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harry and louis have never stated that they are together, in fact they have both denied it in the past. you're forcing a sexuality on them both and it's disgusting, it's not up to you to assume someone's sexuality so you should stop doing it. you're a grown adult, you should be less ignorant to this than you are. stop trying to force a sexuality and a relationship on them.

So many buzzwords. So many repetitive, pointless arguements.

Friend, let me offer you some advice; don’t spend your time seeking out people who have wildly different opinions to yours and then expend energy trying to convince them that they’re wrong and you’re right. 

I didn’t engage with you, you’ve come after me, so just stop, or this will be the part where I block you. I have no interest in trying to expand one closed mind at a time, alright? I’m tired, I’m busy, I don’t have the time or the inclination to have this conversation with you. 


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What's funny to me is the fact that NT's will literally drive a person to a literal fucking breakdown, where they HAVE to resort to violence and graphic threats to be able to FEEL SAFE (we know this never works, NT's, btw, we don't need your abusive ass reminding us)on this fucking shitsite, and as they do this they will manipulate everything to appear to be the "level headed mature person" in the arguement. They've literally CROPPED TXT POSTS ABOUT NICK&CO to make him look like he's in th wrong

and yet

nick is somehow the bad guy smh

if you fuck with a bull you get the horns buddy

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jesus Christ are u thirsty for arguements or what??? i hate cis ppl and u cant change my mind so quit talkin to me and coddle ur weird cis friend or whatever it is cis ppl do

FInally! The truth is revealed! I’m just so tired from the bullcrap I will go hug all my cis and trans friends and whatever other gender of friend I might have since I don’t hate genders <3

Unfusing theory

I think there’s conditions when a Fusion unfuses. 

We all know how they unfuse; if the gems contrast on a matter, they go back to their original forms, and if they’re defeated they’ll go back to their original forms. 

Except the term “original forms” differs. 

For the arguements, the gems seem to revert back into the individual gemstones themselves. 


When Opal seperated each times, it was because Amethyst and Pearl argued:

  1. they blamed each other for not getting the beetle (Giant Woman) 
  2. Pearl hated food and Amethyst loved it (Opal’s day off, in the comics) 
  3. Amethyst was happy to see Steven, Pearl was worried (The Return)

Opal reverted back into the original gems, Pearl and Amethyst. 

Now, when Sugiolite unfused, due to being defeated in battle:

Sugiolite also went back to her original forms -Garnet and Amethyst - except Garnet’s original form is Sapphire and Ruby. So why didn’t Garnet also unfuse?

because Sugiolite was defeated in combat, and didn’t argue. Shown above is when Alexandrite split up because they argued. As we can clearly see, Ruby and Sapphire re-fused mid fall, in order to conceal their identities to Steven. 

So why did Garnet unfuse with Alexandrite and not with Sugiolite? 

Because when a fusion self-argues, every original gem involved will come out; when a fusion is defeated, the gems that participated in the fusion - including fusions themselves - will come out instead. 

man i just don’t get it
my sister: would you date a guy who was bisexual?
me: of course????
my sister: what if he like– cheats on you with a guy
me: ???? ?? ?? uh, its the fact that he’s cheating on me at all that’s the problem. wtf does it matter if it’s with a girl, guy, or any other gender identity? i wouldn’t be like “mannn, he cheated on me… but at least it was with a lady! whew!”

Signs in an Arguement

Aries: Will argue with vigour and intent to win until the very end with enough energy to make the other party back down.

Taurus: Will hear you out, but if at any point you say something they deem stupid, they will walk away without a word, or with a biting remark.

Gemini: They are cunning enough to get you to argue their point without you realizing what they’ve done.

Cancer: They argue aggressively and passionately. If you’re going to argue with them, you better be right.

Leo: Very stubborn, and even if they are proven wrong will still insist they are right.

Virgo: Will somehow convince you to stop arguing with them, and leave you standing with a sense of confusion and defeat.

Libra: Will be fair and listen to all your points and return them with their own with calm collectivity and interest.

Scorpio: Do yourself a favour and just don’t.

Sagittarius: Will not lose an argument. Even if you are right, and have a better founded base, you will not win. And if you do, they will not be pleased in the slightest.

Capricorn: Very rigid and firm, and will often predict the direction of the argument and circumvent it in an attempt to make the process shorter.

Aquarius: They will not budge. I promise you. But they will remain cool and collected through the entirety of the argument.

Pisces: Will be too shy to speak up, but while you speak they will probably have an inner monologue making fun of you.

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Wirt was downstairs sitting on the rug in the living room. It was evening by now, the sun setting, and Wirt hadn't eaten at all today, it showed too. He stared into the fire angrily, as if this was all somehow it's fault.

Bill had left the unknown after their arguement. In his time away, the curse he had acquired had faded, leaving him worse than ever. He was a demon, he wasn’t supposed to feel this kind of remorse and guilt. After resolving the problem the grey face had caused him, he had come back, and walked towards Wirt’s cabin. He knew Wirt would be uncomfortable, no, angry to see the triangle, but he knew he needed to apologise. Hopefully to lessen the blow though, he changed his appearance to more closely resemble a person’s of Wirt’s age. So now the blonde haired demon teen walked alone on the forest, his left eye glazed over while his right was a vibrant blue. He wore a sleeveless tailcoat, the long sleeves of his black button up shirt acting as the sleeves. Even as he walked through the dense forest, his black pants and shoes somehow managed to never get dirty. He had a determined look on his face… yet…

As Bill approached the cabin, the now teen looking demon hesitated. Would Wirt be asleep? He had lost a lot of energy through their falling out, and Bill would expect him to be tired. He stared at the door, contemplating his options. After a moment, he closed his eyes, and knocked on the door, hesitantly but purposefully. He expected a lantern to the face when Wirt would open it. Using the human appearance had its pros of being more relatable then a floating shape, however, if he got hit, there was more of a chance it would hurt. He waited to see if Wirt answered the door, silent, listening for any signs of movement or life on the house.

#2773. Robin once got into an incredibly heated arguement with Ganondorf, which resulted in both of them pulling out their swords. Link and Reflet managed to separate them, but the next day, an army of monsters from the various Zelda game began appearing in Ylisse, and as Chrom, Robin, and Lucina were all in Smash, this left a very disgruntled Frederick to deal with them as well as running the kingdom in Chrom's absence. What Robin and Ganondorf actually argued about is unknown.

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Could you explain whats going on with matty? His twitters not loading.. What happened???

No problem! Basically he upset a few people and got into an argument with others about Islam and the punishment for apostasy in the religion. He was not trying to offend anyone but he likes to be educated on whats going on in the world and with his following tries to inform others. Because he upset people (they thought he was being rude and “taking it too far”), something he stated he never wanted to do, he deleted his twitter. Hope that makes sense!

Okay so you know that AU where you’re born with your soulmate’s name tattooed on your body?? I was thinking about it and I just…

Jessebelle being convinced that James is simply missing the second half of her name (and that the “i” was the universe making a typo)