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I Love You Man


You and Roman take care of your oldest son - Dean Ambrose - after losing his title. Bonus points if yours and Roman’s actual kids help out too.


“Should we…move it?” Roman whispered to his wife as they stared on, his fingers tapping his chin in contemplation.

“The dog? I think he’s fine minding his own business on the floor with his bone Roman,”

“No, I mean Dean,” he replied, his wife looked up at him and as she suspected, no hint of a smile was evident on his features.

‘It’ was quite an endearing term that Dean and Roman liked to use towards each other.

“Stop it,” she pushed him gently and headed towards the glass doors that divided the kitchen and the living room. “Come on, we need to cheer him up,”

“Argh, again? I swear he turns it on and off for your attention especially,” Roman groaned, dropping his shoulders like his six year old son was notorious for. Definitely like father like son. “Can I babysit the kids in the garden instead?”

“No,” Y/N paused before sliding the doors apart. “In fact, why don’t you get the kids to come in to cheer him up too?”

“Argh!” he groaned again and sighed. “Why do I never get this much attention when I lose the title?”

“When have you lost? Tell you what, next time you lose it, I’m all yours…do whatever you want with me,” Y/N winked and smiled at him before she pulled the doors apart and went into the living room as if she’d said something casual about the weather.

Roman stood there flabbergasted momentarily, processing his words and it took all his willpower to not get hard at her teasing suggestions. But he couldn’t help but think about having his way with her after a match; tied to the bed, fucking her into the mattress, her body: soft and firm yearning for him, her appetite and his both insatiable. They’d ship the kids to their parents’ and devour each other until the sun came up. He thought to himself, what’s worse: losing the title and disappointing the fans, or winning the title and losing the privilege of having his wife like she offered; anyway he wanted.

“Daddy are you coming to build a house with us too?” his son, another grey-eyed version, looked up at him as soon as he walked outside.

“No little man, I need your help buddy, where’s your sister?”

“She’s in the shed getting stuff for our house,” the boy lisped, it being so emphasised by his toothless smile.

“Naima,” Roman called out to his little girl once they approached the shed where she was riffling through miscellaneous objects.

Roman couldn’t help but wonder what kind of house they were making with the most random objects ever. But that’s children’s imagination for you…then an idea hit him.

“Yes daddy?” his little tomboy princess turned around.

“I need you and Romario here to help me out with something, uncle Dean’s not feeling well and I need you both to look after him and make him happy,”

Romario gasped, “Do I need to put on my Doctor suit?”

“Yes my man, you’re gonna need your doctor kit too to make him all better,”

“And what can I do?”

“What would you like to do to help him sweetie?”

“Ummm…we can get the Xbox out? Play games?”

“We can, but maybe a little bit later when he’s all cheered up. How about we get a cuddly toy for him, pick a funny movie to watch? And mommy and I can make lots of food,”

“Toy Story!!!” Romario cheered enthusiastically.

“No! We’ve seen it soo many times!” Naima protested.

“How about we let uncle Dean pick the movie? We can all choose our favourite but Uncle Deano has the last say?”

“Aaaw'h!” Naima stomped her foot, crossed her arms across her chest and pouted. Now she got that from her mother…

“Naima it’s not about you,” Romario said so maturely. Yup, definitely his mother too…

“Okay okay okay, let’s go in guys before we start arguing, so who’s gonna give uncle Dean a biiiiiig cuddle?”

“Meeeeeeee!!!” they both cheered excitedly.

“RACE YOU!” Roman said playfully and turned to run inside, but he let the kids run in first past him, giggling as they raced towards Dean.

The dog, Miko, sat up in alert at the sudden stampede perturbing his peaceful bone chewing session and saw the two children, the dad behind, running in towards Dean and Y/N on the couch.

“Uncle Deaaaaaan, you’re up,” Romario said jumping on his lap, Naima a second behind and Roman not far behind, all jumping on him and smothering him with affection.

“Heyyy guys,” he greeted, his voice no longer sounding as strained as it did; one glance at his two godchildren lit up his face. “Jheeze, Roman, get off, you’re not five anymore,”

“People always say that to me,” he laughed, rolling off his friend, but soon replaced by Miko who couldn’t stand to be left out.

“Miko!” Y/N laughed.

