argentina 2009


You know what is the most beautiful thing about these pics of jared in argentina? Yes, he is playing with kids, they dont know who is jared, and he doesnt know who these little boys are but they are enjoying each others company and i know that place (i live in argentina) and in that part of the city mostly of the people are poor, they dont have food, they dont have jobs and i feel really emotional because jared is there, in that part of the city where no one go because its a “dangerous place” so people dont play with that kids and dont carry their kids there because they dont want to see their children playing with kids from that part (yes, its really sad) and the way Jared is there, happy, playing with them without judging them just trying to make those little lads happy is so amazing. Famous people dont go to those places, and he went there. Yes people, i chose the right idol. I am so proud of what kind of man jared is. I wanted to tell this because i’m sure some of you dont know this.


كلمة “أنا خائف” تتحول لكلمة “أنا أُحبك” في اللغه الإسبانيه عند إضافة حرف (إيه) في منتصفها

I’m afraid turns into I love you in Spanish when you add “A” in the meddle of the word

The Secret in Their Eyes (2009)

I want to tell something, when jared came to argentina in 2009 with his sister my friend worked in a restaurant in “Puerto Madero” and she met him there, she told me about how lovely he was with her so she asked him about jensen and he said he was with his family in Texas and he was already missing him but they had called each other a few minutes ago. My friend is not a fan of the show but she knew him because of me and i’ll never forget she said “he talked about jensen like a man who is in love, he really loves his friend” I’M STILL CRYING