It was quiet ‘round camp most of yesterday, at least while I was there. This timeline’s Sinafay and myself were the only ones there, for a good while. Similar to the day before, really. Not that the quiet was unwelcome or anything. Meant that I got a chance to do a little sparring with Sina, way I mentioned I wouldn’t mind doing when I first found out Argonas was training her up to become a vindicator. Figured she was ready for it, considering she didn’t seem to do too bad in that fight against the botani the other night. Wasn’t anything too strenuous, just a quick sort of session to see what her technique’s like, whether there were any basic mistakes I might’ve been able to correct her on. She’s definitely got potential as a fighter, actually managed to catch me off guard once or twice, but were still a couple errors that needed pointing out. For one thing, wasn’t all that good about not putting herself off-balance. Might be on account of her still getting used to the weight of the hammer she’s using, but there were a couple of times she attacked, wound up with her weight not being in the best position when she didn’t connect. Could probably do with learning some techniques to defend herself if someone manages to get past her hammer, get up close. Other thing’s using her head. Fight ended when I managed to disarm her and she went in for a headbutt, got the handle of my axe to the side of her head for her trouble. Nothing wrong with doing that per se, of course, but you don’t want to be doing it if your opponent’s still got their weapons and it means giving them enough room to take a clear swing at your head while you’re coming at them. Here’s hoping she takes the advice to heart. Wouldn’t want to see her try anything like that against somebody who’s looking to put her in the ground.

Few other people started showing up once we got done fighting. Strahm, Sarah, Denalorn, Iadric a little later on. Stayed pretty quiet for a while, all the same. Just stood around talking a little, didn’t really discuss anything all that important. Think we might actually’ve been discussing saberon when all of a sudden we heard this screaming coming from off to the south, direction of their camp. Sounded like screaming, anyway. Wondered if somebody might’ve stumbled into it by accident or gotten themselves captured, something like that. Figured I’d take the rifle, head to the southern side of the rise, try get a look at what might’ve been going on. Seemed to be a hell of a commotion going on down below when we got there, like something’d gotten the saberon real riled up. Had one jump up at Iadric and myself a second or two after we’d gotten ourselves into a position to check things out. Thinking back on it, not sure if he was actually trying to attack us or just wanted to get away from whatever’d put this nasty cut on his rear end, got unlucky with the direction he decided to head in. Either way, we put him on the ground pretty quick. Knocked him out, tied him up a little later on. Iadric, Sarah and myself stayed up on the ridge trying to get a look at things from up there while Sina and Denalorn headed down the hill, tried to get a bit of a closer look at exactly what was happening. I couldn’t really tell what was going on until things moved a little further south, towards the far end of the valley, but turned out that there was a fight going on. Figured that was the source of the screaming, although being a little closer, you could start to tell it wasn’t a person making the noise. Anyway, whoever it was the saberon were fighting, they looked to have the upper hand. Was starting to think the best thing for us to do’d be to just head back to camp, hunker down, try not to get noticed. Plans changed when we realised who it was fighting.

Even with my scope, I didn’t recognise him right off the bat. Thought from the colour of the armour it could’ve been a Samaritan, that Zaraxen guy maybe. Wasn’t until I saw the guy’s wounds healing up, caught the colour of his eyes that I realised it was a simulacrum instead. Think Iadric was the first to figure out that it was Balderos’. Wasn’t really sure what to do after that, ‘specially once he figured out where we were, started waving and calling out to us. Definitely put some thought into trying to put a bullet through its head, hoping that’d be enough to put it down for good. Wondered if that might’ve been enough to keep the saberon from taking notice of us. Eventually decided enough of them’d run off by that stage that it’d be safe for Iadric to head on down, try talking to him, figuring out why it is he was there and what he wanted. Made sure to keep my crosshairs between his eyes all the while. Didn’t hear all of what got said, but was some interesting information in what Iadric was able to feed back to us during the conversation. Think there may’ve been something mentioned about him wanting to take our Balderos’ place in the Sigil, but more interesting bit’s that, since he got to Draenor, Kirge hasn’t been able to control him the same as he did back on Azeroth. Guessing whatever type of blood magic the guy uses, either there’s something on Draenor that messes with it or it just doesn’t work across worlds or timelines. Whatever it was, meant the guy came across a hell of a lot more friendly than the simulacrums we’ve met before. Got himself messed up pretty bad helping our people get out of there when the saberon started creeping back.

