if you see these Argo bottled teas in stores please Do Not Buy them. I work at Argo and we have stopped selling these in our cafes because they are moldy but for some reason have not recalled them from other retailers and they are still being sold in stores. They are moldy. Do not waste your money on this shit. Just don’t buy them. You’ll probably get sick.


all in one page: argo navis

by jordyn/impingement/jhxythemes

preview // pastebin

  • the default background is the (non) constellation argo navis drawing by johannes hevelius but you can replace that if you want
  • kind of a nautical vibe
  • if there is overflow in any of the boxes it just scrolls
  • webkit scrollbar oooo
  • pop up boxes (credit to starious)
  • the dang circular wedge thing took me for frickin ever agh (i used a codrops tutorial)
  • icons from fontawesome so you can actually replace them if you want
  • dashboard and home links at either end, with about, links, faq and askbox (PUT YOUR URL IN THE THINGY), and tags page
  • made the lil close button myself how fancy
  • you can also make the tags page into a blogroll page just message me how

regular theme rules and blah blah

like/reboogle if you enjoy/plan to use/etc

EDIT: here is the blogroll version of the page

BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN will now hit theaters on MAY 6, 2016….

Which is my 32nd birthday!!! Perfect. There is some script work going on that I’m very much behind (bringing in ARGO writer Chris Terrio). This new date does raise the question of whether the rumor that they will film this and a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie at the same time is true, but that’s still very much a rumor.

Anyway, this will be a great birthday gift for me.

Concerta Day 1: I feel moderately more focused, but also a little like I’m playing a video game from a first-person POV.  Just a little removed from the world. I did run a red light this morning, so I think I’ll have to be extra careful while driving. 

Fortunately, I don’t have a lot on my plate today.  I need to wrap up a report, get fitted for a new respirator, and pack my safety equipment for tomorrow’s trip. Then a 10 day field job, which i’m looking forward to because I get to drive one of these: