How do you draw fluff? I don’t know these things.

This is for Cara, commissioned by Daunt!! Both are most fab ladies and I felt bad for taking so long and ended up going beyond a sketch, ah haha;; She asked for Derek and Stiles, or Stiles and a puppy. All dogs are puppies no matter what age or size okay. All dogs.

I have this dumb headcanon now about Derek and Stiles adopting a big ol’ Newfoundland (who I’ve been calling Herodotus in my head, eep). If the fact that both of them may be mildly aquaphobic now and Newfies are known for being good swimmers and are used for water rescue, no one brings it up (to their faces, at least)

areyoutryingtospookme replied to your post “I’m sorry, I can’t follow you anymore. I’m gay, but I can’t handle all the hetphobic stuff you post. It’s actually really upsetting for me. Sorry, I’ve followed you for a long time, but this was the last straw. I wish you well in all your endeavors and hope that you can find it in yourself to love everyone, not just your own kind. Thanks.”

Sometimes I feel uncomfortable and discouraged when I see hetphobic-ish stuff on my dash and consider unfollowing people, but then I’m like ‘oh no I’m having a minor moment of discomfort that I don’t normally get, I should probably get over myself’

cara continues to prove she is a flawless human being : the movie