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- The boy is dangerous, Derek. He is possessed. We have to kill him.
- Do not even think about it, Argent. I won’t let you hurt him.

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Imagine making out with Chris and Negan being jealous.

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“Hey,” you greet Chris’ smile before pulling him into your kiss. He had been in the middle of unloading a truck before your interruption, but the rest of the area was clear of any other Saviors but the two of you either way, so you figured a quick kiss wouldn’t hurt anyone. The kiss turned quickly into the two of you making out, and before you even realized it, you and Chris had an audience.

“Now is not the time to get your dick wet, Argent!” has you snapping away from Chris with a gasp, a deep blush coming over you as you realize Negan’s presence. Chris still keeps his grip on you, but straightens up with a nod as Negan continues with a frown, no humor in his voice as he orders, “Y’all can get back to work now.”

Random thought I just had but imagine if Stiles Stilinski was John Winchester as a young man and that after Mary died he became focused on revenge not only for his wife but also for his friends (the pack ) who were now all dead. He had Chris Argent the only person left out of Beacon Hills gang teach him how to hunt. He became strict and cruel to his sons the eldest who reminded him of Mary, Malia and Derek while the younger reminded him of Lydia and his brother Scott . Years later instead of dying John was transported to a gruesome world where the apocalypse was occurring there he became Negan

This made me sad when I thought it up

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Listen, after the extreme discomfort of watching literal children Liam and knockoff Selena Gomez do a sexy montage last season I think we (speaking as one of the SEVERAL grown ass women who watch TW) deserved more of Chris and Melissa’s moment than that. 

When your favorite character dies:

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When a character you hate dies:

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The College Years - Freshman Year (Chapter 13) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Parents Weekend”

Characters: Stiles & Noah Stilinski, Derek & Cora Hale, Scott & Melissa McCall, Malia Tate, Ethan, Isaac Lahey & Chris Argent, Reader’s Father, Tom Y/L/N & Reader/OFC

Warnings: None, maybe language, who knows…

A.N.: This is pretty short but I just like the idea of Stiles getting grilled by your Dad while you get grilled by Noah. Plus it’s a major set-up for the next chapter……..

Summary: Parent’s Weekend has come and the mothers, fathers, and surrogate parents of Berkeley’s underclassmen have descended upon campus. The pack has a large family dinner. Sheriff Stilinski questions Y/N, and Scott, Stiles, Mr. Argent and Y/N’s dad, Tom Y/L/N, finally have a discussion.

Chapter Twelve - Chapter Thirteen - Chapter Fourteen

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“So why is your Dad coming and not your Mom?” Scott, who was on the other side of Stiles, asked you.

“My Mom couldn’t get out of work and he kept saying ’if he’s paying for Berkeley, he wants to see me there.’” You rolled your eyes.

“Maybe your dad will have some information about the vampires that he’d be more willing to share in person..” Scott reasoned.

“Maybe your dad will be able to convince you to take the martial arts class with Scott and I so that I don’t have to worry about you.” Stiles said, frustrated, flailing his arms.

“Hmm… nah.” You replied, snarkily.

Stiles opened his mouth, shocked and frustrated by your sass. “Why won’t you just take it. Y/N, come on.” Stiles whined.

“I was forced to take tae kwon do in high school and I hated every minute of it…. I’m not saying that I got knee surgery to get out of tae kwon do, but I’m also not saying that I didn’t milk it for way longer than was real…” You said facetiously, a smug grin spreading across your face.

“I hate you, you know that, right?” Stiles glared at you, as you all walked home from campus.

“Mhmm.” You smiled as you glanced down to see your hand intertwined with his. You squeezed his hand, and he glanced down at you, a smile turning up his lips. “Maybe, like boxing or krav maga or something, I just don’t want to do martial arts.”

“Krav maga would be cool, you could see if Cora and Malia want to do it with you?” Scott suggested.

“That’s a good idea.”

“Now I hate the both of you.” Stiles said as he closed the front door of their apartment behind him, watching you walk through his bedroom door and drop your backpack on the floor. He followed after you, seeing a trail of your backpack, coat, one shoe, the other shoe.

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Mommies - Allison Argent

You walked through the kindergarten hall, admiring the cute finger paintings and drawings of animals (mostly puppies, but you did see a very elaborate scribble of a dragon) on the walls.  You smiled here and there, recognizing a few names.  Your daughter, Maria, and a few of her friends names.  The twins, Claudia and Annakin Stilinski, Jonathan McCall, Abigail Raeken, and Danny Dunbar.  Why Liam and Hayden chose Danny, was purely because Liam thought it was funny to say ‘Danny Dunbar’.  

