HEYOOOOOOO  so this blog recently made it to 300  &&  i couldn’t be any more delighted  ( even with my recent disappearances )  you guys still choose to follow me and talk to me whenever i do manage to get on here.  and for that,  i have to thank each and every one of you.  tbh i didn’t think this blog would really get anywhere esp with all the other lovely proms running around bUT I AM SO HAPPY I STUCK WITH HIM BECAUSE HE HAS REALLY GROWN TO BE MY FAV OK. so. just.  thank you to everyone who has followed me and stuck around because you’re great.  this list pretty much comprises of everyone i follow so if i miSS YOU I AM SO SORRY

THE SQUAD  (  those who i talk to ooc/people who i interact with the most )

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THE PEOPLE WHO I ADMIRE ON MY DASH  (  pretty much everyone else but i wANT TO INTERACT WITH YOU GUYS/ people i’ve recently started interacting with/ little beans who are amazing at their portrayal  )

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LONG OVERDUE FOLLOW FOREVER || @akamure i told you i’d use the photo.

excuse this trashy graphic whilst i ramble on for a moment. making this blog initially started out as an idea ; one which i brushed aside as lack of impulse control, and wasn’t sure i’d ever follow through with. i was a little late to getting ffxv, but as i progressed through the game – & saw noctis talking to cats, flailing when he’s massaged, and then more importantly drew closer to the ending chapters, i knew i wanted to write him for sure. asides from having a general urge to make the blog, i’d already become mutuals with several ffxv blogs ; some of which inspired me more than i’ve already rambled about.

i’m terrible at this sorta stuff, but i just want everyone to know ?? you’re all really great. the final fantasy fandom as a whole // xv in itself have been really great to me these past few months on both cloud & noctis. the sheer amount of duplicates can be a little harrowing – & sometimes you just stop and think. am i really bringing anything new to this character ?? but even so, a lot of people go out of their way to encourage not only me, but others who experience that same doubt – some of which are other noctis blogs, which is something that makes me appreciate this fandom tenfold. no homo but ily guys. ♡

anyway – more personal mushy rambling & a shit ton of tags beneath the cut !

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          it’s been almost a week and there are so many of you! i really just want to say thank you to all for giving my interpretation of leviathan a chance. i’m having so much fun hanging out with you guys and i hope you can do more fun things in the future!

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thanks so much guys!

Merry Christmas, guys!

     I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and you’re all safe and happy. I hit 200 followers a couple weeks ago but I decided now is probably a good time to do a follow forever. I just want to thank all of my followers and mutuals for supporting me and my Noctis muse. He’s become a very important character in my life. I came back to the RP scene as Lightning a few months ago, but Noctis was dying to come out, so I decided to give him a chance and and I’ve had a blast so far! The community has been very welcoming and friendly, and along the way I’ve met some pretty awesome people, and also grown as a person and as a writer. Again, thank you all and Happy Holidays! If I forget anyone on here, I apologize greatly!

     Now, onto the list!

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Oh dear Lord!! I still can barely believe I’ve reached such a huge milestone in the time span of a month? Because there’s only been a month and just !! wow. I would’ve never guessed my blog would grow like this and people would actually appreciate a really half assed portrayal of the most beautiful Gear Goddess in this world? maaaaan, I have so much to thank you all for and I truly appreciate every daily message and every single one of your little comments about the way I write Cindy and just !! the attention I get. You guys are the absolute everything to me and you make me actually proud of giving tumblr and the rp community a second chance. ♥ tysm everyone!! Bless your precious faces and here’s to more followers to come and moments with y’all. ♥

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