst/fluff please ?? Maybe an arguement or something, one of them has an off day and their temper gets the better of them or something, but then fluffy freaking cutie cuddles or something !! Thank you for taking the time to do these !!

Author’s Note: concernedbambamisreallycute thereisaidit

xoxo Sara

Today had been a very, very rough day. You had woken up late and in turn, were late to work, making both your manager and boss angry at you. You had left important files for a presentation you had to do at work at home, making the company angry at you as they almost lost very important clientele. You forgot to pack a lunch on your rush, so you would go ten hours today without eating as you also forgot your money at home. You were done with the whole day as soon as it started, and all you wanted to do was walk home and sleep with your boyfriend.

But once you got home, your anger continued. The place was a complete mess. You understood your boyfriend was tired; he had just gotten back from a long World-Tour, and was already preparing for a next come-back. But you saw a half empty pizza box one that made your stomach growl when you saw it. You realized the pizza was cold and hard; probably left there around six hours or so. His clothes laid all over the floor and couch and the television was still on, wasting your electricity. You groaned, putting your keys and bag down on the table as you put away drinks, which had gone flat from being left out in the room for too long.

“Bambam!” You called out, your anger boiling inside of you as you cleaned up and closed the boxes of food he had forgotten to, the food probably gone stale from being left our for so long, but you could care less.

“Jagi!” You heard your boyfriend shout, “I just got out of the shower!”

That’s exactly what you needed. A long, long shower, to rinse away the stress of the day. But you knew there would be little to no hot water now after Bambam, as he takes longer showers than you could imagine.

You saw your boyfriend of three years walking down the hall towards you, a wide smile on his face.

“Hey beautiful,” he said, pressing a kiss to your cheek, “What’s up?”

“What’s with all of this mess?” You asked, gesturing to the boxes of food and clothes on the floor.

“After you left, I got hungry. So I looked through your cabinets and then ordered a pizza. I’m sure there’s some left,” he said, looking behind him at the pizza box that was still open.

“And the clothes?” You said, crossing your arms over your chest.

“I unpacked a little to find some dry clothes.” He mumbled, eyes searching your face slightly. He could tell by your face that something wasn’t right, but he couldnt pin point as to what it was.

“Why can’t you clean up after yourself?” You barked at him, turning around and grabbing yet another box of food to close it, “Not only is the pizza that you left out stale now because its been sat there for so long, but I’m positive that all of my food is stale too.”

“I’m s-“

“And why can’t you do your dishes after you eat? You’re a big boy, Bambam, I shouldn’t have to clean up after you,” you groaned, gesturing to the sink which was surely full of dishes he had used but didn’t bother to clean.

“Jagiya, I-“

“And your clothes are all over my floor,” you sniffed softly, tears stinging your eyes, “I’m going to have to do your laundry as well, and then go take a cold shower because after you shower there will be little to no hot water left.”

Bambam’s eyes widened as you went on your rampage, his heart breaking as he watched you pick up his clothes as tears stained your cheeks.

“Hey, hey,” he soothed softly, voice as smooth as butter as he grabbed you arm softly, pulling you into his chest as his hand combed through your hair. “It’s okay, okay? I’m here. I’ll clean up my mess, okay?” He whispered into your hair, pressing kisses to the top of your head as you nodded, wiping your tears with your hands.

“Bad day?” He asked softly, continuing to rub your back softly as you cried into him. Nodding softly, he took your hand and led you into the bathroom. Cupping your cheeks, wiped your tears away with his thumbs. “Hey, look at me okay?”

Looking up at him, he smiled at you gently, pressing a soft kiss to your nose. “There’s plenty of hot water, I promise okay? Run yourself a bath and i’ll clean up.” He gave you one last kiss before leaving the bathroom, allowing you to get undressed and run yourself a bath.

He was right, there was plenty of hot water. You felt all of the stress from the day slide from off of your skin as the water engulfed you, relaxing your body immensely.

Once you were out of the bath, you made your way into your bedroom and there waiting for you on your bed was a pair of your sleep shorts and one of Bambam’s sweaters laid out for you. Smiling, you slipped the clothed he set out for you on and towel-dried your hair a little bit, before walking out into the livingroom.

The place was now nearly spotless; Bambam’s clothes picked up and away in his suitcase, the food from him cleaned up and the boxes of food put away. Bambam stood towel drying the dishes as he smiled softly at you.

“I told you I’d clean up,” he said softly, setting the dish down and opening his arms for you to walk into. Squeezing his waist, you nuzzled your nose into his chest.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you. I didn’t mean to take out my anger on you.”