But you weren’t here to inspect the amateur artwork, you were here to pick your little girl.  School would be over in a few minutes, and usually your wife was the one to get her, but you got off work early and saw an opportunity to surprise Maria.  As you neared her classroom, the duckling class, the bell rang.  You smiled watching all the five and six year old’d putting on their backpacks with a little struggle, and you stepped aside as they came out the door.  Then you went in.

“Mommy!”Maria looked up from where she was sprinkling a mountain of glitter, and ran over to you.  You smiled wide, and lifted her up in the air, spinning her around.

“How was class today munchkin?” You asked, and peppered her cheeks with kisses, making her giggle.

“It was fun! The eggs are going to hatch soon!” You looked over to where she pointed at the chicken eggs, and smiled back at her.

“That’s great kiddo!” You said, and set her down so she could go collect her things.  You watched her put on her jacket, all by herself, and even zipped it up.

“Hello” You turned upon hearing a female voice, and turned to see who must be her teacher.

“Oh hello, you must be Ms Louise” You said kindly, and held out your hand, she shook it with a smile.

“Hello, I just wanted to come say, if the parents of guardian isn’t picking her up, that there needs to be a signed form from the parents or guardian saying that it is alright to take her” The older woman said, and you furrowed your brow for a moment, then let out a quiet laugh.

“Oh my apologies, usually Allison picks her up, but I’m Mrs Argent” You introduced.

Mrs Argent?” You nodded.

“That’s me, it’s a pleasure to meet you, we hear all about you at home” You said sweetly, and the woman just nodded.

“I see…”

“Mommy I’m ready” Maria said, toddling back over to you and her teacher.

“Well how lucky are you dear… to have… two….mommies” Maria just shrugged her shoulders.

“Honey, why don’t you wait in the hallway, I’ll be right there” You said, and Maria nodded, going out to the hall.

“Ms…Mrs… Argent, I’m sligvhtly concerned for Maria’s…um.. well being, I suppose”

“And what sparked this concern?” You asked, defensively crossing your arms.

“Well, try and see it from her point of view.  A child with two mommies, in a classroom of children who learn to play house with a mommy and a daddy” Ms Louise said, putting her palms together and moving her hands about as she spoke.

“Forgive me if I’m wrong, ma’am, but this ahem, concern, you show for my daughter, has nothing to do with Allison and I’s marriage, does it?” You asked, raising a suspicious eyebrow.  “Because it would be highly inappropriate if my five year old’s teacher is telling me that the relationship I have is wrong.  I don’t believe that’s your place” You said.

Ms Louise said nothing, as expected, and you pulled a tight smile, raising both of your eyebrows.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me.  I have a daughter and a wife at home to attend to” You said, nodding curtly and heading out of the room.

“Mommy was I in trouble?” Maria asked, and you took her hand, and her My Little Pony backpack.

“On the contrary, you are not.  In fact.  We are going to go get ice cream, and bring some home to mama too alright? How does that sound?” Maria squealed with excitement, which made you smile.  “Come on munchkin” You tugged on her arm, and lifted her up, swinging the backpack onto your shoulder.  “You know I love you so much, right?”

“Of course mommy we’re getting ice cream” Maria giggled back.

“Your mother and I care about you so, so much.  Just as much as a mommy and daddy would” You said, and she smiled at you.

“I know mommy” She said in a soft, sweet voice.  “I don’t need a daddy” You were stunned too much to say anything.  “I know most of the other people have a mommy and a daddy, but I think having two mommies is more fun” You were tearing up, and hid it by kissing her hair.

“Don’t tell Uncle Scott and Uncle Stiles, but two mommies is way more fun” You said, holding a finger to your lips.

“Surprise mama!” Maria yelled excitedly upon handing Allison a hot fudge sundae.

“Ooh, and what is the special occasion?” Allison asked, pecking your lips and taking the treat.


“Hush munchkin” You laughed, ruffling Maria’s hair.  “Now, eat at the table so there’s not a mess” You said, and she scurried off to the kitchen.

“How was your day?” Allison asked.

“Pretty slow actually.  Scott and I spent a lot of the time playing poker” You chuckled, and Allison rolled her eyes.

“I love that you guys get to work together and hang out, but I feel like you get nothing done” She laughed, and you shrugged.

