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Sypnosis: When the mayor orders Grojband and the Newmans to spend 24 hours with their gender counterpart, they all argee to do it since they don’t want either of their bands to break up. Larry is actually glad to go with Laney as he remebers the time he had with her when they were fused together. (Thanks Todd and Mark for that moment otherwise I can’t think of anytime Larry and Laney would hang out.) Carrie is a little uncomfortable about this but knows that Laney would never try to hit on Larry. Corey on the other hand is jealous and decides to spy on them the whole day. What will happen? If there is a season 2, I really hope the creators will make this happen cause this sounds like it could be a really funny episode.

My Little Hatefuck

There’s a lot of words you could use to describe the situation between Audrina and Chris. When they come face to face again at Carolina Rebellion, she’s stuck with him it seems, but she knew he would be leaving very soon. But Chris surprises her and she surprises herself by argeeing, now she will be

Chapter 4 ♪ Contemptress

Before six thirty, Audrina was back at her house packing with Chris and Elizabeth. Elizabeth was very supportive with this decision to go back to wherever Chris lived to talk about things and “work”…

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Vetina Argee Segovia

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Texans, Whitney Mercilus Agree To 4-Year, $26 Million Extension

Texans, Whitney Mercilus Agree To 4-Year, $26 Million Extension

The Houston Texans and outside linebacker Whitney Mercilus have agreed to a four-year contract extension, reports John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

Texans argee to 4 four year extension with OLB Whitney Mercilus.

— John McClain (@McClain_on_NFL) May 4, 2015

Whitney Mercilus’ four-year extension (2016-2019) is $26 million, including $10.8 guaranteed.He gets a $5.25 million signing…

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"Everyone ends up alone."


                           he hums against his lips.
      leaving behind the tingling senstation of the vibrations.
                       part of him wanted to argee
                  but there was another part of him.
      louder & more demanding to be known. that didn’t.

                  ❛    i don’t think you’re right.
                         i think you’re wrong.    ❜