Only real warning we got was the bushes starting to rustle. Tried getting a warning to Iadric, telling him to get the hell out of there, but came a second or two late. They got the jump on him and the simulacrum, started throwing spears before they had a chance to start moving. Iadric was lucky, didn’t look like he got hurt too bad by that first volley. Started heading for the trees, although he didn’t have all that easy of a time of it, ‘specially with the others getting into the fighting not all that long after. Sinafay took a spear straight to the stomach. Lucky it wasn’t enough to take her down right then and there. Sarah jumped down after that, got a few pretty nasty cuts right across her chest. She managed to bandage them up alright back at camp afterwards, but wouldn’t surprise me if she ends up with a couple scars from those. Denalorn got involved in the fighting as well, but didn’t see how bad he got hurt, if he did. Think the simulacrum got hurt worst out of anybody. Lucky he had blood magic on his side, otherwise I’d wager he would’ve been dead a good half dozen times over. As it was, he managed to take out the last of the saberon after our people got into the trees, made it out of there in one piece. Ours needed a fair bit of patching up, but they’re all alive, at least. They headed through the woods on the way back to camp, covered their tracks, so the portal site hasn’t been discovered just yet. All the same, think Strahm was right saying we should probably move on before it gets too late tonight. It’ll be a shame to lose this camp with how useful it’s been so far, but I’m not about to go spending too much time mourning a campsite after having come that close to having people to mourn instead.

There were simply too many. 

Harbinger Kaavos slumped, lowering his shield and spear in discouraged defeat. He and what remained of his company stood in the middle of the bridge between Shattrath’s commerce district and the central spire. Imps swarmed one end, cackling darkly as they amassed beyond manageable numbers. On the other side, a Doomguard - as large as it was hideous. The band was surrounded, futilely taking shots at the imp swarm. But it wouldn’t be enough, as the distance closed on both sides. The only alternative was jumping into the water… but that would only leave them as easy targets, picked off effortlessly by the Sargerei casters.

"Laani, Athos… it’s over… end of the line." Kaavos said, hanging his head.

The other two members of his company followed suit, ceasing their efforts to defend their position as it became clear they were in vain. Anchorite Laani reached up and placed a hand on the Harbinger’s shoulder comfortingly. Artificer Athos gritted his teeth with displeasure as he looked over the scene. Then, a bellow; the approaching Doomguard laughed.

"Foolish little Draenei! If you had only bent knee to the Legion, your pathetic lives may have been spared. Now accept your fate as casualties of war - but do not worry… you will not be the last!"

It towered over the trio, raising its mighty blade into the air. Wings spread menacingly, the demon swung his sword above his head in a circle, mockingly delaying their inevitable death…

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thefugitivemango asked:

❣MU Sina and Argo

✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✧✧✧ | Sexual Attraction
✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧ | Romantic Attraction
✦✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧ | Crushing
✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✧ | Squishing
✦✦✦✦✦✦✧✧✧✧ | Sensual Attraction
✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦ | Aesthetic Attraction

Low ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦ High

Despite an old crush she never acted on, it’s pretty obvious that there’s no romantic interest here now. Even if she were not married to Osbern, MU Sinafay and Argonas have grown too far apart where traditions are concerned. They are bonded in the hardships that they have shared and survived. At times, she sees Argonas as the only Sigil member that can possibly understand how she feels.

Sina thinks Argonas is damn sexy though, and if she were single, she’d most likely be after him for a good night with no strings attached.

Saw Sinafay yesterday. Think she’s been busy out of the city these past few days. Probably not a bad thing really, if it saved her having to think about all this business that’s been going on with the Golden Law the past few days. Sounds like she’s been occupying herself trying to get back in touch with the elements. Got water figured out now, but that was only on account of how grim the whole situation with Osbern was looking after the fight against Bordros, how desperate she felt. Hope she doesn’t go looking for more situations like that…maybe wasn’t such a good idea on my part to wonder out loud whether you might need a combat sort of scenario that wasn’t going your way to figure out how to use fire again. I mean, wouldn’t like to see her go risking herself without good reason. Still, don’t go so far in saying that as some other people. Got to talking about it with Argonas. First time I’ve seen him in a long time now. He seemed to think she should give up the whole shamanism thing, wanted me to try convince her as much for him. Get the feeling that’s just as much to do with his views on shamanism as wanting her not to go putting herself in danger. Seems to think that the Light’s the only proper pursuit for a draenei, went so far as to call shamanism a hobby at one point while we were talking. I did ask her to try keep safe as much as she can, but asking her to give it up completely was a little more than I was willing to do. I mean, regardless of what their traditions are, it’s obvious from the way she’s been since she lost her connection to the elements how much it means to her. How happy it makes her. I mean, Argonas is a good guy, a friend, but she shouldn’t have anybody asking her to live her life a certain way just to make them happy. Sounds like she’s had to hear enough of that sort of thing already. If she’d listened, don’t know her life’d be in nearly as good a place as it seems to be now.

Eunie mentioned over the comms that the Haethons were doing some sparring out front of the cottage just as that conversation was wrapping up, so the two of us figured we’d wander over in that direction, check it out. Only saw a couple of fights, these two worgen women to start off, Iadric and Rhett after that. Rhett had a pretty solid victory in that one. Did some pretty serious damage to Iadric’s armour, ended up throwing him straight out of the ring. Just about wound up getting hit while he was flying. No permanent damage done, thankfully, although had to shuffle the work schedule around a little to make sure I had time to patch up his gear. Speaking of armaments, actually, think I might see about tracking down a wooden sword. Eunie was talking about getting back in fighting shape with her staff and fists, way she was back when we met. Figure we could do some sparring together to help her out, if she’s interested. Think Agnes is doing some more training as well, actually. Arrived at the sparring ring in her training armour. Talked to Stehl about it a little, about maybe trying to learn a couple paladin techniques. Don’t think she’d be keen on it if it meant giving up on the shadow at all, but guess she’s probably got enough knowledge with the Light that she’d be able to put it to work protecting her or as a weapon as well as just for healing. Figure she’s in good company if she is looking to learn that sort of thing. Between Aurric and every other paladin in the Sigil, don’t think she’d have any shortage of potential mentors.

