Cultural Appropriation

Has anyone ever thought to try and end one of these arguements by just saying:

“you can’t tell me what to do,”

I doubt there’s much that can be said other than to scream at them incoherently.

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Gotta love the responses on your (btw, perfect) Emotional Manipulation-post. Like it's something new, when Sakura manipulating Sasuke has been talked around since the first "confession". The very base of anti-ss arguements is the fact that Sakura acts this way around Sasuke, it has been the base for numerous of jokes and these people still act like it's something you invented and not realise what it is: Part of Sakura's character and her relationship with Sasuke.

I believe some of them realise it (but can’t admit it). You have to consider the fact that their ship is based on mainly negative development, and when we analyse the negative elements we basically state logical facts. The majority of SS-shippers don’t want logic. They want to live in their little fantasy make-believe world—just like Sakura. 

Most of the insults were empty words. I mean what are they going to say anyway (besides, I’m apparently a drunk idiot)? That Sasuke loves Sakura? That Sasuke kissed Sakura? I don’t think they are this delusional. Oh. Wait… 


one year ago, 20 complete strangers, including myself decided to make a group chat. After cracking eggs on our heads to thank @taylorswift​ for following all of us, something we never thought would happen happened. Taylor reblogged us and called us some of the cutest people she’s ever seen.

one year later, the 20 of us are closer than ever. thank you so much @taylorswift for being the reason we started to bond. We have had endless memories together and look forward to making more. here is a video collage highlighting the past year together. We love you so much!!!!

Love, the eggheadz aka:

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Hi there, I was wondering what your thoughts are about Lexa's wardrobe that would be considered wrong such as the bindi that she wears. There has been some arguements about it within the 100 fandom

I do not believe it is a bindi nor that it was meant to be a bindi. Many cultures throughout history have used facial ornamentation and decoration of all kinds and of this nature, and the show-runner has already confirmed that Lexa’s particular facial ornament was inspired by/modeled after the Helm of Awe.

The Helm of Awe (or what can also be translated as the Helm of Terror) is an old symbol from Norse mythology, representing power and protection. In Norse mythology, it was a symbol that was worn between the eyes to evoke fear in enemies and to protect against abuses of power, among other protections (x, x), which makes perfect sense for Lexa’s use of it given her status.

Here is an image of the Helm of Awe (there are some variations of this design that represent the same symbol, as well):

Here is an up-close image of Lexa’s facial ornament (they are very, very similar):

So many relationships fail because we are to busy taking advice from jelous lonely friends,comparing our relationships to dumbass goal pictures and videos,and posting our business on social media everytime we have a small arguement with our partner smh

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Max was holding up Eve as they trudged through the sewers of New York. She grumbles as she drags Eve after their little meeting with some Erasers. (( Two for the price of one. ))

((Nice)). Leo was walking in the sewers trying to cool off from another stupid arguement with Raphael. He hated how they always get into fights almost every day. He heard someone behind him and looked back to see Mikey. His youngest brother “Leo. Wait” he called out. He ran over “what was that fight about this time?” Leo sighed “can we not talk about it” Mikey sighed “fine”

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Could you explain whats going on with matty? His twitters not loading.. What happened???

No problem! Basically he upset a few people and got into an argument with others about Islam and the punishment for apostasy in the religion. He was not trying to offend anyone but he likes to be educated on whats going on in the world and with his following tries to inform others. Because he upset people (they thought he was being rude and “taking it too far”), something he stated he never wanted to do, he deleted his twitter. Hope that makes sense!