Here is a question I have. See, we never see Victor’s final pose for his Free Skate, Stammi Vicino. Since Yuri does a perfect copy, we know what it looks like, but not what Victor’s expression was. It’s a very lonely kind of ending pose, arms wrapped around himself, looking beseechingly up into the sky. Lots of people have talked about how the Aria is all about that cripplingly lack of love.

(Whoever drew Yuri in this frame, ten thumbs up, the right hand behind his back, his smile, ;u;)

My follow-up questions is: what did the ending of the pair skate look like??? The routine has obviously changed a lot as Victor and Yuri skate together and the Duet is also shorter! The song is almost twice the length of the animated sequence (a whole ‘nother minute), although the animated sequence does end at the melodic climax. It has very delicate ending unlike the super intense Aria high note. The combination spin and big finish pose that was in the Aria seems totally unsuitable for the duet!

Maybe we’ll find out when we get those choreography videos in the DVDs?? I’m simply dying of curiosity, haha! 

Navy seals copypasta in crytyping generator:

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so i wasn’t gonna do a thing but i found markers/ pens in pretty colors and decided to do a thing. i have many an oc but decided to draw this one because of the multi-colored hair (which is supposed to be more pastel but whatever, i don’t have pastel colors lmao). you may notice her lack of mouth. this is due to lack of skill, not due to her not having one lmao

so! this is Kirsen. magic-user, dragon rider, panro-ace, daughter of a dead king. i used to rp as her, but i’ve fallen out of rp for a while (plus her personality is very different from my own, and she was my first rp oc, so i had difficulty playing against my own character lol). for a long while she only had books to keep her company, but now she has her dragon (not pictured) Arget.

Thoughts about YOI’s Last Episode

It took me a bit to digest YOI’s last episode. It was incredibly dense and I was sitting there after that emotional roller coaster, unable to make heads or tails of it, past the immediate feelings of the characters. 

Yet, the more I reflect on the last episode, the more satisfied I become because of the amount of narrative and world building work done by the creators. I am extremely glad that ending was done the way it was, given its length constraints, because I think they handled their characters with a grace and finesse that you don’t see often.

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Wrist Health Care Guide

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while because I see all this shit about people painting or carving for wow, five hours straight, and I just am like, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE protect yourself and your wrists.

This is not just for artists but EVERYONE. Stretch your wrists! Carpal tunnel and other microstress wrist injuries have been on the rise with all the tiny repetitive motions we do while using computers and, believe me, having your hands hurt every time you want to type SUCKS. The pain is chronic too. In high school, it got so bad that I had to bring hot compresses to school and I couldn’t take notes because I couldn’t hold my pen.

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“Once upon a time, when the countless worlds bordered on each other, and the border between human and god was vague, there was a certain family whose story of love and rebirth we will follow." 

Pumped this out in three days after falling deeply in love with Kyousougiga. I’ve never made an AMV before, so this was a passionate whirlwind of what the hell am I doing. I’m pretty pleased with the final product, so I hope you enjoy. I wanted to focus especially on the symbols that are so important to the story, but so easy to miss. And if you haven’t watched Kyousougiga yet, I highly suggest you do! It’s fantastic, confusing, mythic, and emotionally rewarding. 

Disclaimer: I do not claim to own or possess in any way, shape, or form the anime Kyousougiga or the music from Detektivbyrån.