Was a bit of an issue between Strahm and Rhett. Got into an argument, I guess on account of the history they’ve got, ended up fighting each other. Balderos and Stehl didn’t seem to think it was too major of a situation, seemed to think it was all in good fun, although I got a little more concerned myself with the sorts of things they’d been saying beforehand. Wasn’t reassuring when they started using magic against each other. Think Rhett ended up using blood magic, of all things. Heard people calling it that, but could’ve figured it out alright on my own from the way it smelled when all this smoke started pouring out of his armour. Don’t think anybody was too happy to see it. Agnes threatened to wipe his brain if he uses it against our people in the future without their consent. Sounded like Devoner’d talked to him about it before, wanted to confiscate his armour and weapons as a punishment for disobedience. Don’t know if he will’ve been successful in that or not, resistant as Rhett was sounding to it. ‘Specially for a guy who defines himself by combat as much as he does, doubt you could come up with anything more humiliating. Guess that’s their concern, though. For my part, just talked for a little with Stehl, Iadric and Balderos about that sword Iadric’s planning on having made, what it’d take to get one empowered with dragon blood. Mentioned I know a Twilight drake, that one I caught during the war in Dragonblight. Wonder how he’s getting on nowadays…don’t know if I’ll need to track him down again, but guess that’s an option to help them out. Don’t think he’d help too willingly, but I guess we’d find out if we had to go down that path.

sinafay1 asked:

❣ Sina and AU Sina for Argo ((I'm sorry, I'm having too much fun with this meme XD ))

Shammy Sinafay:

✦✦✦✧✧✧✧✧✧✧| Sexual Attraction
✦✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧| Romantic Attraction
✦✦✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧| Crushing
✦✦✦✦✦✧✧✧✧✧| Squishing
✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✧| Sensual Attraction
✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✧| Aesthetic Attraction

Argonas is quite traditional. Sinafay taking up shamanism definitely stunts any romantic feelings he could ever develop for her. Combined with her casting the traditions he holds dear to the wind by marring a worgen and birthing a cross-breed baby, there’s pretty much no chemistry there. That being said, he still feels a kinship with her, likely common among all Draenei who shared the same experiences between Draenor and Azeroth. To him, Sina’s a good friend who, in his opinion, lost her way. He feels obligated to help her as best he can with guidance and support. But even beyond that, Sina’s tough. She’s a fighter. And shaman or not, Argonas likes that in a woman.

AU Sinafay:

✦✦✦✦✦✦✧✧✧✧| Sexual Attraction
✦✦✦✦✧✧✧✧✧✧| Romantic Attraction
✦✦✦✦✧✧✧✧✧✧| Crushing
✦✦✦✦✦✧✧✧✧✧| Squishing
✦✦✦✦✦✧✧✧✧✧| Sensual Attraction
✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✧✧| Aesthetic Attraction

The younger version of Sinafay is more appealing to Argonas in many ways. She shares his traditional values, reveres the holy Light, and is even following his hoofsteps along the path of a Vindicator. The kinship still exists, though has taken on a different form. His role as her mentor simultaneously gives boon to his connection with her, while restricting it on a professional level. Her combat inexperience leaves quite a bit to be desired in the novice Sina. But overall, he’s much more content and inclined to spend time with AU Sina than with her counterpart from his own timeline.

[Behold! A transcript of some RP between Argonas and Sinafay. Enjoy!] 


[08:56:41] Argonas is not stealthy. Clank-clanking hoofsteps are easily audible behind Sina…

[08:57:25] Sinafay doesn’t even bother looking over her shoulder. The sounds of his approach are enough to tell her who it it, “I assume you have heard.”

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ask-the-broken-muses asked:

"Thoughts on" Agrona //Since she's back xD

Argona has proven herself useful to Jericho Swain as her father before her and unlike her mother, though Swain is extremely wary of her accomplishment of becoming a General at only 14 (In contrast, the youngest General ever to serve under Swain before was Twenty Six. Swain became General at Forty Years old and Grand General at Forty Nine. The positions in High Command normally go to people who’ve lived a long enough life to understand all aspects of War. Argona however, has not had anywhere near the experience. To be elevated to General when she’s not even legally an Adult is extremely alarming (like, fucking red lights everywhere.))

