argentine dancers


So back in 2007, Julio Bocca, a famous Argentine ballet dancer, felt that he had already done everything possible in ballet, there was nothing new nor exciting for him to try. After the end of that season, he opted for retirement. For the first time, he was allowed to eat what he wanted, go out with friends, and just relax in general. That same summer he went on a trip to enjoy this newly-found freedom in a popular summer destination in Uruguay, a neighboring country. He went partying. A lot. In one of those drunken nights he met someone, an Uruguayan economist, whom captured his heart. He moved to Uruguay to be near his boyfriend. He was persuaded to take a job as the director of a ballet company in the country’s capital, Montevideo. He was in love and actually enjoying life.
Today, 10 years later, when he was asked if he missed dancing, he answered: “No. I am putting love first. For years I prioritized work over love, but now I’ve changed. Now, I’m happy”.