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anonymous asked:

I'm so sick of heterosexual romance movies (being a gay man) do you have any good gay suggestions?

here’s the list of some movies that I’ve watched and I strongly recommend them to you:

1. Weekend

2. Hawaii (Argentinian movie)

3. Out In The Dark (Israeli movie)

4. G.B.F. (Gay Best Friend)

5. Geography Club

6. Solo (Argentinian movie)

7. Free Fall (German movie)

8. Men to Kiss (German movie)

9. Bridegroom

10. Stranger By The Lake (French movie)

11. The Falls

12. The Falls: Testament of Love

13. Make The Yuletide Gay

14. Five Dances

15. The Green

16. Date And Switch

17. From Beginning To End (Brazilian movie)

18. eCupid

19. August

20. Morgan

for the lesbian movie, I’ve only watched Blue Is The Warmest Color and it’s pretty stunning.