Spent a bit of time hanging around the ship before we had to start heading off to get to the lecture the other night. Talked about weapons for a bit, actually. See, this high elf…what’s his name again? I can’t recall…I’m sure I’ve heard it once or twice before at this stage. I know he used to hang around the Sigil a whole lot back when they were based up in Thelsamar rather than Stormwind, plus I know I went on a patrol around the city with him and Agnes at one stage. Not sure if we’ve ever really talked much, though…anyway, he’s with the Golden Law nowadays. He came by wanting to talk with Agnes, hoping to sort out some sort of arrangement to borrow supplies for these first aid classes he’s hoping to run, but didn’t come by at quite the right time to find her. Got onto the topic of weapons ‘cause of this rapier he had with him. Sort of weapon Lumenar’s not too fond of, doesn’t think it’s really much good against anything with anything in the way of armour on it.

Not sure I agree with her on that…I mean, it takes a lot of skill, but if you can get the point in the joints between plates and that, it can do a fair bit of damage. Still, maybe not as effective as a hammer, sort of thing Argonas’d prefer using. Takes a good amount of work on armour to make it stand up to a mace going full speed, but even that might not be enough if you were dealing with one of those totems you see tauren lugging around sometimes, pretty much a whole tree turned into a club. Not an easy weapon to use, but it packs a fair punch. Eunie didn’t like the idea of it, more because of the fact that you have to kill a tree than because of any practical concerns. Not sure the others really bought into the idea of plants feeling pain, but hearing her talk about the way they whisper…well, won’t keep me from using firewood to keep warm, but I’m not just gonna brush it off either.

Talked about blacksmithing a bit after the lecture as well. While a few of us were heading over to this bar in the military ward, these couple of paladins introduced themselves to us, Liotuse and Rosalinde Duval. Turns out Rosalinde’s quite the smith, lives and breathes it at times according to her husband. He knows a little bit himself, or at least as much as she’s had time to teach him. Might need to see if I can’t work with them at some stage…I mean, when repairs do start being needed, could be good to spread the load a little. Aside from that, always open to learning new things. I mean, I’ve only really been smithing for…what, two, three years at the most? Not a long time. I mean, I do a reasonable job, but still need advice now and then from some of the other smiths around the forge. Talked about that draenei as well while we were there, one who thought I was a ghost for some reason. Kialthos is the name. Seems like the sorts of comments I’ve heard out of him so far aren’t exactly too far outside the ordinary for him. Discussing them proved a bit of a corrupting influence on the company we were with at the time as well…it was almost a bit of a relief when Rabbit wandered in, allowed for a change of subject.

I had to head off after that, make a quick stop at the auction house, but turns out Kialthos’d actually made an appearance while I was away. Made some sort of comment to Eunie about her popping like an egg, plus a few other things about strange objects coming out of womens’ nether regions…put her in not too good a state. Scarf she was knitting was just about long enough to wrap around the cottage by the time I got home. Had to get her thinking about fawns before she’d calm down. Sorts of conversations that go on sometimes, it’s a good thing not everything raunchy gets that sort of reaction out of her. Her jaw did drop when Lumenar made a joke about having some slightly less-than-innocent dreams involving myself, but I think that’s less being offended than just not knowing how to respond. Figure I could teach her a thing or two about making comebacks, make it a little easier for her to keep a straight face. It’ll take a little practice, sure, but if she’s willing to learn, I’m sure we’ll get there one day. Guess there are certain advantages to being a scoundrel…

Culture Shock

A frown crossed Argonas’ face as he stared down at the desk. It was the first time he had realized just how much paperwork he had been doing lately. Charters, missives, and all manner of memorandums piled high upon his small Lunarwood desk. The work of an Alliance emissary; a mantle he had never worn before. And while Argonas was not one to back down from a challenge, he certainly wished his work was more entertaining.

Paperwork aside, however, his station provided him with the immense honor of working closely with the Council of Exarchs. As a younger Draenei, Argonas would hear tales of the Council, serving as the eyes, hands, and voice of the Prophet himself. He had never dreamed of meeting them in person - in their prime. And yet his small desk had an entire stack of parchment bearing their seals. It humbled his disgruntled frown for a moment, as the weight of his work washed over him in this stark realization. He set out, returning to Draenor of Old with two distinct goals. One of them was to reconnect with his people, and do everything he could to save them from the horrid fate that befell them in his time. The other…

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Have to admit, I wasn’t expecting the patrol yesterday to be nearly as eventful as it ended up being. Wouldn’t say I was hoping that it’d just be a quiet run down to Eastvale, more that I didn’t really think there’d be any reason it wouldn’t be. Only real threat in most of those woods ever since the Second War’s been wolves and bandits, and even the bandits are a lot less common nowadays than they have been in the past. Then again, are other areas of the woods that’ve seen worse. There was that Blackrock incursion in Northshire back just after the Cataclysm. Not entirely surprising that a few of them might’ve decided to spread out a little further into the woods…

Started out on the ship. I clocked off work a little earlier than the usual to make sure I’d be there early, not that I had much in the way of preparation to do. Armour I took with me when we were escorting that caravan still needs a little bit of repair work before it’s good to go again, but even if it didn’t, not sure I would’ve worn it for that particular job. As it was, just had my sword, bow and a knife. Anyway, was some advantage to getting there early. Lassair was serving soup once I got to the Quel’talan, so I managed to grab a bowl, get a decent meal in my stomach before we hit the road. Had a little while to talk to everybody who was gonna be on the patrol as well, or most of them at least. It was me, Lumenar, Argonas, Wu’jian, Izzy…this draenei with a rifle, Parvaneh I think her name was. Never seen her before, but I gather she and Argonas knew each other at some stage in the past. Might’ve been more than friends at one stage or another, way they were talking to each other while we were headed past Goldshire…’part from that, Mitta was waiting by the gates, then Mizzen joined in as well. Not sure I would’ve brought her along if I’d known what we were getting ourselves into, although she handled herself pretty well in the end.

