Most popular seiyuus (2015), according to Charapedia
1 : Hiroshi Kamiya
2 : Yuki Kaji
3 : Daisuke Ono
4 : Mamoru Miyano
5 : Tatsuhisa Suzuki
6 : Tomokazu Sugita
7 : Hiro Shimono
8 : Jun Fukuyama
9 : Yuichi Nakamura
10 : Takahiro Sakurai

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Okay, so I finally watched The Lego Movie. It also happens that my AP English teacher is having us read “1984” by George Orwell.

The entire beginning of the lego movie is in direct correlation to 1984, with everybody following a set of instructions enforced into their lives, liking certain things, living with predetermined expressions on their faces, etc. But it gets deeper. During the song in the beginning, when he gets to the construction site, there’s a freakin’ sign that they lift up along the lines of “President Business is watching you”. Also, the main character lives his life catching small phrases that reveal the corruption, only to pass them off as nothing. He lives this way until he meets a girl, who is seems free and powerful but who happens to be jealous and unsure of her life. In the end, they’re both taken into the ‘think-tank’ (aka ministry of love) to be tortured and enslaved to the leader’s ideals.

You have no idea how much this destroyed me.

argh really I feel stuck when I try to draw on the computer lately > q < (been drawing on paper instead – it’s working out ok……ish haha)
recently I went to buy a bunch of sweaters even though summer is coming (but they were like $15 each so why not!!? n w n ) and saw some cute shirts ahh I hate shopping so much but needed new clothes so I got some XD
and I’m happy with having longer hair cause now I can try more braiding and doing up-do’s Q'u `Q

frostbite883 asked:

In three words, describe your brother, Tadashi Hamada.

Describe Tadashi?”

Hiro’s nose wrinkled a bit, and his eyes narrowed. A sort sharp pain show through his chest as he thought about his deceased brother, the man who had raised him up until he was fourteen years old. The man who had taught him everything he had known. The man who had wiped his tears and patched his scraped knees. The man who was absolutely everything to him.

 He could have given the wrong answer — something goofy like ”big-eared, loud-mouthed, Dorito-shaped.” He could have said exactly what he would have said to Tadashi’s face if he had asked him this same question. 

But… if someone had asked Tadashi this, about Hiro… he would give answers that showed how amazing of an older brother he really was. He would dote over Hiro for hours, even though he was only supposed to give three words. He would have convinced this person that Hiro was the only person on the planet who deserved anything good in life. 

So… Hiro leaned back in his computer chair, his chest expanding in a large breath. For a few minutes, he said nothing. Tears started to glass over his vision, threatening to spill over his thick eyelashes. His thin bottom lip quivered. Then, his brown eyes softened and he leaned forward. 

Sanguine… altruistic… and….” Hiro took another breath, thinking carefully about his next word, ”… perspicacious.”

Jon Hamm reflects on his favorite scenes

Peggy and Don, Part 2

(Season 7, “The Strategy”)

Having spent laborious weeks creating a seemingly perfect campaign for the fast-food chain Burger Chef, Draper and Olson scrap it for a better one that she composes at the last minute. Proud of his pupil, Draper takes her hand, and they slow dance to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.”

“It is very tender, and it’s loaded with meaning. For Don, part of that moment is letting go, letting her do it. Then that song comes on: Frank Sinatra, another person who’s a vestige of this older generation, on his quote-unquote last legs, and that song was a huge hit. As the camera pulls away, there’s a reflection of them both in the window, of what is and what might have been. It’s such a wonderful button on their relationship.“

*See, it’s comments like THIS that make me think that Jon Hamm might not have been averse to the idea of Don and Peggy as a couple…despite his and Elisabeth Moss’ comments to the contrary.

I really wish money did not run my life

If you think about it, so much of our everyday like comes back to money!

Watch tv? - Cable bill & electricity - MONEY
Hungry? - grocery store or fast food, seeds - MONEY
Want to go somewhere? - Airplane ticket, cab fare, gas money - MONEY
Thirsty? - water bill, grocery store - MONEY
Want a roof over your head? - mortgage, rent, hotel - MONEY
Further your education? - student loans, loans - MONEY
Don’t want to walk around naked? - clothes, fabric - MONEY
Want to see at night? - Candles, lights, electricity - MONEY
To cold? - heater, electricity - MONEY
To hot? - air conditioning, fan, electricity - MONEY
Want to be clean? - shower, hose, water - MONEY

I just wish we lived in a world, where people did stay up all night because they are worried about paying rent. Or about how they will get money for their next meal. 
Why do we let money run our lives? Stress kills…