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Contraband (Jimin x Reader, Gang!AU) - Chapter 1

So this is going to be the first properly chaptered thing that I post. I know basically everyone is doing Gang!AU at the moment but I had an idea I wanted to explore so I thought I’d just go for it. Like I said, I haven’t really posted much other than this and I’m super nervous to so please be nice to me, although feedback is always appreciated, both critical and complimentary. 

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Title: Contraband

Member(s): All, Jimin Focus

Genre: Gang!AU (Lets face it by the end this is gonna have fluff/angst/smut literally everything in it)

Word Count: 1466

WARNING: By the end of this series it will most likely include language, violence, possibly some minor sexual assault, drug abuse, and maybe some smut. I am more than happy to inform people of which chapters include these things if you want to avoid them, but if you’re very strongly against a few of these I recommend you don’t read. If you don’t mind, I hope you enjoy

Chapters: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11

Breathe, the voice in your head spoke softly to you, you can do this, just breathe.

The sun outside had slowly began to fade, filling Yoongi’s apartment with a dull, orange glow. None of the the lights were on in the place, and it made each shadow in the room feel sharp and daunting, making you shiver with nervousness at each slight movement.

Hoseok was sat opposite you, smirking playfully as he finally broke the silence that had set you so on edge “Yah, Hyung! Why are you so unfair to us all?” he mocked, keeping his eyes fixed on you “Just because she’s your sister, doesn’t mean her initiation should be so easy”. He leant forward, stroking his palms together “You should send her off alone, get her really afraid”

Yoongi strode over, fixing his tie whilst glancing between the two of you. You could have sworn you saw Hoseok slightly recoil in fear at his glares, but he didn’t know Yoongi like you did; you saw the flicker of distress in your brothers eyes.

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according to nika the angst is only going to get worse next chapter though… ah damn i need to head over to twitter to check whether that’s still true or if she changed her mind :’D don’t laugh nika i know you’re seeing this let me have some hope before you crush it all next chapter

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Why do you always say the opposite of what you mean? I know you’re really soft-hearted inside but you keep throwing your temper around. That’s why you get mad, because you don’t know your own feelings. How about you try following your heart.
—  Yeondoo to Ha Joon

Bernie Wolfe Appreciation, day 14

S18 E36 Missing You Already: I don’t know about you but I know Serena is upset the moment I see her back. The fact that she doesn’t even turn her head a little when she responds to Bernie confirms it, as does the emotion in her voice.

Bernie misses all these clues. She doesn’t notice right away that Serena is upset, she only notices when Serena starts to cry outright. And when she does notice there is a moment of just standing there seeming almost overwhelmed with the display of emotion even if it is obvious that she’s also worried and really cares.

And then here is the first time Bernie initiates contact with Serena: She looks away [still 2] and puts her hand on Serena’s shoulder.

Rubs it.

And then when Serena says, “Don’t be nice to me, you’ll make it worse.” Bernie takes that in, knows what it means, looks away from Serena again [still 3] and slides her arm around her.

There is all this hesitation, all this awkwardness, but then she also really pulls her close (you can see it in her fingers [still 4]) and bows her head closer.
She offers Serena some shelter without overwhelming her.

And. it. is. beautiful.

This is of course a situation that cannot be fixed. There is no real advice for it, no cure, nothing that can undo it. So Bernie suggests the next best thing, a drink.

I picked this scene partly because it has some analogies with the scene from yesterday. In both Bernie doesn’t notice right away that something is wrong, and when she does there is a moment where she seems to not know what to do with it but she comes through for Serena anyway. That persistence, that pushing through when out of your comfort zone because you can see it’s important, is I think a very beautiful trait to have.

Previously: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Post 1 is also where you’ll find the reason for this little series and the disclaimer.

Vanoo aesthetic / fic


“I have someone,” Brock says as he slips the film roll back into his shirt pocket, as faded and sunburnt as the picture was, he could still see the one face he most wished was here with him. The one that mattered most in the world.

His mother just sighs and shakes her head. “When are you going to grow up and out of this fantasy?”

She sets the dish back into the sink and turns to look her son dead in the eye. “When you go to college, you’ll forget all about these foolish things.”

“Mom!” He starts, but she’s already not listening, the tap water is running again and drowns out his voice.

“Mom, I love him–!”

She stops him with a cold look over her shoulder. “Go do your homework.”


After three years, Brock had begun to give up hope of ever seeing Evan alive again.

He hadn’t wanted to let loose the belief that Evan would one day come home but, deep in his heart where he still kept the flickering flame alive, he always thought Evan wouldn’t give in so easily to death.

He had volunteered for the war before the draft even came into effect, leaving Brock behind.

Brock with his “too big” flat-footed feet that prevented him from enlisting alongside the man he held hands with.

Kissed under the stars and moonlight.

“When are you coming back?” He’d whisper, never knowing that there would be no reply.


Brock never heard about the letter that came, years too late, to Evan’s mother until he was old enough to father grandchildren.

If he had ever married, that is. Instead of living his life alone, eternally waiting to once again see a face that has since become faded and worn in his front shirt pocket.

Simply, sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with the Fongs, the madam on his right bursting into tears as the mashed potato are set down, crying for her son. “If only he hadn’t died in the war.”

“He’s not dead,” Brock says with firm belief as he hands her his napkin to dry her eyes. His hand warm and comforting on her shoulder.

“Brock,” her expression pained beyond all words. “He died after two years serving. He stepped on a land mine.”

“He.. no one .. no, no one ever.. why didn’t anyone say..” His heart caught in his chest, Brock’s hand falls in his lap.

He can’t stop staring at Mrs Fong, but its too early to cry. His brain refuses to process the possibility that, after all this time. All this hope..

Evan was never coming home.


[All this time alone..
without you
how am I expected to live now?]

cs fic: what's so simple in the moonlight (by the morning never is)

I promised myself I wouldn’t write another Killian Kiss Curse Angst Fic, but this just sort of happened and yes. My poor Killybear.

cs fic: what’s so simple in the moonlight (by the morning never is)

He thinks (in the moment before knocking) about all of the deals he has ever made.

All of the miles he has claimed from inches (hesitantly) granted, and he muses that, well, the time has come to make amends. When one makes deals with the devil (as he did again and some more in the last year - in the last few hundred years), the payment is often heftier than the soul can shoulder.

“Captain,” Regina raises an eyebrow and searches over his shoulder for any company. “What brings you here? Can’t say I was expecting a visit from you. Alone.”

He pushes past the witch and into the foyer, scratching anxiously at the back of his neck, pulled taut with disquietude. “I have a problem,” he looks at his feet, then up to Regina’s cautious gaze. “I think you may be the only person who can help me.”

He can feel her assess him for a moment, the ricochet of her appraising glances off his hunched shoulders and defeated brow.

“Perhaps I can,” she finally says.

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