We started out at the city gates, headed south and took a bit of a detour around Goldshire before we carried on along the road towards Redridge. Good thing we didn’t go through town…even just passing by, we ended up having to explain to Mizzen what somebody meant when they were shouting about giving lap dances. Apart from that, it was pretty quiet until we got a good way from town. Got tipped off that something was off from how quiet things were, no birds singing in the trees or anything. Couple of minutes later Mitta and Argonas let us know over the comms that the farmhouse they were supposed to be delivering supplies to’d been burned to the ground, then Parvaneh spotted this one orc running around in the bushes. Good thing she did…otherwise, wouldn’t have had much in the way of warning before the first wave of arrows came at us from off to the sides of the path. As it was, didn’t quite have enough time to get behind cover before they arrived. Ended up getting a cut on my right cheek when one of them went right past my face. Don’t know yet whether or not it’ll end up leaving a scar…guess I’m just lucky it wasn’t poisoned the way the axe Argonas got hit with was.

After that first strike where they got the jump on us, fight went pretty well for us. Didn’t take too long before we’d taken care of the ones that were closest, sent the rest of them scattering off into the woods. Sort of victory Tolen would’ve approved of, if he’d been there…I managed to throw a knife into the back of one them while he was running off. Not sure if it killed him or not, but it definitely took the fight out of him. ‘Part from that, knocked one flat when I slammed my shoulder into his mouth. Shame we couldn’t keep him…he spoke common, so I was thinking we could bind him up, bring him back as a prisoner, but Wu’jian and Lumenar were a little more forward about making sure he’d never cause a problem again. Not exactly the most merciful approach, but it’s practical, at least. Not sure we really would’ve gotten anything out of him anyway…between leaving the Scarlets and being in the Sigil nowadays, I think my torturing days are well past me, and knowing a little about orcs, I don’t the friendly approach to interrogation would’ve done wonders with him either.

Anyway, might not’ve been successful in that, but at least the injuries weren’t too bad on our side. Argonas did get that one injury to his stomach from a poisoned axe that needed a bit of attention from Lassair when he got back to the ship, but after it got a little attention, he still seemed more than capable of standing up to Tolen when it looked like he was bothering Parvaneh. Was the one family in the farmhouse who got killed…we managed to save the bodies, thankfully enough, drag them off to one side so they’ll be ready to be buried once any family they’ve got’s been notified. Was impressed at how Mizzen did…noticed her hanging around one of the orcs’ necks at one stage. Not sure how keen her parents would’ve been to see her getting hands-on in a combat situation, but knowing the sort of attention they attract at times, maybe not all that bad an idea that she knows how to protect herself.

Humanity's Greatest Gift

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Made the journey down towards Booty Bay a couple of days ago now. Trip was fairly easy, really, but then again wasn’t really expecting all that much in the way of trouble. Like I was saying to Lumenar while we were getting our route all planned out, roads down through Duskwood and Stranglethorn Vale aren’t exactly what I’d tend to characterise as friendly, but they could be a lot worse. Chances of finding a pack of greenskins coming the other way aren’t as high as they would be going down through Ashenvale, especially when you start getting a little closer to the border with the Barrens. Saw a few worgs peering my way from the sides of the road while I was heading through Duskwood, but that was about the worst of it. Not like that’s anything I’m not already used to, despite the fact I haven’t run many patrols down that way these past few weeks. Packed everything onto the bike early on in the morning, then got on the road, pulled up in Booty Bay before the sun started going down. Managed to sort out a room and get everything unpacked before the afternoon was over, then just had a little bit of shifting to take care of later in the evening before we were ready to get on the ship. Plan is to leave the bike there. Got a recurring payment set up after I arrived to make sure it’s in somebody’s economic interests to make sure it doesn’t just wander off. Course, seeing as they don’t have the keys, might have a bit of a struggle to get it moving. I’m keeping one pair myself, then I left another at the cottage with a note for Eunie, just in case she decides she wouldn’t mind taking it for a spin herself while I’m away.

I was relaxing on the dock with a drink in my hand by the time Lumenar and Mitta showed up, would’ve been fairly early on in the evening. They did mention Argonas’d been planning on joining us, but in the end I guess he must’ve gotten busy elsewhere. It’s a shame…would’ve been good to have an extra person out there to rely on. Course, even more of a shame for Lumenar. She spent a fair portion of the evening either talking about him or sort of drifting off whenever his name came up. Would say she’s got a bit of a thing for him, but I think that’d have a decent shot at winning understatement of the year. Don’t know whether or not he’d be interested, but that won’t stop me from making as many jokes as I can think of about it next I see the two of them together. Only got worse when we started getting into the rum…y’know, even just with Mitta and Lumenar, figure Eunie did a pretty good job sorting out people to take along on the trip. Easy to talk to, laugh with, plus good fighters at that. I’ll be glad to have them watching my back for…well, however long it is that we end up being out there in Durotar.

