rosextract  asked:

Since we're on the subject of Argentatus, could you give us some details on his appearance? Some of us may like to try our hands at a caricature of him.

To say that Argentatus looked like a glittering, stretched out Starscream would be a disservice to both of them. But it was true that he had the same longish face, a very narrow build, legs that went for miles…

And of course, the obligatory set of Vosnian heel mods.

Not just a pair of arches, however…when Argentatus did something, he went all the way. Tall, lethally improbable stilettos. I don’t think it was physically possible for him to run.

He also had the best optics. Lovely, intense, silver optics.

caroline-decker  asked:

"Argentatus was never that gentle." Now these I'd love to hear. Some of his best scathing retorts, please!

“Tell me, my friend, what has art done to make you hate it so? Did it murder your mentor on a stormy night? Get overcharged and steal your mail? Or did it simply shove its wrist up your drainage line and ask ‘hmm, what do we have here?’”

This was in response to a very popular, very conservative critic who disapproved of about 90% of what was coming out of the artisan caste, but had a special loathing for anything Argentatus had ever ventilated on.

anonymous asked:

Ooh, what was A Soft Berth at the End of the World about? It sounds really fascinating by the title alone! And did you ever see him act in anything? Was he any good?

On several occasions. He was always phenomenal. 

A Soft Berth at the End of the World is about a bot named Cepheid who, at the beginning of the play, is diagnosed with a terminal spark condition. They (their gender identity is meant to vary from production to production) are given about a thousand years, which isn’t much, but enough to get their affairs in order and find some measure of peace. They decide to get down to the business of living and make the most of their limited time.

Then the world ends.

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NA Gull Identification Series: Part 6 “The California Gull”

In my previous two posts I covered two other species that fit the “small bright legged gull species complex that I made up” there is a third species that sort of fits this description. The California Gull (Larus californicus) of western North America is described as an intermediate between the smaller Larus delawarensus and the larger L. argentatus. California gulls are not endemic to California and can be seen inland in the western US and Canada during breeding season. They are also the state bird of Utah due to the fact that they helped with a plague of Anabrus simplex

Unlike the somewhat similar Ring-billed gull, the California gull is a four year gull, taking four years to reach adulthood. Juvenile California gulls show a heavy brown wash along their body with scalloped barring along their mantle. Unlike ring-billed gulls California gulls show a totally black bill and barring on their undertail coverts which clash with the barring on the breast. They also can be separated from similarly aged herring gulls by the weaker barring on their coverts. (See Below)

Compare with juvenile ring-billed and herring gulls
Image: Steve Hampton

1st-winter California’s start to lose the black on their bills giving them a two toned pink/black appearance. They also begin to show some wear on their scapulars which will show a grey coloration with subterminous streaks. The rest of the body stays mostly the same. At this stage they can be easily separated from similarly aged ring-billed’s which lose most of the brown wash on their body. They are also quite similar to herring gulls at this stage, but are smaller, don’t show a white hood on their head and generally have much darker tertial feathers. (See Below):

Compare with a 1st winter herring. 
Image: Don Desjardin

2nd-winter California’s undergo a more drastic molt, they lose most of their brown wash and grow in pretty white feathers. They form a grey “saddle” on their mantle. Their coverts and tertials start to lighten out but they still retain some barring across their body. They can be easily confused with a late 1st winter/1st summer ring-billed at this stage, but can be distinguished by their darker upperparts, more greenish bill, and less worn tertials. They are also fairly similar to 3rd winter herring gulls, but are smaller and have smaller bills, darker upperparts, and dark eyes. (See Below):

Compare with a 1st winter ring-billed and 3rd winter herring
Image: Don Desjardin

During their third winter California gulls start to show some character, at this stage they are very similar to an adult winter bird but still have a two toned greenish pink bill, and some barring on their coverts. Their bill also starts to show a two toned red and black gony spot. However their most defining feature is their greenish-yellow blue-green leg color which sets them apart from other gulls. (See Below):

Compare with 2nd cycle ring-billed gull
Image: Tgreybirds

Breeding adult California gulls are fairly unmistakable, they show a clean white color along their body with a darker mantle than seen in a ring-billed gull. Their bill shows both a red and black spot on it, and their legs are a greenish color, which makes them easy to separate from other gulls. (See Below):

Image: David A. Hofmann
Compare with adult ring-billed and herring gulls (note herring gulls also can show a black and red gony spot but have pink legs)

*There is a subspecies of California gull known known as the Northern Great Pains race (L. c. albertaensis) which generally shows a longer bill and generally more white wingtips with a whole white tip to P10.

Top Image: Byron Chin

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anonymous asked:

What did he do in the artisan caste? Something involving theatre? Also, what exactly WAS the artisan caste?

The artisan caste was one of the broadest, most liberal castes you could be sparked into. As the name suggests, it was made up of the writers, the poets, musicians, craftsbots, and so forth.

And you’re correct. Argentatus was a theatre mech – one who came to prominence playing Death in “A Soft Berth at the End of the World.” He was tall, thin, and a natural for roles that required him to be larger than he already was. Eventually, he pulled together enough credits to start sponsoring shows and hosting them in his own theaters, always ready to boost up any small production that was being strangled by the guilds.

Believe me when I tell you that tying other bots up was his second great love in life. His first was always theatre.

anonymous asked:

Speaking of, WOULD Argentatus be arrested/made to stand trial for stealing (or were they legally his?) tons of credits + Swivel and skipping the planet?

Returning bots are being forgiven for worse things every day.

…Though I do hope you realize I’m picturing him making off with Swivel under one arm and one of those human-money-robbery bags under the other.

We don’t even use physical currency.

anonymous asked:

I've been going through your blog again and Argentatus sounds like a fun bot. Can you tell us the best time you ever had with him?

Once upon a time, we cooked up a scenario that was…protracted, let’s say. And very intense. By the end of it, getting up and flying home was completely out of the question — as was articulating simple concepts like left and right.

Argentatus admitted that it had worn him out as well (I really don’t believe it had…I think he just knew I needed the extra affection) and was I up for an evening of simply unwinding?

Of course I was.

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anonymous asked:

Were you actually officially dating Argentatus during your time with him? You've mentioned that he kept a number of playmates, as well as continuing a long-term relationship with Swivel; did he consider you his boyfriend, was he polyamorous, did you actually go on dates with him, or did he have to pencil you in? And - you can nix this question especially, if you want; it's slightly more personal, I suppose - how did he end things with you? And how did he realize you'd developed feelings for him?

Not even close. He didn’t consider anyone his “boyfriend,” or rather, the Cybertronian equivalent. Even Swivel was…Swivel. That was all he needed to be.

Don’t get me wrong. If Argentatus was willing to play with you, it was because he was willing to be friends with you, and most bots took him up on that to varying degrees. He and I never went on “dates”, but there were more than a few occasions when we got together for a cube or a cygarette. 

I never told him outright how I felt, but he knew. I was never as subtle as I thought I was being. He asked, I answered honestly, he very gently told me that he wasn’t comfortable carrying on our sessions. 

We stayed in touch, but that was the end of that saga.