“Well, I met Maria’s teacher” Allison’s eyes widened slightly, but enough that you noticed.  “Five minutes with the woman, yikes.  I don’t know how you keep calm”

“I’ve learned a great amount of control” Allison said, sitting down across from your daughter, and diving into her sundae.  “You know my mother was never on the gay boat with me” Allison said.  “I’ve learned to keep other people’s opinions away from my own”

“That sounds no-know-noble” Maria said, testing out her newly learned word.  Allison giggled.

“She is my knight in shining armor” You winked at the huntress, and Allison winked back.

“So you’re like.. the princess” Maria lit up upon calling you so.  But you snorted.

“Girly, I’m the freaking queen”

Language” Allison scolded you.

“I’m sorry, I don’t recall saying a curse word” You teased.

“Yeah mama, mommy’s the freaking queen!” Maria burst into a fit of giggles.

“Hey, you watch your mouth young lady” You said, pointing an accusatory finger at the girl.  “We don’t use that kind of foul language in this house” Allison sighed loudly, and shook her head.

“My girls are crazy.  I don’t know how I put up with you two” You smiled, and leaned over to kiss the top of her head.

“Because you love us” Allison waved a dismissive hand.

“Yeah yeah” 

You were all ready for bed, in sleep shorts and a tee shirt, while Allison was in the bathroom brushing her teeth.

“So” She said with a mouthful of toothpaste.  “How bad was Ms Louise?” You shrugged, pulling back the covers to your bed.

“She could’ve been worse” you said.  “I kinda put her in her place.  Reminded her where our hard earned taxes go” Allison chuckled, and washed her mouth out.

“Well at least you didn’t rip out her hair extensions” She said, and you smirked.

“Hey, if Maria wasn’t there, a lot more would’ve went down” You said.  “Oh takes me back, you and me, the pack, fighting the bad guys” You sighed.  “You were so sexy with those leather jackets” Allison chuckled.  “Don’t worry babe, you still are” You pecked her lips sweetly, and Allison sighed in content as you both climbed into bed.

“Who knew our monsters would turn into homophobic kindergarten teachers?” She asked, and you took one of her hands, intertwining your fingers together above the blankets.

“I love you” You told her softly, and Allison smiled her angelic smile.

“I love you too” She said, before leaning forward and placing a long kiss on your lips.  “And I love what we have here, this family of ours” You nodded in agreement.

“Mm me too” You hummed, and pulled her closer, until she laid her head on your chest, you lying on your back.  Allison’s arm encircled over your stomach, and she hummed into your chest.

“I do sort of miss the old days.  Fighting the bad guys, saving the town” You smiled, running a hand through her short locks of chocolate brown ringlets.

“Yeah… those were good times.  High schoolers by day, badass team by night” Your smile grew a little.  “Werewolves and banshees and hunters oh my” Allison shook her head.  “Oh.., but you know the worst one?”


“Hell no, Stiles was never hotter” Allison burst out laughing.  “Jesus I swear he made me straight for  good three days”

“Tell that to Lydia” You shook your head.  “Yeah well some day you’ll be drunk and that litt;e confession will come out, and you’ll never be able to take it back” 

“Ha.  My lips are sealed”

“Sure, you say that now.  But twenty bucks Stiles won’t let you live it down” You just rolled your eyes.  “Anyways, what was the worst one?” 

“That stalker kid that was obsessed with you”


“Don’t say the twerp’s name” You growled, and Allison chuckled.  “I remember beating the living shit out of him” Allison rolled her eyes.

“Yeah yeah, you just loved bragging about that, only all of sophomore year”

“Hey, the only reason my senior quote wasn’t ‘I beat the shit out of Matt Daeheler’ was because he died, and I didn’t want to be suspended”

“Yeah well my grandfather drowned him.  He’s gone now”

“God I just wish I’d been there” You sighed.

“You’re sick”

“I’m a dreamer” You said with a giggle to childlike giggle that just didn’t fit the conversation.

“Well maybe someday, something bad will happen and we can pull out your crossbow again” Your eyes lit up and you looked down at her.

“You mean it?” You asked hopefully, and Allison smiled beautifully with a nod.

“For your pent up anger, I do hope something attacks this town”

You both laughed, and you held her tightly and closer, as you both grew more tired.

“Goodnight” You hummed, watching her eyes flutter shut.