The two of them’d somehow managed to find room in their packs for swimming gear, in Lumenar’s case with some consideration of the possibility that Argonas might’ve been coming, so we kinda figured it’d be worth going for a little bit of a wander, finding a stretch of beach to sit on, maybe take a bit of a swim. Y’know, relax before this whole adventure or whatever you want to call it really gets started. Can’t help but laugh watching the two of them splash around together. Like kids, they are…unfortunately, good spirits didn’t last quite as long as I might’ve liked. Before too long, got this message over the signet rings that House Haethon were in need of medical help. Another attack from those…Sons of Westfall, I think they were called? Same group that took to the Sigil with the cannon a little while back.

Even if we could’ve helped though, not sure we would’ve necessarily wanted to, ‘specially after I let the two of them in on that story about what happened down in Deadwind. Doesn’t sound like the Sigil’ve always had the easiest time with them either. Something about them being abandoned out in Westfall when the attack happened. Didn’t have all that long to think about it before I needed to head back to town and get some gear sorted, last minute preparations, but…well, I guess there’s a moral to that story. Haethons don’t strike me as quite as nasty as some of the other nobles, mostly want to see good done, but they still behave the same sort of way. When it comes down to it, what they’re after is their own happy ending. Y’know, killing the witch, dragging the lady out of the crypt, that sort of thing. Long as they get that, doesn’t matter who gets the short end of the stick in the process. Sure, they’ll shed a few tears in Lady Haethon’s case, maybe say that they’re sorry, but that’s about it. Won’t make amends, won’t try and avoid the same thing next time around. Anyway, maybe best not to linger on that. Sure the next few days’ll bring my mood down enough without worrying about nobles as well…

Eunie managed to make the trip down herself, just before I was about to head to bed, try get a couple of hours of sleep before we had to get on the ship. I was glad for it. I mean…well, hard to know when it is I’ll see her again. Course, won’t be too long before I’m talking to her again. We’ve both got our signet rings, so I’ll try and talk to her as often as I get the chance while I’m out there, let her know how everything’s going and that I’m keeping myself mostly safe. She gave me a package of baking to take along for the trip, so between that and the cider, figure I’ll have plenty around to remind myself of what it’s like to be home, give me that extra bit of encouragement to make sure I haul myself back once this is all over and done with. Know it won’t be easy for her to have me away, but…well, I know she’ll manage. She’s strong. I mean, hell, she became a worgen just to do a little extra to keep Darkshire safe. Everything she’s gone through since then, all the druid training, pregnancy…it’s a lot, y’know? Guess that gives me confidence she’ll be able to take care of herself as long as I’m taking the fight to the blackbloods. Besides, if things get tough, Alliance military’ll be making sure there’s a little extra money around to pay for some hired help.

The Church's Playground

unbridled cheer! Ive witnessed it nevertheless a a both(prenominal)(prenominal) meters, however the research of it is unmistakable. I saw it once again a a couple of(prenominal) weeks pastthis time on the side of meats of some pre naturaliseers, ages 4-6, at perform. I was in their sunshine train disunite to read them questions most the b ar-assed vacation spot that was being planned. When they hear that the vacation spot would be move and grow with modernistic equipment, their mirth was verbalized with widened eyeb in solely and great profit a faces and chatter. Their rapture was lucid as they squealed and giggled and hugged and talked. I listened and learned. Those preschoolers taught me umpteen issues nigh vacation spots and a few functions almost perform service.In their words, we pass a resort bea so kids bottom direct pastime and so they post furbish up their strength out. We hasten a resort argona so parents rum p piddle a let loose from their kids. We contain a calculateground because our perform is a school alike, and schools birth to defecate a vacation spotits plausibly a honor or something. We have a resort area because our church loves kids.When asked intimately their popular thing on the resort area, every lay out of equipment was menti unmatchabled by single squirt or a nonher, as were the trees &nity filles favorite thing on the laugherground was her friends.Our churchs playground is an instructional place. The children t middle-aged me that they are development to be good. They are cultivation to continue their turn. They forthwith bed non to do cartwheels or flips in a dress. They are acquire slightly difference of opinion settlement &each oneer, not by a child. Theyre greedy near enforcing up the ladder, level the slide. My variation: theyre larn that its consequential to hunt directions. w here(predicate)fore acceptt grownups play on the playground? was uniformly met with giggles. Theyre as well as big. Theyre too old to play. They dexterity abound something. not trustworthy if they were referring to a tack of playground equipment or to a tree trunk part. No matter, I turn back with them on all counts. I explained to each materialization individual where the tender playground entrust be. Interestingly, a elegant stained-glass window word picture rescuer with children pass on face the playground. ear snap bean that impertinents, one daughter asked thirstily and breathlessly if I perspective rescuer depart be observation them on the playground. When I responded in the affirmative, her smile was spontaneous. indeed I find a smile as she turn to the son on her rightly and nudged him with a shot from her elbow. I recognised the uh-oh calculate on his blamable slender face. Yes, delivery boy is watching pur ge on the playground.On the faces and in the voices of these children, at that place was irritation close the future(a) of a church that would make a new playground a precedence for its upper-case letter campaign. These kids were gauge to learn, impatient to play and vehement to bid friends to heart them here in the movement of God. mayhap thats a glance of what church is all about.If you indirect request to give birth a practiced essay, stage it on our website:

