Argonne National Laboratory, located in Dupage county Illinois, have a European White Deer herd on their grounds.

Fermilab, located outside Batavia, Illinois, have an American Bison herd on their grounds.

Question: I have been hearing that the deer around your forest are turning white. Why is that? 


Argonne National Laboratory has a herd of imported European white deer roaming around the site. Not to be outdone, Fermilab has a herd of Bison. No weird atomic mutants to report, sorry.


Experiment resolves mystery about wind flows on Jupiter

Using a spinning table and a massive garbage can, geophysicist leads team in simulating the planet’s atmosphere

One mystery has been whether the jets exist only in the planet’s upper atmosphere – much like Earth’s own jet streams – or whether they plunge into Jupiter’s gaseous interior. If the latter is true, it could reveal clues about the planet’s interior structure and internal dynamics.

Now, UCLA geophysicist Jonathan Aurnou and collaborators in Marseille, France, have simulated Jupiter’s jets in the laboratory for the first time. Their work demonstrates that the winds likely extend thousands of miles below Jupiter’s visible atmosphere.

This research is published online in Nature Physics.

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Graphene Roll-Ups Make Friction Disappear, Could Revolutionize Machine Engineering

Chalk another amazing ability up for the supermaterial graphene. It seems the atom-thick sheets of linked carbon atoms can virtually eliminate friction. 

The simulation above depicts the graphene-lubricant discovery–blue graphene sheets roll up to encase gold nanodiamonds as a surface of black diamond-like carbon slides over. Once the graphene wraps into so-called nanoscrolls around the nanodiamonds, the sheets make friction disappear.

“The nanoscrolls combat friction in very much the same way that ball bearings do by creating separation between surfaces,” said Argonne National Lab researcher Sanket Deshmukh. Learn more and see photos below.

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