“Goodnight love” Allison whispered back.  It was quiet for a few moments, and your next murmur was barely heard.  But Allison caught it, as your lips moved against her forehead.

“That Matt kid was a little fucker though”

And you fell asleep with smiles plastered on your faces.

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Team 10


Dolan Twins


Teen Wolf

The Walking Dead


“She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the Universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings.”
Ariana Dancu // (insp.)

After the battle and once everybody has been reunited, Theo is standing slightly behind Liam. He wonders what is going to happen to him now.
He watches as Scott talks to various pack members, as Liam hugs Mason and Hayden. He doesn’t draw attention to himself but the thought is all too clear in his head - They no longer need him to help. His usefulness has come to an end.

He meets Liam’s eyes and the younger werewolf looks just as unsure as Theo feels. Theo sees Liam looking between him and Scott, it seems to Theo that Liam was questioning if its up to him what happens to Theo now. Scott comes over and Theo looks away, he can sense Scott’s eyes on him. He remembers the fact the sword is broke, they can’t send him back to Tara, but is he still their prisoner? Is he free now to live his life, sure he has earned his freedom. 

He looks at the back of Liam’s head, not sure if he should raise the subject to the younger boy, not knowing if he should stay quite. Scott walks away to talk to the Sheriff and Liam catches his eye again, he smiles at Theo and thanks him for helping, Theo can’t handle it anymore and asks what will happen to him now. 
Liam looked uncertain and Theo understands why. If Liam were to lock him up again, when will he be free next time? Could they hold him full time, can they trust him if he was allowed to walk free, would he run off or hang around. Liam doesn;t answer, but Theo can sense the battle going on in Liam’s mind. 

Argent walks over with Scott and asks Liam what is the plan for Theo. Theo watches, wondering how this will play out, could he run? What would happen if he were to flee from this group right now? No doubt Scott would come after him, Liam maybe too, he couldn’t outrun two werewolves, nor did he know where to go, he didn’t know if his fake parents suck around. He feels lost and its this feeling of hopelessness that keeps him stood there. He waits to here his fate. Scott still wants to send him back, Theo looks at the ground, knowing the sword is broke. Liam stutters that the sword is no longer in use. Theo can feel the anger coming from the Alpha, he takes a step back. Argent adds they can lock him away until Kira comes back. Theo looks right at Liam at this, the other boy is also looking at Theo and in that moment a connection passes between the boys. Something had changed between them, Liam couldn’t physically send Theo back to rot in the ground, there was something there now, it wasn’t exactly friendship, but more like a bond. Liam had saved Theo. Theo had saved Liam. That created a bond. Liam couldn’t do that to Theo.

Liam stood up straighter and looked Scott in the eye, he told the Alpha Theo was his responsibility and he will deal with him. Scott looked strangle at Liam, understanding his young friend was becoming more wise, more of a leader. Liam told Scott to trust him, he knows what he’s doing. He then leads Theo away from the main group and into his car. Theo sits in the passenger seat, watching as Liam starts the car up. They drive through the main streets of the town in silence, arriving at a quite area of the town where Liam pulls up the car. Theo knows where he is, his eyes fixed on a house. He looks at Liam who looks right into his eyes. Liam then asks Theo a question, and the answer stuns Theo for a few seconds before he can answer, but he answers truthfully with a simple ‘Yes’.

Liam nods and motions for Theo to go. Theo undoes the seat belt and opens the door, the cool air hits his face. It’s freedom. His freedom. He looks back at Liam to make sure, Liam gives a small smile, and as Theo climbs out Liam shouts back to him. Theo turns back and Liam looks sort of sad, he tells Theo he will see him later if Theo is still around. Theo can only just nod as he closes the door and walks down the path to his own house.

“Can I trust you?” That was what Liam asked him, as he set Theo free. There was no chains on his hands, no bars to hold him, no Tara to torment him. He could go and never come back, he could go anywhere. He takes a deep shaky breathe and looks at his home, his childhood home. His eyes linger on the window that used to be Tara’s, his eyes watering, he was over come by emotion. Exhaustion and gratitude to Liam for letting him go. He knocks on the door, his ‘father’ open the door and Theo leans into him, his ‘mother’ comes out to see him, they are surprised to see him but happy he has returned. Telling them he will tell them everything in the morning, Theo heads upstairs to his bedroom. Drying his face Theo went to his bed and kicked off his shoes. He climbed under the sheets and fell asleep without getting undressed.

