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When you give them the silent treatment preference


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A lot of the times when you gave Scott the silent treatment it was when he was studying. You knew because of the Pack Scott’s grades were second priority and you respected that, they were second priority to you too. 

But the few times that you had to study you took seriously. While Scott would want to spend time cuddling and kissing. 

So a lot of the time the study sessions turned into you giving him the silent treatment as you waited for the both of you guys to finish studying. After you started giving him the silent treatment Scott was usually focused enough, determined to get you talking to him again. 


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When you and Derek got into fights it would lead to a yelling match between the two before you finally left. Whether it was the room or the building, you always left in order to keep yourself from saying something you would regret to him. 

After you began to give him the silent treatment Derek would immediately calm down and try to figure everything out. However it usually took you a long time to calm down and you could be annoyed for days. Three days later when you were finally calm Derek would end up willing to give in and compromise with you as soon as you wanted to talk things out. 

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Do you do preferences? If you do could you do one where you give them the silent treatment for whatever reason?

Preference: You give them the silent treatment.


Isaac can’t stand it when you’re upset with him, especially when you won’t speak to him. It doesn’t matter if you both start off angry. It doesn’t matter if it’s your fault and you’re not speaking to him simply on principle. He doesn’t like the silence that stretches between you. It gets under his skin in a way that nothing else can until he’s coming back to you, desperate and eager for reconciliation. And, of course, you can’t deny him when he gets like that. You especially don’t mind the ‘reconciliation’ part.


Peter thinks it’s cute when you give him the silent treatment. He laughs and asks if you’re giving him a “good, stern not-talking-to”. You kind of want to smack him but it’s hard to stay mad at someone that keeps smiling at you like that. Sigh. In the end, you almost always cave even though you know Peter will be unbearably smug about it. And the times you don’t? Well, Peter has other ways to get you smiling again.


Derek is insufferable when you’re not talking to him. For someone who’s still a bit emotionally constipated, he doesn’t handle it well when someone turns the tables on him. Every time you turn around, he’s sighing heavily with displeasure. Honestly, he basically turns into a sulky teenager. It’d be cute if it weren’t annoying. You could end it yourself, but you’re just as stubborn as he is so you always hold out until he’s the one coming to you. “I’m sorry. Now, will you just talk to me?” He’ll ask moodily. You always turn to him, grin, and ask “What took you so long?”


The silent treatment doesn’t really work on Malia. She doesn’t give you a single moment to stew in your anger before she’s crowding into your space to suggest you work things out some other way. It’s at times like this that you remember she was stuck in her coyote form for years because this, the way she stalks towards you and gazes at you hungrily, it’s primal. She’s always said that angry sex is better than any other kind. With Malia, you’re inclined to agree.


The silent treatment never lasts for more than five minutes with Scott. He’s got that kicked puppy look that tears you up inside and you know he knows it. He’s not nearly as innocent as his adorable face would lead you to believe. You know he’s playing you. But when that sunny smile of his replaces those pouty lips, you can’t even bring yourself to care.


The silent treatment never last for more than three minutes with Kira. She’s got the same innocent kind of face that Scott does but where he pretends to be hurt to win people over with his puppy eyes, Kira is actually hurt when you won’t speak to her. The fact that you know it’s seriously causing her pain means that you can never keep it up for long. When all is said and done, you’re the one that ends up comforting her.


Lydia can withstand the silent treatment for days. And she gives as good as she gets. When she’s fed up with it, she’ll tell you to stop being an idiot. You can’t fix anything if you don’t talk it out. And Lydia’s the smartest person you know so you usually listen. But when it’s you getting the silent treatment, nothing you say can get her to talk to you. Lydia only does things on her own timetable. But you knew that when you fell in love with her.


You’re not allowed to give Allison the silent treatment. She’ll keep talking at you until you find yourself talking back. Allison has spent too much time in a family where there wasn’t nearly enough talking and she knows that’s a big part of what tore them apart. So, Allison insists on always getting everything out on the table. No secrets, no hidden resentment, just truth. You’re never scared of where your relationship with Allison will end up because she makes sure that you’re keeping the lines of communication open. You can’t help but love someone who refuses to let you fail.


Stiles almost prefers the silent treatment to actually fighting. In a fight, you’re just too good at frustrating him and making him trip over his words. Just because you’re not speaking, doesn’t mean you’re not listening. Stiles uses that to his advantage. He’ll try to make you see his side of the argument when he’s convinced that you’re the one in the wrong. When he knows he is, he’ll use the opportunity to apologize, slowly creeping closer, testing the waters to see if you’re feeling forgiving. And let’s face it, when Stiles is offering apology cuddles, you’re not ever going to turn him down.


Honestly, Jackson resorts to using the silent treatment more than you do. When you’re both angry, you have to wait for Jackson to cool off before even attempting to speak to him again. But when he knows that you’re upset and it’s genuinely his fault, Jackson turns into something resembling an actual human being. He’ll be sweet and try to soothe you. It usually ends up working because it really shows you that hurting you actually hurts him too. You kind of love this side of him that no one else gets to see. You know he’s a dick half the time but somehow, that didn’t stop you from falling for him. And you think times like this might be why.


Everyone loves Danny. But that doesn’t make him perfect. In fact, his popularity is part of the problem sometimes. Everyone wants a piece of Danny’s attention, leaving little time for you. Danny knows he’s spent a little too much time away from you when you won’t speak to him. He immediately feels guilty when this happens and apologizes profusely. It throws him off because he isn’t used to being kept at arm’s length. However, you can never resist his charms for long, especially when he promises you some quality time, just the two of you. Starting immediately. It won’t always be enough, but for now, it’s a pretty good deal.


Liam hates when you give him the silent treatment. He huffs and acts like he’s going to return the favor. Crossing his arms and turning away from you but he’s turning back thirty seconds later and reaching for you before he thinks better of it. “Please, talk to me,” he pleads with earnest eyes. It’s hard to stay mad at him when he’s looking at you like that but you fight the urge to give in. “Baby, please.” That’s what always does it, that ‘baby’. You can’t stay mad when he calls you that. You wonder how long it will take him to realize the ace up his sleeve and you can only hope you’ll build up a resistance to it before he does.


Erica acts unbothered when you give her the silent treatment. You aren’t really fooled though because she stays close, always hovering nearby in case you decide you aren’t mad at her anymore. Despite the confidence that came with becoming a werewolf, Erica still has this underlying need to please, especially the people she cares about. You try not to use that against her, even when you’re angry, but you can’t deny that it feels nice to know that she’s waiting. You usually take pity on her pretty quickly because making up always feels so much better than not speaking to her.


You don’t give Boyd the silent treatment. He’s so much better at it than you. Why fight a losing battle?