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Most popular seiyuus (2015), according to Charapedia
1 : Hiroshi Kamiya
2 : Yuki Kaji
3 : Daisuke Ono
4 : Mamoru Miyano
5 : Tatsuhisa Suzuki
6 : Tomokazu Sugita
7 : Hiro Shimono
8 : Jun Fukuyama
9 : Yuichi Nakamura
10 : Takahiro Sakurai

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Okay, so I finally watched The Lego Movie. It also happens that my AP English teacher is having us read “1984” by George Orwell.

The entire beginning of the lego movie is in direct correlation to 1984, with everybody following a set of instructions enforced into their lives, liking certain things, living with predetermined expressions on their faces, etc. But it gets deeper. During the song in the beginning, when he gets to the construction site, there’s a freakin’ sign that they lift up along the lines of “President Business is watching you”. Also, the main character lives his life catching small phrases that reveal the corruption, only to pass them off as nothing. He lives this way until he meets a girl, who is seems free and powerful but who happens to be jealous and unsure of her life. In the end, they’re both taken into the ‘think-tank’ (aka ministry of love) to be tortured and enslaved to the leader’s ideals.

You have no idea how much this destroyed me.