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Dark City of Argon 

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Meeting Your Maker

A short time after the events of Tron: Legacy, Sam finally brings Alan in on Flynn’s big secret.  The Grid. After becoming more familiar with the new world, Alan decides to try and find his old program, Tron…

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Alan had never been all that great at riding motorcycles.

Fortunately, in this world, that apparently didn’t seem to factor in as much. The high-speed whine of his light cycle cut through the silence of the Outlands as he sped on, the lights of Argon City still bright behind him. He found it a bit unnerving that despite going at such a high speed, there was no perceptible wind on his face; yet somehow the tail of his overcoat managed to flap in the non-existent breeze.

Perhaps something about me being a User and expecting my coat to react causes it to react? How much am I subconsciously affecting without realizing? The implications made him nervous, so he tried distracting his mind with other matters.

The Outlands looked as if they could continue on for miles… or the Grid’s version of miles, at least. The signal was growing stronger though, so he had to be getting close. He briskly took a turn at a large snowbank and saw a large strangely pointed mountain peak above him. Bringing the light cycle to a stop at the base of the mountain, he got off and examined the area.

There’s something about this mountain, he thought. I can’t explain it, but I know if I was going to hide somewhere… it’d be here.

He placed his outstretched palm experimentally against the rocky wall and closed his eyes. Even with them shut, he could sense the vague lines of circuitry running through the matter in front of him. One circuit in particular gave him a little tickling sensation in his head. He opened his eyes and traced a line down that circuit’s path.

A large shifting movement startled him, as he realized a large slab of the wall beside him had pushed in and away, revealing an entrance.

Okay then.

Alan uneasily entered the darkened cave. Suddenly, lights ticked on around him in a sequence that followed him as he walked, illuminating a simple elevator at the end.

That’s… certainly interesting…

The elevator brought him up smoothly into a huge open interior. The large area had what appeared to be one-sided windows along the entire stretch of walls surrounding it. A perfect 360 degree view of the outside. So this was all hidden inside the mountain , he marveled. Pretty slick, Tron.

He walked up the small staircase in the middle of the room, which lead up to a platform overlooking the section of Outlands he had come in from. As he was about to stroll up to the windows, he stopped dead in his tracks.

There was something lying near the window ahead of him.

A body.

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Tron Uprising

Man, I wish this show hadn’t been cancelled… It was a beautiful visual feast!!! So cool.

Summary (source: Wikipedia):

Beck is a young program, who becomes the leader of a revolution inside the computer world of the Grid against the villainous Clu and his henchmen. Beck, a mechanic, is trained by Tron, the greatest warrior the Grid has ever known. Tron not only trains Beck in the fighting and light cycle skills to challenge the brutal military occupation of the city of Argon, but also guides and mentors him to grows beyond his youthful, impulsive nature into a courageous and powerful leader. Beck adopts Tron’s persona and becomes the enemy of General Tesler and his oppressive forces

Director Charlie Bean explained ‘the idea was to create a distinct style for the CG show not seen elsewhere on television or in film. He worked closely with art director Alberto Mielgo, character designer Rob Valley (animation artist for the Gorillaz music videos) and lead vehicle designer Daniel Simon, who was previously responsible for many vehicle designs in the Tron: Legacy feature film, including the light cycles. Mielgo won the Primetime Emmy Award for his art direction in 2013.


The Kryptonian plucked at his sleeve, a frown the only dark cloud across his normally sunny face.

The House of El, the most powerful House in Argon City, was forming a political bond with the planet Terra. They picked the House of Wayne, and their unmarried heir—Timothy Drake—as a candidate. With the rising tensions between the two planets, it seemed to be for the best that two powerful families would join.

Even if the Terran boy was just that—a boy. And the Kryptonian was twice his age, and spoke not a word of English.

And yet, as he donned the robes with his family crest, he did not protest. He shut his eyes, and resigned to his fate. Kal-El would be married today, and that was that.

He was not okay with this, but he didn’t had any other option. The blue eyed boy was looking outside the window with his right hand holding his left over his back with a thoughtful expression. 

Timothy was the sort of teen who would sacrifice himself if that meant the safety of his planet, of innocent people, would be secured. He had to accept. There was no escape, no ingenious ways to get away, no smarts move to allow someone else to take his place instead. It was him and it was a must. 

The news came first like bucket of cold water, though, by now, he had already resigned to his fate.

                                      ~o~ Flashback ~o~

“You are not going to like it.” Had said Bruce looking at him with a stern expression. 

“I don’t care! Is my planet! I deserve to know!” Had Tim said not knowing that little statement would be his doom. He didn’t needed to know straight away after all.

The words that escaped Bruce’s mouth next were shocking for the teen. "We manage to reach an agreement. In order to persevere peace between both planet, the most power house of each planet would chose a candidate to be married. The chosen house for Krypton is The House of El. Timothy…the chosen house for our planet is the Wayne.“

With those words Tim’s eyes opened wide in shock as he walked back and stumbled against a sofa falling over it shaking at the realization. "I’m the only candidate” he said and Bruce confirmed with a nod.

“Damian is too young and the other two are already married. I’m sorry. I tried, but…I’m sorry.”

“I’m adopted!” Protested Tim looking up at the older man. 

“They said that even if you are adopted I, the head of the family, still consider you as a son and so you were considered a candidate…the only capable to fulfill the agreement in fact.”

                                      ~o~ End of Flashback ~o~

Tim remembered how he was forced to learn an alien language and customs just for this, just for a marriage. He was going to marry a man named Kal-El that was, actually, twice his age and did not speak English and so he had to learn the foreign language. He remembered how he protested saying something like: “And so I have to learn a fucking alien language and that old man can’t do it instead?! Is unfair!” He remembered how hard was Bruce with him in those moments of preparations. Thanks that Tim was considered almost a genius he was able to learn everything pretty fast, but it had caused problems between his family and him. Family he won’t probably see anymore. Damian should be happy, he won’t be around anymore. He had all the reasons to hate the  and curse their fate anytime he got.

The marriage was going to be celebrated twice. The first as dictated the kryptonians customs and a week later on Earth. He just expected that the rumor about the father of Kal-El having to be present as they consummated their marriage were just that, rumors. The airship shook a bit and a voice came to inform him that they had arrived. Tim nodded and sighed before fixing his clothes to walk out. At least he could always suicide if it became that unbearable. 

Once out of the airship he looked around. The planet looked different from home, but it was nice anyways. Bruce placed a hand on his shoulder as reassurance. At least they had allowed his family to be with him during the whole process. A man, who said to be a guide, lead them towards the hangar to a room. They entered the room looking at what the guide presented as The House of El. Tim hesitated before doing his greeting them.