“This family is fuck-frick-fudging weird,” Dean shook his head, but a smile pulled at his lips as the warmth of the so-called family touched his nerves. He loved these guys and wouldn’t trade them for the world. “I love you guys, only a little bit though…like this much,”

“Well, I love you this much,” Naima widened her arms as far as they could extend.

“Hey! You said you love me that much,” Roman complained, but she giggled and his her face behind her hands. Another one of her mother’s traits.

“Aaaw'h! But my arms are small,” Romario moaned, trying to outdo his sister.

“That means you don’t love him as much as me,” Naima teased, sticking her tongue out at her little brother.

“Aaaaw'h! Stop it! Uncle Dean…I love you loads much,”

“Loads much, huh kiddo?”

“Yeah, loads and loads much,”

“So, if you love me that loads much, all four of you…five, Miko you too, you big ol’ fur thing, who would like to give me a foot massage?” Dean asked sitting up, his face brightening as he scanned the four, (five faces, Miko, the big ol’ fur thing, included) starring back at him.

“Come on guys, I could do with a massage right now,” Dean pleaded, bringing over foot over the other knee, taking his sock off and wiggling his toes. “It would make poor Uncle Deano really happy,”

“Eeeeeeeeewwwwww!” Naima and Romario cried in unison.

“Dean put that away,” Roman frowned.

“They smell like cheese,” Romario snickered behind his pinched nose.

“Come on…Naima, I hear you give good massages,”

“No thank you,” she said, kissing his cheek and climbing off the couch. “Not those claws,”

“Look, even Miko is like ‘naw bruh,’” Y/N pointed out and they all laughed at the dog climbing off the couch too with a whimper.

“Romario? Come on kid, give your uncle’s feet a massage-”

“No! They stink,” he hid in Roman’s chest.

“Why are these kids rude like this?” Dean frowned. “Y/N…come on wifey, get to it,”

“Bye Dean, you’re free to leave now that you’ve got your mojo back,” Y/N said getting up off the couch, heading to the kitchen. “Kids, come help me make waffles for lunch,”


“Well look at that, there’s my invitation to stay,” Dean said as the trio left the room and into the kitchen.

He clasped his hands behind his head and leaned back into the couch with a content smile on his face. He sighed peacefully. Roman looked on, wearily.

“Good wife, good kids, good friend, good food and a dog, what more can I ask for?” Dean said with his eyes closed, teasing Roman.

“Your own damn house,” Roman muttered.

“I love you man, like for real, I love you,”

“Hey guys, wait for me,” Roman stood up abruptly, calling out to his family.

“You’ll say it back it one day,” Dean called out.



“i’m more built than you.” / “yes you are.” / “and i’m gonna be taller than you.” /  “mhmm. you will.” / “..say i’m taller than you” / ”i’m taller than you.” / ‘HIDE!’

so i saw that dvd cover and gods. g o d s. so many headcanons so little time. also thanks seiyoko for screaming on twitter with me. ;u;

People are shipping Tae-gu and Kwon-joo and I’m just like

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Imagine B.A.P trying to distract you from your homework cause they want kiss you (Requested)

Yongguk: “Argh, homework again?! You work too hard, jagi… You could use a break” *he exclaims as he pulls you closer to sit on his lap. He wraps his arms around your waist protectively as he tries to convince you*

Himchan: “Come on jagiya, just one quick kiss.” *moves closer until his lips are a few inches away from yours and closes your books without taking his eyes off you. He slowly smirks as he leaves one of his kisses on your cheek for ‘safe keeping’ *

Daehyun: “So you want to play hard to get do yah?” *smirks as he picks you up and lays you on the bed to shower your face with millions of ticklish kisses as he can’t get enough of your laugh when your tickled*

Youngjae: “Here, I’ll help you. That way you can study and you can finish it quicker. "He smiles and pulls you to the bed with your books to study and he helps you out. You finish and he gives you a kiss on your forehead for doing a good job*

Jongup: "Oh no, doing homework now? Ok then, I can wait." *giggles and patiently waits for your to finish. He watches you with a loving expression as you concentrate wondering how he ever got so lucky to have you*

Zelo: "Aish, doing homework when I come over. Wahhh!” *pouts and sits on the floor puting folding his arms as he looks up at you with his eyes upset that he was to wait a few hours to kiss you or to teach you how to ride his skateboard*

(I don’t own these gifs)


Ahhh~ that dere dere look is so adorable on our Rapper (*_*) (^_^)

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