“That’s okay, Jagiya. You were right, I was a pig and left everything old, and i’m sorry for making a mess. But it’s all clean now, you’re all clean now, so we can go cuddle, okay?” Cupping your cheeks, he raised an eyebrow as he looked into your eyes, causing you to smile.

“Okay,” you mumbled, leaning up slightly to connect your lips, before mumbling, “I have a headache.”

“There’s pain killers and juice on the bedside table,” Bambam said as he held your hand, leading you to your room and sliding into your bed, “I thought of everything.”

“Oh shut up,” you smiled, taking the pills and taking a sip of the juice before crawling next to him in bed, his arms wrapping around your torso and pulling you onto his chest.

“Now rest, Jagiya, okay?”

“I love you so much,” you murmured, tucking your face into his neck as you felt your eyes shut, already calmer than before as you felt him lace his hands through your hair.

“i love you more.”

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How can I tell the difference between hating the stereotypes assigned to my gender and being transgender? I thought I was transgender then I read more about internalized misogyny. I got really mad at my trans friend who talked about how she knew she felt right as a woman the first time she wore eyeshadow and it's because I don't associate makeup with womanhood, and those associations are what makes me feel less like a girl. I can't tell what's real anymore. Do you have definitions for boy/girl?

Kii says:

So, there’s nothing wrong with conforming to gender sterotypes if that’s what makes you happy, and I would honestly apologize to your friend, because she hasn’t done anything wrong by conforming to the sterotype of her gender, even if that’s not something you want to do. I would suggest looking at our “What am I?” page for more info on your own identity, because we can’t figure that out for you.

  • when hes asking you out:
  • for real tho he will be so forward and just confront you
    “youre good looking, i’m good looking, so we should just date then”
  • arguements which end in him making you laugh and you end up forgiving him
  • “bam do you even love me?”
    “ofc babes”
    “then make your decision and make it quick. me or dabbing?!”
    “get out”
  • hes a meme but hes not ALWAYS a meme
  • hes pretty romantic
  • candlelit dinners with great food (from one of your favourite restaurants b/c if you leave him in the kitchen he will set it on fire) 
  • makeout session but you guys stop to eat desert because FOOD DUH DONT WASTE IT
  • he loves to spoil you
  • he buys you all sorts of expensive gifts
  • shoes
  • bags
  • he likes a luxury lifestyle so he’ll get you the best of the best and he has great taste
  • loves your booty whether its big or small
  • hes more of a best friend
  • playing video games with each other 
  • wrestling him and you winning
  • going to karaoke together and you guys are SOO loud and its a complete mess and it finishes off with him singing and dancing to the ‘nae nae’
  • when he buys you flowers its not just a tiny bouquet, its like a whole garden wth but its because he loves you and wants to show it
  • screams in your ear sometimes
    just for fun “AAAAYOOOO”
  • he makes up for it with a kiss tho
  • his 7th heaven rap 
    he tried to teach you it
    he laughed at you
  • couple tshirts but itll be something like “i’m with idiot” with an arrow
  • good morning texts arent special without a pepe meme attached
  • hes actually really cute and he treasures you a lot
  • hes protective but not in a possessive way but in a way that he just doesnt want you to get hurt because youre so precious to him
  • the members telling you how much he talks about you
    when he does its like his eyes sparkle and his mouth cant stop moving
    he gets flustered when he finds out you know
  • his hands are really warm, he loves to hold your hand especially when hes sleeping
  • adventurous dates like going bungee jumping 
  • or simply going to the park and playing for hours on end
  • deep conversations 
    he tells you about his insecurities
    and you tell him about yours
    and you guys end up just gushing about what you like about each other
  • you end up being cheered up and all of a sudden hes giggling “what were we crying about again?”
  • taking you to thailand
  • to meet his parents
    and try all the yummy food there
    and he’ll take you to all the beautiful beaches
    and you guys just explore as you learn more about his culture
  • basically bam is our memeing, dabbing, sweetiepie who will love and protect you forever

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Can you make a blurb about having a little arguement with him about money? Like you have a normal job (being a graphic designer,teacher or sth like that) and of course we know he's rich af. he wants to take you shopping and spoil you with expensive things but you don't want it kinda stuff

“Harry, I told you, I don’t want your money!” He’s been gone for a while now, and returns with a Saint Laurent purse. And just - the way he presented it, and the way he didn’t even kiss you when he came in, makes you furious

“Well then wha’ do you wan’ me fo’? He hollers back. And for a minute, you can’t even BELIEVE what you are hearing.

You stop dead, and then, his jaw shuts. He realizes what he’s just said.

And you’re storming. Out. But, he catches your wrist, hard, and pulls you. Hard.

“M’sorry I didn’… oh my god, I am such an idiot, please baby, M’so sorry, please, please… don’ please” he’s begging, and begging, and has dropped the bag. in the sink.

You glance back and hesitate, your fighting against his strong hold has stopped.

“Can’t believe you said that” you wrap your arms around your chest, not looking at him. He’s not sure where to touch you first, or if he should touch you. But you’re not running, so there’s a start. He finally places his hands on your shoulders and you wince and he inhales, kissing your head.

“Harry, I don’t…. I don’t need that. I don’t. It’s a nice gesture, but you… you should know… already”, you’re crying, full out tears, when he turns you around and pulls you into his chest, your head against his shoulder and you are balling your eyes out.

“Don’ know why I said tha’. You know I’m an idiot”, he kisses your temple and you let out a weak, breathy laugh, but he catches on.

“There’s m’favorite noise”, he rubs your back and smiles a bit, the tension lifting.

“Le’s go take this bag back, and we can go walk in the park or sumin” he suggests.

“Nah, your mum or gem should have the bag. It’s nice. But I like the park idea, better”, you kiss his shoulder and he wipes your eyes, looking down at you, pressing a sweet kiss to your lips.

“Thanks for the reminder”, he smiles, and you smile back.

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Romanced Companion reacting after a really bad arguement with Sole?


Cait doesn’t try to hide how she is feeling when she finishes arguing with Sole. She makes sure that they know that they upset her, whether they made her worry or just angered her. She will continuously sigh and mutter things under her breath.

Normally after their bad arguments, Cait will end up going to apologize first. Even if she thinks she is right, she notices how much it messes with Sole when she’s angry at them. She hates it and soon can’t keep herself from apologizing.

Don’t worry. Sole and Cait always kiss and make up with each other.


Curie takes arguments personally, no matter what they fight about. Her emotions are easily changed, which means that when something upsets her, she can’t help but cry. No matter how much she tries to stop, she hates the idea of Sole being angry at her.

Sole will quickly try to comfort her, this being just a few minutes after they finished their last argument.


Danse hates for Sole to see him angry, which means that after a heated argument, he will lock himself away in a room to give him enough time to cool down. He always makes sure to keep his emotions in check, as he doesn’t want to go too extreme.

This leaves Sole to sit and wait for Danse to return. They may feel angry at him but soon it turns into boredom and worry that they really made Danse angry at them. When he comes back out, they have to make sure he still loves him.

No matter what the argument was about, he always does.


Deacon will leave for a few days after a bad argument with Sole. They hate this but they can never convince him to stay. He always needs time to himself and says that’s the only way he can do it. He doesn’t want them to see the part of himself he is trying to hide.

When he returns, it is almost as if both of them have forgotten the argument. They will acknowledge it once before going back into their normal lifestyle


When the two of them fight, it is an equal thing. Both of them shout, throw things, they each are just as dramatic as the other. When the two of them get into a big fight, the others will just leave them alone. They don’t want to get dragged into it.

Hancock will go away somewhere to do whatever drug he is feeling that day, trying to relax from what had just happened. He knows fighting is normal in a relationship but he still needs to chill out afterwards.

When he returns from his high, the two of them will always cuddle and talk about whatever they were arguing about in a normal, calm manner.


MacCready goes into silent treatment, refusing to speak to Sole after a large argument. He definitely is one who is able to hold onto a grudge, and it doesn’t matter what it is about. He will stay angry at someone for years because of a stupid spat.

For him to stop, Sole will have to apologize even if they were obviously right.


Nick always has to go out for a cigarette after a big fight with Sole. It gives him enough time to think about everything that had just happened. Normally the big fights between him and Sole were because they weren’t careful enough and their parts couldn’t be replaced.

When he heads back inside he will see Sole crying, Ellie attempting to comfort them.

Nick will then comfort Sole and the two of them will have a very serious conversation about whatever the argument was about. Nick just wants to keep them safe. 


Because Piper has a way with her words, arguments are always won by her no matter what it is about. Sole doesn’t get annoyed by it, normally, they will just shrug. They know that they aren’t going to win when talking to her, but they know who is right in their mind.

Their arguments end with the two of them having many, many drinks.


Preston will work a lot more than normal after a bad argument with Sole. He tries to get his mind off of what happened. Soon, it actually works and the two of them will even forget it. 

They will go back to their normal life until the inevitable fight comes back again and the cycle repeats itself.