Footballer’s weddings | summer 2017

Lionel Messi & Antonela Roccuzzo 

Argentinian footballer and his partner are together for many year and they have two sons together. Accoring to various rumours they’re going to get married on June 30th in church in their hometown Rosario. Reception for guests including couple’s family members and friends is going to happen in Salones Puerto Norte. The bride is expected to wear dress from Rosa Clara. The couple is also planning a second reception in Barcelona for their friends who won’t be able to travel to Argentina. They already chose restuarant 9 Reinas (which serves Argentinian food)to serve food during their second reception. 

Victor Valdes & Yolanda Cardona

Goalkeeper and his fiancee are together for nearly a decade and has three kids together but after romantic engagement in Amsterdam, they decided to tie the knot this summer. The couple is going to say “sí, quiero” during chruch ceremony in Barcelona on June 9th. Then the couple’s kids Dylan, Kai and Vera are going to have a special role during their parents wedding. Yolanda is going to wear Pronovias dress. Arfter ceremony couple and theur guests are going celebrate in restaurant.

Marc Bartra & Melissa Jimenez

Spanish player and his fiancee are together since 2014 and has one daughter together. The civil ceremony will take place in Barcelona on June 18th. The bride chose the wedding dress from Rosa Clara. The special thing about the wedding is that the couple don’t want gifts from guests, but they asked them to donate to the Sant Joan Deu hospital in Barcelona and their initiative “Para Los Valientes” (“For the Brave”, for kids fighting with cancer).

Marlon Santos & Maria Souza

Young Brazilian defender from FC Barcelona B and his girlfriend Maria are going to get married this summer during church ceremony. 

Marc Andre ter Stegen & Daniela Jehle

The couple got married on May 15th during civil ceremony in Sitges. Accoring to rumours the couple is planning church ceremony in Germany to celebrate their love with their family and friends.

champagnemik  asked:

Hiii! Can you make a bts reaction to they finding out that their girlfriend is Argentinan???!! Thank you❤(I'm sorry for my English ugh) your blog is super cute, I really love it!!

Thank you so much !

BTS REACTION : Finding out their girlfriend is from Argentina 


“Woah, you’re from Argentina ?!” *looks at you in shock* “That’s AMAZING ! We should cook Argentinian food together ! Do you know how to make empanadas ?”


“Babe, that’s so cool ! Why didn’t you tell me earlier ?” *pause* “Wait so you speak Spanish?!  Please say something in Spanish, it’s such a sexy language !”


“Knowing that just makes you even more attractive ! I really want to go to Argentina now ! Let’s go next summer, just the two of us !” *after a long research on Argentina* “Okay, so I want to go to Buenos Aires, to the falls of Iguazu and in the south to see the icebergs, what do you think ? Aaaaah babe, I’m so exited !”


“Oh my god, babe, that’s soooo cool, I can’t believe it ! Can you teach me some spanish ? It’s such a sexy language ! I already know a couple words but I want to know more !”


“Woah, that makes you even sexier !” *smirks at you* “Te amo y/n”


*as soon as you tell him he screams :* “HOLAAAAAA” *you both laugh* “No seriously, that’s so cool, tell me stories about Argentina, I want to know everything about my girl’s country”


“Wow that’s impressive ! So you can speak Spanish ? You know so many languages, you’re so talented ! Wait, so tell me more about your childhood in Argentina, I want to know everything about my baby’s life!”

          Victoire had always thought that London was a busy place, but this was an entirely different story. The hot, dry sun of the Patagonian desert seemed to bathe everything in starkly bright relief, from the stands of Argentinian street food vendors to the bustling crowd of green and red funneling up the stands in heady anticipation for the beginning of the final game. Everyone, it seemed, was doing something. The boom of announcers echoed over the stadium, a steady drone of background noise to the staccato chatter of the fans around her, whether they were making bets or trading merchandise or buying a Carlson’s Constant-Cool Canteen to hold a bit of extra water in. It was cramped in the sea of people, but the thrum of excitement was unmistakeable.

          “Come on. Keep up, you three.” Her father’s wide grin threatened to outshine even Louis’s enthusiasm, which was saying a lot. “Just another flight of steps and we’ll be at the top box.”

          Her stomach flipped.

          Of course, it really was silly to be so nervous. She was going to spend time with the rest of her family, like always, and have a fantastic time watching her mother’s friend, Viktor Krum, play what would undoubtedly be a brilliant game of quidditch. All in all, a recipe for a great day, and what luckier circumstances to enact her plan under? “It’s not so bad,” she muttered under her breath, smoothing her crimson shirt down as she jogged up the last few steps, the door to the top box in sight. “Not bad at all.”

          “So are you actually going to talk to him?” Dominique whispered dryly, taking the steps two by two. “Or are you just going to say you are again?”

          Victoire sputtered embarrassedly, wanting to say that a twelve-year-old knew nothing about such things, and that she could keep her opinions to herself, but her younger sister had already scurried into the box with a wicked grin. “Dom—”

A song stuck in your head

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader.

Prompt: This - This and this by @otp-imagines-cult

Request: Anon requested:  “Hi!!!! I really liked your Spider-Man imagine and I wanted to request an imagine with PEter where the reader is from Argentina (or another spanish-speaking country) and is working in NY and that’s where they meet Peter and they try to teach Peter spanish? Kthxb!”

Warnings: Slight sexual content

Summary: The reader sings a song in Spanish and Peter asks them to translate it for him.

Song: Princesa - Las Pastillas del Abuelo

[Ao3] - []

A/n: I hope this is what you imagined :) Please enjoy!!
A/n 2: I left a translation of the song a the end of the imagine. :)

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Fries in Amsterdam

Definitively try the fries in Amsterdam! They have special “huts” designated just for fries!

Actually…please try ALL the food in Amsterdam!

I will admit that so far during my experience abroad, Amsterdam has had the best food yet! There are Argentinian restaurants, pastry shops, pizza stands, and kebab places on almost every corner! 

Last recommendations:
Do not be on a diet while in Amsterdam, definitely rent a bike to peddle away the food, and go to the local grocery store and buy strudel waffles. Strudel Waffles are about 1.20 euro each, but if you buy them at a tourist shops they will give you way less for a much higher price!