The following morning, Liam’s phone beeped. It was from Theo. Liam read the text and put his phone down, he grinned up at the ceiling. He knew he was doing the right thing. Scott may not like it, others may think its a bad idea, but Liam knew, somehow, he was doing the right thing.

‘I’m going to stay here. You can trust me’ 


“we’re all humans. nothing more, nothing less. it’s okay to be hurt sometimes. pain makes what we are.”

Dragon (Josh Diaz x Reader)

Request: Josh Diaz imagine where the reader gets taken by the dread doctors and he saves her ? but make it all cute & lovely 😂

A/N. I changed it a little, just because the doctors didn’t seem to have much interest in the chimera’s after they made the beast, so instead the reader was caught by Gerard Argent. I hope you like it :) (Part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5)

You woke up with a pounding headache and a bruised skull. Your jaw was swollen, and one of your wrists was broken. Your fingers twitched, and your hands burst into flame, the green fire casting shadows against the walls, but it did nothing against the rubber covered wires suspending your wrists above your head.

“That won’t work.” Gerard Argent walked into the room, standing in front of you and crossing his arms.

“Bull shit.” You glared at him, the heat of the flames intensifying. “I’m a fucking dragon, I can burn through some copper wires.”

Almost as soon as you said it, there was a hiss, and a hose on the ceiling shot a stream of water onto your head. And not a gentle stream. This was a fireman hose, with enough pressurized water to snap your neck.

The next time you woke up, still hanging from the ceiling, you were dripping wet and your neck was killing you. Your top was gone, leaving you in a black bra and your jeans. Before you could get disgusted over the old man who had removed your shirt, you noticed the series of wires taped to your stomach, running go a car battery on a table nearby.

“What the hell?” Your hands twitched, wanting to pull the wires off your skin, but they were still suspended above your head. Your wrist ached, and you wondered why it hadn’t healed yet.

“The electricity stops the healing.” Gerard said, coming down the stairs. “And if the room heats up too much that hose will douse the fire. Clever, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I’m so impressed with the way you’ve made me completely helpless.” You snapped.

He smiled. “You’re very clever. Why are you running around with Theo and his pack? You have to know all it will do is get you killed.”

“I’ve already been killed. Theo brought me back.” You shifted your weight, wrapping your arms around the wires above your head.

“True.” He nodded. “How did he do that exactly?”

You shook your head. “A beta can’t betray their alpha.” You bit the inside of your cheek as your palms started warming up.

He nodded. “But he isn’t a real alpha. And you aren’t a real beta. You aren’t a werewolf at all. I know you’re half dragon, but I can’t figure out what the other half is. You’re quite the puzzle.”

“I am. That’s why Theo brought me back.” You smiled.

“I see. Shall we see how long that lasts?”


He turned the dial on the battery, and electricity ripped through you, making your muscles twitch and convulse. You threw your head back and screamed, and Gerard stumbled back from the force of it, as it made the entire house shake on its foundation.

“Banshee.” He growled, stepping forward and snapping your neck again.

“We need to find her.” Theo snapped, looking at the other chimeras. “Where could she be?”

Theo glared at Josh. He had ordered that the chimeras only travel in pairs, so that they could keep each other safe if the beast or the dread doctors attacked. Josh was supposed to take you to your apartment and then go straight home, since it was only a block away.

“I walked her home like you asked!” Josh said immediately. “I swear, she got home fine.” He crossed his arms defensively, but Theo could smell the nervousness and guilt rolling off him.

“Then something happened to her.” Hayden said. “She wouldn’t leave home with the beast on the prowl. She’s smarter then that.”

“How would you know?” Josh snapped. “You spend more time with Liam then you do getting to know the pack.”

“Shut up Josh.” Tracy growled. “Focus on the problem at hand.”

Cory looked thoughtful. “Maybe she–”

A piercing scream cut him off, and all five chimeras froze, looking around.

“It’s (y/n).” Theo said, looking around the room. “Let’s go. Now.”

It was easy for Tracy to paralyze the hunters guarding the house, and the pack found their way into the basement effortlessly. Theo led the way, watching for traps, and he froze when he saw you.

You swayed back and forth on your feet, held upright by the wires around your wrists. Your eyes rolled back in your head, and blood dripped from your nose, staining the black electrical tape covering your mouth.

Hayden’s mouth dropped open and she took a step forward, arms outstretched. Theo grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

“Those wires are live.” He warned, drawing everyone’s attention to the cables running from the car battery to your body.

“On it.” Josh stepped forward.

