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Cr: Documentary Film ~ Are You Happy ~

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Your tf2 fanart and texts are always very true to character in my opinion. What do you think are the biggest misconceptions that exist in the fandom?

Misconception 1: Heavy is dumb

To be fair, I don’t see this misconception as much on dA, tumblr & Co. because the users there tend to be more interested in the characters and the lore than the people who only play the game.

If you only play the game you might get the impression that Heavy is a dumb slow fatarse that can barely speak, is infatuated with his gun and just enjoys mowing down people.

And while the latter two things are certainly true that’s only a fraction of his whole personality. Off the battlefield he is calm, collected and deliberate. He’s also a family man who loves his siblings and mother more than anything else. It’s also semi-canon that he has a PhD in Russian literature.

Misconception 2: Sniper is tsundere and/or socially awkward

(You can’t even imagine how much I despise this tsundere trope… uû).
Yes, Sniper is shown to be fairly antisocial/unsociable, but that’s not the same as being socially awkward.

He is not awkward around other people or acts abrasively while secretly admiring/caring about others - he is just a lone wolf with a foul mouth who wants to be left alone for the most part.

Whenever we see him interacting in the comic he shows no sign of insecurity or awkwardness. I don’t even know where this misconception originated from.

Misconception 3: Soldier is a leader character and always angry

The latter thing simply isn’t true. Yes, he is loud, rude and bossy in his game voice lines, but being on the battlefield is always an extreme situation and all of the mercs act like that. (And the reason he screams so much is probably because he’s nearly deaf from firing rocket launchers right next to his ears. lol)

But in the everyday life situations we see in the official material it’s pretty much the opposite. In the comics and in Expiration Date Soldier is usually jolly and involuntarily funny and cares for his comrades (even if he often has a weird way of showing it). He’s also very romantic, loyal and passionate about the two loves of his life: America and Zhanna.

But in so many SFMs you see him as that badass warrior who outsmarts his opponents and wins all battles by himself. While being arrogant and constantly ordering the others around. Seeing him portrayed as the commander within the group always seems so out of character to me.

Soldier usually isn’t the one who gives orders within the team. He takes orders from people he considers worthy obeying. And he follows these orders with big enthusiasm (even if it often ends in chaos). 

If there is a hierarchy within the team, Spy and Heavy would probably be ranked the highest. From the way the mercs interact with each other it seems that only Scout (and Pyro) rank lower than Soldier.
Conclusion: Jane Doe is not a commander. He is a soldier.

Misconception 4: Medic is a selfless saint and cares for other people

I never understood how people could get the impression that this guy was a good person. Especially after reading chapter 6 where it was revealed that he sold the souls of his team mates to the devil. (And yes, Jay Pinkerton confirmed that he took the souls of the TF2 guys, not the TFC guys.)

I mean, it certainly says a lot that in a world where people like Scout and Sniper - i.e. criminals, murderers - still go to heaven after their “deaths”, Medic goes to hell. That really makes you wonder what abhorrent things he must have done to end up there.

I recently looked at a check list of things that define a psychopath and/or narcissist. Medic got a score of 32 out of 38. The most prominent things included:

  • Psychopaths/narcissists are extremely self-centered, brag with their skills and think they’re superior to others. (✔)
  • They’re highly manipulative and easily manage to win other people’s trust. (✔)  
  • They can be extremely charming and appear to have great social skills. (✔)
  • However, they completely lack sympathy and the ability to genuinely care for other humans. (✔)  
  • They only do what is beneficial to them and as soon as something or someone stops being useful they just move on without looking back. (✔)

Conclusion: Medic is a selfish, manipulative scumbag who doesn’t give a shit about others unless he has something to gain. And who manages to hide his true colours behind a charming, derpy face.
And that’s why I love this character so much! And I’m dying to learn what he has done in the past!

└ Damn heartless OTP: all black, all sleek, all smiles… all shippers’ demise. 

Cr: “未完” MV making of from「Untitled」album

*whispers* what if Cas does the blade flip in season 13 though…


└ Those editors have no~ consideration for fangirls’ hearts. None whatsoever.

*fans herself desperately*

Cr: Bokura no Yuuki Miman City 2017 SP



worthwhile friends come to me every once in a blue moon. the last time it happened was when i was 12, where i had met my former bestfriend, Mikayla. well, long story short, shit hit the fan with her and a few other girls. so i unfortunately no longer see or speak to any of them. but hey, i’m not complaining. 

i’ve had my fair share of failing friendships, and i was never the one to truly pursue them or really have much of a desire to sustain them once i made some. but these girls are… something. and i fucking love it. meeting them in my short time here in the city has made the transition of all the significant changes that happened to me a little less crappy. 

Arielle, Bea and Gigi–these three undoubtedly are the most kick ass friends, ever. and if they were reading this, it’s best if i say i fucking hate them for it, rather than love. but let’s face the truth, i fucking love them for it. 

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Because I have feels for this guy right now, you have to suffer with me

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DOTU!Lance’s backstory from episode 49! 

It’s interesting that DOTU!Lance had no interest in exploring space before, while we can infer that it was always a big dream of VLD!Lance’s. I bet he counted the stars at night too. 

It’s also interesting (and by interesting I mean really sad) that both versions of Lance needed to essentially give up their homes and families to fly among the stars. How does VLD!Lance feel about that dream now?