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What sort of ‘project’, Mark?


Fan: “My question is, for the panel, is there a story you’d like to bring to us at some point in the future? So I’m not asking for spoilers-”

Mark: “A Sherlock Holmes story?”

Fan: “No, I meant an- any kind of story. Is there a story you are wanting to tell?” […]

Steven: “What, you mean a fictional one?”

Fan: “-even Sleeping Beauty or something, just a story, yeah!”

Steven: “Uh, you mean an idea for another story? Uh, yes. I have an idea I really really like, uh, for a story, and I pitched it to Sue- where were we? We were in… we were in Rome or something.”

Sue: “A very good idea.”

Steven: “It was a very good idea, and Sue liked it.”

Fan: “And what is it?”

Steven: “Well, I’m not telling you, you just asked me if I had one!”

Mark: “Uh, we do, no we do have, there is a thing which we may want to do, which we would like to do. There is, that is a thing, that’s true, I’m not being silly, that is a true thing. There is a project.”

anonymous asked:

Hey are they're any specific dos and don'ts about submitting things (like intentionally or unintentional self promotion)?

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever submit your own webseries/ARG/project to me claiming that it’s yours or that you had anything at all to do with making it. If you want me to know about what you made, follow these exact steps:

0) Make the best, most original, greatest-effort-you-could-muster thing possible before you consider sending me anything. Really work for it and do your best, and if you’re in doubt, remold and rework it until you’re very confident you nailed what you were going for and you’re ready for me to see it in all its glory. First impressions are extremely important.

1) Use the anonymous function on here

2) Pretend you found it online randomly and think it’s cool

3) Suggest I check it out to see if it’s Night Mind material

4) Be patient and understand it takes me a bit of a painfully long time to get through my recommendations and existing video coverage plans

5) A winner might be you!

6) Party

And that’s how you get me to check out your stuff without incurring my wrath or being a Patreon supporter in the consultation tier. ::3


Right, so… My scanner. It’s terrible. But my writing. It’s also terrible. So I hope you can at least see the left hand notes alright, and I know it’s kind of hard to tell, but the entire right hand is played one octave higher. Anyways, I decided to make some sheet music for the Elegy that Saeki plays because I like it and it’s short. The left hand also killed me I had a lot of fun! (I regret not writing this in 8/8, but I guess there’s no big difference. I also realize that I could have probably fit it all on one page if I had tried hard enough…)

Also, here’s my demonstration of how it sounds. Feel free to use these Sheet Music for your own purposes, and make the appropriate change if necessary! If you also play it, I’d love to hear it!

Please do not re-upload, though!

noxandlumen  asked:

How many stories or projects/ARG's are you keeping your eye on as of now? Would you mind telling us what they are? It seems like you've searched the far corners of horror on the Internet and you must have a stock pile lol

Oh, you want to open my MYSTERY BOX™ do you?

Well, then! Let’s open it. Surely, there must be something wonderful inside.

(crinkling wrapper)



(horse whinny)

Here we go! It’s… oh, f&%k.