I’ve noticed that Peter Hale is still getting a lot of hate, and I think most of it is uncalled for. Yes, he killed Laura Hale which is wrong, but I’m sure that he regrets that every day, just look at him in the above gif set.

He is so hurt at the fact that the woman that he is holding by the neck killed his entire family (minus Derek and Cora, but he didn’t know she was alive) by burning them alive in there own home.

Not to mention that he was left to roast with his screaming family, left there and then is comtatozed for six years and not being able to do a thing about it and while Derek and Laura where still alive, they did nothing about it, despite Laura being the alpha, so what does he do, he becomes the alpha to get revenge and avenge his families cruel and horrible death. Also no one actually considers that Peter was probably a nice guy (minus the fact that he conivinced Derek to get Ennis to give Paige the bite, but honestly how was he supposed to know that her body would reject it?) before the fire. He had to watch his family burn to death and then listen to there screams and the smells. It would be enough to drive anyone crazy to the point that they would not stop at nothing to make sure that the people who did this would pay for there actions.

When people say that he had killed Laura just for the alpha status, it really pisses me off because he has never said that he wanted to be the alpha in any of the season, including 3a, and I’m pretty sure that there was a scene where he was telling someone that he never wanted the power, it was a need to make sure that the hunters who had killed his family for no reason would pay. The only thing that makes Peter a ‘bad guy’, and I’m using that term very loosely, is the way he mentally tortured Lydia, but he kept his promise and left her alone as soon as he was back. He’s not a monster he’s just misunderstood.

Also look at his face in these gifs:

Its not a face of a monster, its a face of a man in pain because the weight of his families vengeance had to fall on him, and the way to get it was not what he wanted to do.