argentinian air force

To replace its A-4Qs, the Argentinian Navy purchased 14 Super Etendards from France along with a compliment of Exocet missiles. Five had been delivered by November 1981, but as relations between Argentina and the UK deteriorated, delivery for the rest of the aircraft was withheld, and the French technicians declined to program the Exocets, forcing the Argentinians to do it themselves. One of the few true bright spots of the war for the Argentinians was the success of the Etendards and their missiles, sinking the HMS Sheffield and the transport ship Atlantic Conveyor without loss of an aircraft.

Although considerably outmatched by the capabilities of their British opponents, the A4 Skyhawks in service with the Argentinians nevertheless delivered a number of successes, including the sinking of the HMS Antelope and the HMS Coventry. It was at a heavy cost though, as 22 of the 48 A4s being used by the Navy and Air Force were shot down by the end of the conflict.