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Isaac Lahey Imagine
Imagine arguing with isaac all the time but once you are in danger he realizes his love for you.

“So… Y/N what’s your strategy? Claws and fangs?” Isaac questioned? knowing it would get on my nerves. You could say I was a little bitter that I had no spectacular abilities.
“I don’t need powers to be a badass, scarf boy” I responded with a smirk. When the fight started the three of us: Allison, Isaac and me went to fight different oni’s. I saw Isaac struggling but sighed in relief when Allison saved him, caught up in the moment I didn’t notice the oni swing at me. It plunged its sword in my stomach and i fell to the ground.
Isaac came up to me with tears forming in his eyes. “Y/N, I know we fight but you have to stay… for me…” his voice was early above a whisper. It took all my energy to catch the last thing he said. “Please Y/N, I love you…” at this I drifted off to an eternal slumber.

DEREK HALE IMAGINE - Comforting Arms

“(Y/N), you can’t just walk away from all of this, we need you!” Isaac yelled.

Scott hugged Allison’s unconscious body as the tears slid down his face, everyone had instantly froze at the sight of her and Scott.

You being the first one to make any movement. Allison was your younger sister, she meant the world to you. Watching the blood leak out of her was too horrifying to watch.

The only thing you could think of was to run, to leave the scene and just not look back.

And that is exactly what you did.


It had been two week since the accident and everything seem to die down. The pack had defeated the Nogitsune, though there was something more; Aiden was also killed in the process.

There was to much death going on in this town and you needed out. After everything that had happened at oak creek, you ran and packed up everything you had.

You found a decent motel that wasn’t expensive at all, it was cheap and a bit ran down, but it kept you from familiar things that would only kill you even more. It was on the edge of Beacon Hills. You needed as much space as you could get from everything and everyone.

Chris, your father, found you and came back many, many times trying to get you to pack up and come home. All of the pack has come by many times to try and talk to you.

Malia, the girl you all helped change back into a human, she came by a couple times with Stiles.

But even your dad couldn’t stand being in the town for much longer, because Isaac and him left to France a couple of days ago.

You pulled out your tv dinner - that you had bought from the little drug store that was across the street - from the microwave and turned the tv on to some reruns of Friends.

There was a quiet knock on the door that pulled your attention away from the conversation Monica and Chandler were having. You sat down you little meal and tiptoed over towards the door, not bothering to say anything.

Hopefully whoever was at the door would get the hint and leave you alone to wither up and die alone.

“(Y/N), I know you’re in there. Just let me in and we can talk,” A new voice that has not spoken to you in about two and a half weeks or so had slowly called out. “Please let me and we can talk face to face.”

You didn’t move from the spot in front of the door. The handle was twisted right to left a couple times before another, louder knock had found its way through the door and into your ears. You jumped a little at how loud the knock was, you had been in such a quiet semi peaceful place and you hadn’t expected that.

“Come on (Y/N), open the door. I asked nicely and you know I only do that once,” His voice was loud with a hint of irritation, yet it was so soothing. You took a hesitant step forward, not sure if you should open the door or not.

You brought your hand up to the cold metal door handle, placing your other on the top lock of the door. You slowly turned the lock and twisted the door handle, stepping back, letting him do the rest.

He pushed the door open, not daring to take another step. You two just stood there, not moving, just simply staring at each other and for some odd reason breathing heavily, like you two just ran a marathon.

He made the first move, rushing over to you and embracing you into a tight well needed hug. A sob left your throat as a few tears made their way to the outside world.

“It’s going to be alright, I’m here now. You’re going to be okay now,” Derek rubbed soothing circles onto your back as he whispered the helping words into your ear.

Derek and you weren’t a couple, but you two sure as hell acted like one. You and Derek had gotten into a fight a couple of days before Allison’s death. He didn’t want you fighting with them, he wanted you safe at his loft, or your home. But of course you being your stubborn self ignored him.

You were an Argent, and Argents don’t give up or back down. You needed to fight, you needed to protect your friends, your pack.

You had avoided him, obviously still enraged by the fight. It pained you, not having seen him for almost three weeks. He made you feel at home, no matter how messed up everything had seemed.

Derek had swiftly picked you up and sat the both of you down on the not so comfortable motel bed. He pulled you closer to him and wrapped his arm around your torso, not wanting to let you go again.

Derek had never been good at the whole comforting thing, but he'd do anything to make you feel better.

“You still have the whole pack (Y/N), you still have me,” Derek nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck. Softly kissing at the fragile skin.

The tears had stopped and you didn’t know what to do. Derek may have had a soft spot for you, but he never really shared his affection towards you. It wasn’t exactly how he did things.

“I will always be here for you (Y/N). You can always count on me,” Derek had pulled away and looked at your expressionless face and pulled you closer, letting you rest your head on his chest. You wrapped an arm around his torso and scooted as close to him as you could get.

You had missed him, you had missed his warm body pressed up against yours, you missed his sweet cold stone like voice, you missed his strong arms wrapping themselves around you, you had missed the very few moments like these.

Slowly, your eyelids started to shut close. You snuggled as close as you possibly could up to Derek, you needed him to be there, to touch you and comfort you.

You drifted off into a deep slumber, the best you had in weeks.