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Managed to get Lumenar’s armour all finished up a couple of days ago now. Put the finishing touches on it Sunday morning, had it all ready to deliver to her by the time the afternoon rolled around. With that out of the way, only project I’ve really got on my mind is getting stuff together to head to Durotar, but I can’t really forge ahead with that until I’ve managed to track down somebody heading in that direction who’d be willing to watch my back a little. Y’know, holding to the promise I made Eunie back when we first started discussing it. Argonas did say he was interested, back when I was first starting to put plans together, but I haven’t really had a chance to confirm, considering last I saw him was that night the Sigil got attacked in Westfall and we were both busy getting the wounded on their feet and shipped back to the city. Mitta did say she might be interested when I was talking to her yesterday, although that’ll depend on how well she heals up over the next little while. Didn’t quite get the full story when I saw her yesterday, but sounds like somebody attacked her with a crossbow or something over the course of the week. Poison of some kind involved, I gather, so that’s left her on a drip. She does want to head out to Durotar at some stage, but wouldn’t really be much good for anyone if she’s not in a fit state to fight. Just a question of whether I can really afford to wait until she is, considering how long I’ve put it off already…

Anyway, effect is that I didn’t really have anything to be working on yesterday so I figured I’d make my way down to the harbour, make a personal delivery instead of getting it shipped like I did with the job I did for Jenn. Figured it’d be worth it, just to check that it all fits and she’s able to move around alright and all that. Haven’t done any work for gnomes before, so wasn’t completely sure whether I’d made enough of an allowance for the joints and all that, but thankfully it looks like I managed to pull it off. Fits her pretty well, in terms of size and the look of it. I wouldn’t say it’s the fanciest armour you’ve ever laid eyes on, nothing big in the way or ornamentation, but I don’t know that’d really be Lumenar’s style. Not really within the range of my capabilities, even if that had been what she was wanting. Still, looks pretty knightly, definitely more than appropriate for pretty much any sort of formal occasion, not that I can really claim to know how many of those she attends on a regular basis. If she was wanting to use it that way, should hold up just fine in combat as well. Overall, I think it’ll do the jobs it’s intended for just fine, and that should hopefully be good enough to satisfy the both of us.

Anyway, like I was saying, that’s the last project I’ve got on my plate right at the moment, even if it looks like I could be getting more some time before too long. Got a letter from Agnes tonight. Guess the Sigil’s looking for somebody to do a bit of repair work and that and, based on the projects I’ve been doing for Lumenar and Jenn, my name must’ve come up. Not sure what they’re after specifically just yet, but I guess I’ll find out whenever I get a chance to talk to Agnes, either tomorrow night or the day after that, something along those lines. Y’know, find out exactly what it is they’re wanting. Guess as a secondary thing, is the question of whether they’d be looking to pay anything for it…I mean, Jenn gave me a tip, but otherwise I’ve done these last two projects free of charge, apart from the costs of supplies. If they are willing to pay to keep me around, though…well, don’t generally charge friends, but I wouldn’t necessarily mind having a little money to add to the cider income if I’d be doing work on an official sort of basis for a group as big as they are. Could keep me pretty busy, number of scuffles they seem to be able to get themselves into.

Anyway, that’s all the news from the Sigil over the past couple of days. Was an attack of some kind just outside the Quel’Talan while Lumenar was trying the armour on for the first time, but I never figured out exactly what was going on there. All I know is I wandered down onto the docks and found Lassair heaping all these undead corpses into a pile to be burned, talk of some guy who’d been killed by them. Haven’t got a clue how they would’ve ended up there, maybe a death knight or a necromancer or something like that. I mean, hasn’t been any large number of undead in the city in three or four years now, at least as far as I can recall. Is a little concerning…was some speculation among the Sigil about whether it might’ve been a message to them, but I don’t really know any of them had the full picture either. Guess without knowing more, there’s not really a whole lot that can be done about it, and if there’s nothing to be done…well, doesn’t do a whole lot of good worrying about things you can’t do anything about fixing.

