IMAGINE Maul and Ahsoka becoming platonic flatmates and disagreeing with how to deal with their annoying Inquisitors neighbors...

Ahsoka: Maul! How many times have I told you, bisecting your neighbors is wrong! Haven’t your read the houserules I told you about when you moved in with me? Thou shall not bisect thy neighbor?

Maul: He started cutting through my rosebushes again with those stupid spinny lightsabers

Eighth Brother: *offscreen* ARGGGGH THE PAIN!

Ahsoka: Whatever, anyway, I’m inviting my friend Kanan and his apprentice Ezra for dinner. But don’t try pulling anything. Kanan is still pissed at you after that incident with the red lightsaber and the fact you tried to steal his apprentice.

Maul: Hey now, I really wanted an apprentice.

Ahsoka: Also, I’m inviting Darth Vader. I mean, he’s on the Dark Side, but he technically is still Anakin and has his memories so we can catch up on old times.

Maul: What? No, but that guy stole my place…

Ahsoka: Also, Darth Vader wants to bring Darth Sidious with him too. Better start cookin’.

Maul: BUT WHAT WILL I WEAR? *hyperventilates*


Ahsoka: What you usually do, like bare your torso and slap a bow tie over it.

List of things I need to draw/do

Jeebies I need to get my priorities straight:

  • Draw Mafia/Short-Hair!Nifaux
  • Fairy!muffinninjafairy
  • reblog more art from my friends
  • Tumblr sitcom comics (I seriously need to update the damn thing and make everyone’s introduction comics)
  • Draw more Alpha and Alfafa (is that their name? y'know the armless alien guy) doing some stupid cute things (fighting over sweets or something I dunno something CUTE) yes they belong to mu111ins
  • Mingesu, Raven the one-eyed-night-guard, Orivos and Ozone with really fashionable clothes 
  • Luckynekoprincess surrounded with chibi animal plushies
  • finish my character profiles on my character page (also the Off page too)
  • Draw Jade and her friends hanging out or chilling in a coffee shop
  • Ask people about their oc’s and make headcannons about them (I really need to do this; wanna draw more people!)
  • Draw some fanart for ghostyknight, mysticbaconslice, captainofilluminati, Mr and Mrs K, mike thesecurityguard (i think that was his url i forgot) and lolzman87
  • beach scene with my characters cause’ it’s fricking summer
  • make more progress with my character designs for that anime thing I got going on, ‘caus I’m trying to make an anime with a mate
  • start explaining where my characters at with the alternate universe and such
  • draw more of my charaters
  • research a bit on memes; I kinda wanna know a bit more on what it actually is and utilise it properly
  • make more relatable pictures/comics
  • learn how to use layers on photoshop
  • post more drawings, watch more markiplier videos

 Not all of these in the necessary order; I really wanna do all these but SCHOOOL…!

I’ll add when I think of more

Oh fantastic...

The guy I used to like is at the moment, drunk. He then proceeds to send me a message telling me that my present moment, is a dick. I say what the fuck as a natural instinct. Then I ask why? He then goes on to say “Because I should be in his place”