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gabzilla-z replied to your post:Ok, this is a silly question, but, do you think Argentina cried for Eva Peron? (She was a fine woman after all)

he’d probably have a love/hate relationship with her

that’s an interesting view! I thought might actually be possible too, though I guess I don’t have as much knowledge compared to you, since you’re from Argentina. (I’d need to read up more as this is an area of history I’m not very knowledgeable)

I imagine that how a country regards a leader or person that had an enormous cult and personality could definitely change overtime too, and might be more complex. Like I do find it particularly fascinating that the extent she’s revered is quite analogous to how people treat saints in Catholic tradition. While I don’t know enough about her to be able to say whether her legacy and actions were overall positive/negative, I do feel to an extent her image has undergone quite a lot of mythologisation because how she died so young. 

April 2, 1982.

Everything started 29 years ago. Well not exactly… In fact everything started in 1833 when the UK invaded some territories that belonged to Argentina, yes I’m talking about the Malvinas or well “Falklands” as they call them. 

But let’s go back to 1982. April 2, the war started. It only lasted two and a half months, but it was terrible for our nation due to the politic situation in which we were living. (Military government, with everything that involves). Everything ended on June 14 with the Argentine surrender, and the consequences were devastating. In only two months we lost 650 people, as well as thousands of other soldiers who were lucky to return alive but never got over the shock of having been part of such a terrible fight, specially considering that most of them were really young, 18 years old, they had just finished military school but had no experience when it came to being part of a war. But I won’t play the victim, a lot of British people died too, 250 or so. 

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I’m not part of the people who keep claiming that Malvinas belong to Argentina. It was a war, a terrible war, and we lost. That means they no longer belong to us.. I agree with those who say that they used to be ours when the UK invaded them in 1833, but if you start a war -even if our president was apparently ‘drunk’ when he ordered to start the war- you have to deal with the results. It’s a shame we lost them, it’s a shame we even started a war with such a powerful country, and it’s a shame we lost so many people.

That’s why I want everybody to please remember all those who died protecting our country, protecting our territories, for those young people who lost their lives and for those hundreds of destroyed families who never saw their children alive again. 

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