“Hey (y/n).” He said quietly, standing in front of you. Your eyes opened slowly and you moaned. “Shh, I got it.” He pulled the wires away from your stomach, wrapping his hand around the ends and letting the electricity flow into him. “Damn girl, this is good stuff. Why are you hogging it all?” His eyes glowed purple and he hummed.

You snorted, rolling your eyes weakly.

“Josh.” Theo snapped.

Josh rolled his eyes and used his claws to cut through the wires around your wrists. You slumped forward, and he stumbled back to accommodate the weight.

“Damn (y/n), throwing your naked self at me? Already? I thought you said you’d rather die then go out with me.”  He teased, pulling the tape off your mouth. “By the way, that is a gorgeous bra. I love lace.”

“S-shut up Diaz.” You said weakly. “I’d rather stay here with the h-hunters then date your s-sorry ass.”

“Yeah, sure.” He rolled his eyes. You tried to push him away, but your limbs still weren’t working properly. His arm tightened around your waist.

“You’re shaking.” He said quietly. “Just wait a second alright? I’ve got you.”

You nodded, letting your head drop onto his shoulder.

“Can you shift?” He asked. You’d warm up a lot faster if you could shift.

You shook your head. “I’m all w-wet.”

He nodded, and his hands ran up and down your back. “Okay. Come on, let’s get you out of here. This place is creepy as hell.”

“Y-you think?” You stammered, letting him guide you to the staircase. “You have no idea.”

You walked out of the shower in your apartment, towel drying  your hair, to find that the chimeras were all in your living room.

“What are you guys still doing here?” You asked, a little too sharply. “I said I was fine.”

“We don’t want you to be alone.” Cory said quietly. “So we decided that we’re going to have a pack sleepover.”

“You have no say in this.” Tracy added when you opened your mouth to protest. “Theo is out buying snacks, and then we’re watching a movie and crashing on the floor.”

“And if you and Tracy feel like having a half-naked pillow fight, we won’t complain.” Josh added from his place sprawled out on your couch. He winked when you growled at him. “I would suggest you put that black bra from earlier back on. That was hot.”

“Oh really?” You asked, raising an eyebrow. Your eyes flashed bright green, the pupil slitting like a cat’s. The scales on your cheekbones and temples flashed in the fading light, and green flames started to dance over your fingertips. “Get your shoes off my couch Diaz, or I’ll show you how hot I can be.”

His eyes widened and he dropped his feet onto the floor, a small smile tugging at his mouth. You rolled your eyes, accepting your unwanted visitors for the night. Theo returned with snacks, and everyone sat down to watch a movie. Tracy and Theo were sitting on one comfy chair, and Hayden and Cory were on the floor, in the nest of blankets you’d brought from your room.

Josh took up the whole couch, arms and legs spread wide. He wasn’t even paying attention to the movie, instead choosing to play a game on his phone. You walked over and sat down on top of him, laying back to that you completely covered him. He opened his mouth to protest and you pressed your palm against his leg, letting it heat up until he flinched.

You didn’t even make it halfway through the movie before Theo turned it off and made everyone go to bed. Hayden took your place on the couch, Theo and Tracy lay snuggled up together, and Cory curled up into a ball in the corner of the nest and passed out instantly. You stretched out on the floor, Cory pressed against your back, Theo’s back in front of you.

“Move shorty.”

The warmth that was Cory disappeared, and Josh lay down against your back, his arm draping over your stomach.

“What are you doing?” You asked, turning around to glare at him.

“Hey,” he held up his hands defensively. “You’re still full of electricity, I just wanted to make sure I absorb it all.”

“That is the worst excuse I’ve ever heard.”

“Mhmm.” He nodded, laying back down. “But you’re too tired to argue.”

You sighed, wiggling backwards into his warmth. “That’s true.”

You had to admit, you felt a lot safer with an arm wrapped around you, surrounded by your pack, then you had when you’d been in the apartment alone. Josh sighed and his arm tightened around you more, nuzzling into your neck, and you closed your eyes and fell asleep.

A/N: I know that this isn’t just strictly Teen Wolf but i made this little AU TW/TWD crossover and was quite proud of it so i thought i might share it for you guys! If you want me to take it off my page because it’s not just Teen Wolf that’s fine just let me know! I hope you guys like it, it’s my first time editing!

AU: Allison has been surviving on her own in the apocalypse when she meets Carl, she’s a skilled survivor and ends up saving him more than once.