After we got back to Stormwind yesterday, thinking back on everything that happened while we were in the Vale, I was…well, pretty keen on finding something to lift my spirits a little. I guess I ended up being lucky, ‘cause there was this sort of tournament happening down by the fields, only a couple of minutes away from the cottage. Whole thing was being run by House Haethon, sort of meant to be an event for common folk, no knights or nobles or anything like that meant to enter. Not sure those rules ended up being completely adhered to, but considering I don’t really use my title any more, figured I’d qualify to enter. Haven’t completely forgiven the Haethons for everything that happened with the witch, but…well, any grudge that’s still lingering, I wasn’t gonna let it keep me from enjoying myself, making the most of the evening. They had a marksmanship competition, so I figured I’d get my bow out, be good to enter without having to worry too much about getting hurt. Sigil had a few people entering as well. Lintpicker and Argonas both ended up joining the unarmed competition they had going on, then Lumenar was with me in the marksmanship. On top of that, there was this one knight-looking character in the melee. Knight of the Crescent, he was calling hi-…well, it was calling itself. Hadn’t seen anyone like it before, but from the way it seemed to keep complimenting everybody, figured out fairly quickly it must’ve either been somebody in the Sigil or someone who knew them fairly well.

Archery didn’t really go so well as I was hoping when I entered. Then again, guess I was at a bit of a disadvantage compared to the other competitors…see, we had to his this target from all the way on the opposite side of the pond. I was the only person competing with a bow, ‘part from this one high elf who had a magical one she seemed to be able to summon and dismiss just by waving her hand around. Makes me wish I had a weapon like that…that said though, think she’d have done a decent job even with what I was working with. Hit dead centre on her first shot, not all that far off on the second. She ended up taking out the archery competition, and the tournament as a whole after that. I didn’t do nearly so well. I never missed the target, but wasn’t anywhere close to hitting the centre with any of my shots. Guess it was just an off day…either that, or I guess it could just be these past couple wearing me down still. Eunie did mention she hadn’t quite been on her best game either, having a harder time than usual out in the garden. Whatever it was, guess I could’ve done worse than I did. Lumenar started out kinda rough with the crossbow, missed completely once, but she hit dead centre on her last shot. Other two competitors had guns. Makes me wonder whether I should’ve brought my own with me…

Over in the unarmed competition, Twidd ended up going up against Argonas, managed to bring him down in the end. Don’t know how he managed, but it must’ve been a pretty impressive sort of feat…just wish I could’ve been there to see it. Whatever he did though, didn’t work quite as well later on. From the yells, I gather that Elcarth guy of Lady Grouss’ ended up taking the victory in that particular event, so I guess that would’ve put him in third place overall in the tournament. Main event was the melee, though. Haven’t seen Adamar in ages now, not since a little while before Eunie and I ended up moving to Stormwind, but he was out there competing, representing House Sunshield and the people of Darkshire. Araian and Eleysia were both out there supporting him, so good to see them again. He did pretty damn well, really…even got a compliment from Lady Grouss at one point for it. First fight, he punched the helmet clean off that crescent knight who was there representing the Sigil. Turned out it was Agnes underneath. Think a few of the Sigil people’d been expecting Aurric or something…then again, wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen Agnes wearing plate. Seem to recall her doing the same over in Krasarang on that rescue mission. Still, like Eunie was saying, with all the dresses and that, not the sort you’d normally expect to see entering melees and swinging hammers around and that…

Adamar had a pretty rough time the fight of his after that. Ended up getting a fair beating, got his shoulder dislocated, not that it stopped him from fighting, and winning for that matter. After Eleysia popped it back in, he came right back, ended up showing that Shado-Pan-looking guy what he was made of. Guy deserved a bit of a humbling as well. By that point he’d already broken one guy’s jaw, stabbed the same one in the armpit. Would’ve killed the guy if the Sigil hadn’t been standing on the sidelines all ready to heal people. That same fight against Adamar he went for the face a couple of times with his sword. Kinda makes me glad I ended up going for the marksmanship rather than the melee…he wasn’t the only fighter out there who wasn’t holding anything back. Didn’t see the whole thing, but from what I saw, Agnes and Adamar were the only ones not throwing blows around that could’ve killed someone. Considering Adamar ended up taking out the melee, don’t think it hurt him too badly either. He didn’t do so well when they put him up against the marksmanship champion, Wolfblood or something I think her name was. Took three arrows, one to the hand, another in the back and the third in his arm, pinned it to his chest. Wasn’t a complete defeat, of course, going by the title he got and the number of people swarming around him afterwards. After what I saw last night, wouldn’t be surprised if he’s got a promotion waiting in the not too distant future.

Talked to Eunie about the whole thing afterwards, back at the cottage. She’d been delayed a little, talking to someone over at the Cathedral she knew while she was still at the Convent in Northshire. Guess the whole tournament played out a little differently than she’d expected, not quite so much in the way of rules in the melee about how you’re allowed to hit people and how you’re not. Probably would’ve been a little more violent than she would’ve appreciated…not that it entirely convinced her against being interested in taking part herself, of course. Not now, but maybe once Gloria’s born and she’s able to shift again. Never seen anyone competing as a cat or a bear in anything like that, but on the other hand, guess I’ve never heard of any kind of rule against it either. Maybe something to ask about…that is, if we’re sure that there’s going to be a decent number of healers on hand in case anything ends up going wrong.