Estoy re enganchada con vos ¿Para qué te voy a mentir?
Me gustas hasta cuando te tengo que odiar
Tus boludeces, tu frialdad, tus ojos verdes que se hacen chinos cuando tenes vergüenza, esa forma tan hermosa que tenes de hacerme mal
Todo me gusta
Verte sonreír es una cosa que amo
Pero ¿Sabés qué?
También me gusta verme sonreír a mi
Y no me parece que solamente pueda hacerlo cuando todo va bien con vos, no pibe
Y odio completamente que sólo pueda sacarte verdades a las cinco de la mañana con un par de birras de por medio
Cuando estas tan roto que algún estúpido pensamiento te hace sentir que en mis chapes vas a encontrar algo que te reponga

Me haces feliz
Pero también me haces mierda
A tu voluntad
Y está mal, porque yo quiero ser la única que tenga ese poder sobre mi

Porque antes de quererte a vos
Prefiero quererme a mi


I FUCKINGLY HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I went to so many places!”

First of all, a travel of 20 hours on the car, ~1300 km. We arrived to Puerto Iguazú, at a really beautiful hotel I will never forget, with some really beautiful cabin next to other ones and to the hotel itself (with dormitories) AND A COMPLETELY EXTRAORDINARY PARK with really tall plants, beautiful flowers and a really quantity of different specimens of plants, birds, butterflies and many other animals.

We arrived to the Iguazú Falls, in both Argentinian and Brazilian side (that’s why I tried to contact @gabeey, if he lives near ;3) with the Argentinian side having the most excels-full view at the top of the Waterfalls, inside the jungle and near the Garganta del Diablo, the biggest amount of Falls in the world. We spent one day in each side. It is completely not the same see it in photos and pics that see it right in front of you. It gives you an incredible time to re-flexing how small, insignificant and accidental we are, just like the falls and the entire universe.

After that we went around Puerto de Iguazú to see the city, know the way people live in there, enjoy the food in great restaurants, etc etc. The same day we go to the Triple Frontier, the zone were Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay share their frontier, and the connection of the Paraná River and the Iguazú River. An incredible and incomprehensible view. This was the third day.

We spent an entire day in the hotel to enjoy the paceful fact of living and enjoying being free of work and things to do, something probably y’all know I’m always doing!

Before leaving, we go to the Wanda Mines, a place were we can walk and see how fucked up is the Earth that a simple bubble during the formation of the continents can produce and incredibly beautiful mineral. The mines has geodes of Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Milky-to-Clear Quartz and some really little quantity if Citrine Quartz. There was also Calcite stalactites crossing the geodes by the middle. Just awesome.

We left the city, and we stopped at Federación at 1 pm, tired of driving, and the next day, today, we enjoyed going to the “Federación’s Hot Springs”, having some kind of fun swimming on super-hot water and throwing ourselves by the cold waterslides.

I also expanded my gem collection!!

As you can see in the pictures, I bought some new gemstones I don’t actually have. My brother also bought some gemstones to kinda so a competition, even after my mom told him to not collect them because I already do. My mom also bought a really beautiful Table-center made of of Onyx (black and white), and really heavy fruits made mostly of Onyx (An apple made of Blue-to-Green Onyx; an Orange and a Banana made of Calcite; a Lemon made of Green-to-Yellow Onyx; some weird vegetable™ made of Green-to-Black Onyx; and a Grape Cluster made of With Onyx).

So, as you can see, I bought:

Blue Onyx egg




Sea Sediment Jasper

with these I did bought two Amethyst (one is nearly Milky) to a kid in the street, and a Spider made of Aluminium and two unknown stones. 

I will upload pics of those mentioned places later. Bye!!! :D

Go, go, Team Ranger!

So my best friend came back from the U.S for a month and he is coming back again so i wanted to make him a bye bye present! I will miss him but I know is better for him

Good Luck Lucho! May the force be with you again! your team loves you.