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I think that something major must have happened with stiles and lydia before the "you'll forget me scene." Because they're so open with each other in that scene, kind of like they're dating or have already confessed their feelings. They sure as hell weren't that open with each other in 5x19. Especially the way Lydia says "I won't." It's so emotional and open. It's hard to explain but I do think that a kiss or a confession might have happened before he is like "you'll forget me."

I 20000000000%%%%% argee. I think all the cards are on the table at that point. There’s no effing way she’d be that open with him if there wasn’t stuff that had been implied or said. 

If they were closer, maybe, but even then… would she cry in front of him about him like that if she didn’t know if he loved her? Lydia’s whole life is about hiding and protecting and fabricating. This is so new. 

BBC Shelock: Sherlock Holmes [ESTP]

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Sherlock clearly has the unnatural skill to observe and scrutinize every detail of his clients. In the latest episode (The Abominable Bride) he is so absorbed and captivated with the reality in front of him that it takes him the entire episode to realize that the events are only taking place in his mind. He can read people so accurately because of his extreme attention to the actual details around him. An Ni dominant type would be far too withdrawn into the abstractions of their intuitive perception to notice and observe detail so closely. Sherlock becomes incredibly bored when he doesn’t have a current case to analyze, which means he needs an outside stimuli in order to be contented.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): He is clearly highly analytical and confident in the logical conclusions that he makes. His analysis’s are highly rational by nature - he perceives the sensory details through Se then uses logic to provide a rational explanation for it’s presence. Sherlock appears very introverted in general as he spends very much time alone the quiet environment of his place whilst he delves deeply into the mystery of the present case.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): His talent for reading people does not come from Fe - getting a “sense” of a person’s emotions and being to understand what they must be feeling. When Molly presents him with a festive gift, he was suspicious and mistaken her true intentions, rather than realizing the simple act of generosity. Sherlock is usually engrossed in solving the puzzle, and sometimes builds up suppressed emotions until he suddenly explodes (i.e. the Bored! scene).

Introverted Intuition (Ni): As he is always involved in a crime mystery, he has to use his Ni quite often - working out how the past events lead to the current situation; the hidden truths. When there is no concrete (sensory) information however, Sherlock often becomes perplexed, such as when he first meets Irene Adler.

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(Via shadeddaylily) "Kai? Hey, I haven't seen you in awhile how- is something wrong?"

Kai had been at the harbour since early this afternoon in order to spend some time alone after him and Takao had gotten into a small argument.The older blader thought that no one came around this part of the harbour but he knew he was wrong when he heard footsteps approach from behind as well hearing a familiar voice follow quickly after.With a light sigh Kai turned to face the brunnette with his once folded arms dropping to his sides.”Hiromi…”he spoke her name in a low tone of voice.He was about to argee that it has been awhile since they last seen each other,but when he heard her ask if something was wrong his eyes drifted away from making eye contact with her.”No…nothing is wrong, I was just a little surprised to see you here is all.”he lied not wanting to go into details about the small argument  he had gotten into with the world champion early this morning.