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Hey so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do a Follow Forever since it’s nearing the end of the year and I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. I’ve been following so many amazing people for so long now that I thought it was about time to thank you all for everything <3 

I love you all sososo much and my blog wouldn’t be what it is today without all of you – so I really wanted to personalise this. Try hovering over your blog name for a personal message uvu (Also for some people I have included more than one of your blogs). And can I quickly apologise now if there are any typos in the messages as well aha ^^;;

So here we go: people who I enjoy seeing on my dash and really put a smile on my face every time are in bold, and my friends are in italics. But I love all of you aaaaaa <3


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So there we go. Just one last time, I want to say thank you all for everything, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE!!! :D

The Forest of the Dead [Kalia, Frithjofr]

‘Well met, Redg-’

Frithjofr initially stopped because of the woman’s mace. Weapons tended to halt him in his tracks, even before they were drawn, and this was only supposed to be a short walk out of Falkreath. The rain had lifted for once and he would have preferred to enjoy the change at a walking pace, rather than running through, and possibly into, the pine trees.

The pause gave him time to think, however, and his brain finally caught up with events. He frowned.

'No, wait, I know you. I definitely know you. I’m remembering… something about chickens.' And then realisation dawned. He folded his arms. 'That’s right, you called me strange. But you also said you weren’t going to kill me, so on the whole I think I like you. As long’s you haven’t changed your mind. Uh… Kalia, aye?’

anonymous asked:

It's like 6 in the morning here so I feel you ahaha. Btw I played throw 3 so I know what your talking about. I wanted to ask too, you have so many head canons for anders(you gotta, given how the writers treat him) do you have a fav or at lest one you haven't talked about before lol.

Hmmm… I don’t really know if I have a favourite haha. Most of my best I’ve talked about somewhere before, but here’s a couple more (because yeah, I really do have SO many haha):

  • When Anders gets frustrated with writing his manifesto and can’t seem to get past his block, he takes a break by writing little love notes and poems for Hawke to help focus on something else for a bit. He then leaves them around the house for Hawke to find, including on their pillow when he leaves early in the morning to head to the clinic.
  • Anders LOVES people running their hands through his hair. When he comes home to Hawke at the end of the day, exhausted, they’ll often sit with his head in their lap, hair unbound, while they just run their fingers through it. It’s one of the few things that helps him relax, even with everything going on around him.
  • Bonus: When Anders gets really, really relaxed under Hawke’s touch, he starts making this weird noise that they swear is actually purring. Anders blushes and vehemently denies it whenever Hawke brings it up, but they know the truth.
  • Both Anders and Hawke are absolutely fierce snugglers. So whoever wakes up first in the morning (it’s usually Anders) has the rather entertaining task of extracting themselves from all those tangled limbs if they want to leave the bed without waking the other. Needless to say, the quiet escape rarely succeeds, and the guilty party is usually cuddled back into bed, at least for a short while.