the next fandom trope i hope takes off: a spite date

two people who hate each other meet by chance in a typical date venue and refuse to leave because it would mean the other person won. it turns out to be a lovely evening, if you ignore the glaring and the refusal to change seats or split a dessert 


How do you draw fluff? I don’t know these things.

This is for Cara, commissioned by Daunt!! Both are most fab ladies and I felt bad for taking so long and ended up going beyond a sketch, ah haha;; She asked for Derek and Stiles, or Stiles and a puppy. All dogs are puppies no matter what age or size okay. All dogs.

I have this dumb headcanon now about Derek and Stiles adopting a big ol’ Newfoundland (who I’ve been calling Herodotus in my head, eep). If the fact that both of them may be mildly aquaphobic now and Newfies are known for being good swimmers and are used for water rescue, no one brings it up (to their faces, at least)

This was one of my favorite takeaways from Dragoncon–a commissioned sketch from areyoutryingtodeduceme of Hawke and Varric :heart: I bought a few other things, incuding a Harry Potter sketchbook. Cara was the sweetest and did a little sketch of Draco inside there, as well :D Thanks again, Cara!

(psst, you can find her post of this same picture over on twitter, if you follow this link!)

Happy Valentine’s Day you wonderful people! I bought this mug as a gift for myself for V-Day and I absolutely adore it It is perfect. #husbandgreatlydisapproves #heisjustjealousoftheFen'Harellol Artist: Cara McGee You can purchase this mug and other fabulous things from her store on Red Bubble in the following link ♡ Shout out to areyoutryingtodeduceme ♡ Thank you for creating this wonderful piece! I hope you have a lovely day ♡

A Coffee Shop AU where John opens a coffee shop after being invalided home from Afganistan and one day gets an odd customer: he brings gory photos of dead people and things in plastic bags (one day there was a gun in one), and stares at them for hours on end. He always buys his coffee black, with two sugars in it.

I NEEDED THIS. So much angst lately in everything I’ve read and drawn. Just thinking about this concept made me happier.

And the fandom queen, areyoutryingtodeduceme wanted coffee shop au, so credits for the inspiration goes to her.

Indian Ink, A4, 1-2 hours


My red pants tea finally came, and I was finally able to drink it out of my red pants tea cup! I have to say, this tea is delicious, even if you don’t have the good fortune of drinking it out of a favourite character’s underwear. Wait what?

hawke: human trash disaster

A playlist for your favorite sarcastic shithead Champion of Kirkwall. 

1. hot mess - cobra starship. 2. run this town - jay-z feat. rihanna & kanye west. 3. flathead - the fratellis. 4. s.o.b. - nathaniel rateliff & the night sweats. 5. I fought the law - the clash. 6. I want you so hard (the boy’s bad news) - eagles of death metal. 7. if you’re into it - the flight of the conchords. 8. troublemaker - olly murs feat. flo rida. 9. sleeping with a friend - neon trees. 10. shut up and sleep with me - golden boy. 11. look at these hoes - santigold. 12. go hard ( - kreayshawn. 13. beez in the trap - nicki minaj feat. 2 chainz. 14. tik tok - ke$ha. 15. my own worst enemy - lit. 16. what’s my age again? - blink-182. 17. the bad touch - the bloodhound gang. 18. I just had sex - the lonely island feat. Akon. 19. bad girls - m.i.a. 20. 212 - azealia banks feat. lazy jay. 21. clique - kanye west, jay-z, & big sean. 22. bad reputation - joan jett & the blackhearts. 23. cuntry boys & city girls - the fratellis. 24. it’s getting boring by the sea - blood red shoes. 25. tubthumping - chumbawumba. 26. I like you so much better when you’re naked - ida maria. 27. trouble - p!nk. 28. don’t stop me now - queen.


(Art by the generous and talented areyoutryingtodeduceme and used with permission–original art found here if you want to reblog it!)


I have so many pictures to post, but I just wanted to start by posting one of my cosplays because I have sooo much fun cosplaying as punk!Moriarty!

This was kind of a re-do of what I did last year at BASC, but this time it is definitely closer to areyoutryingtodeduceme original art for punk!Jim!

[[Thanks to either mustbethegreatest or lordmorans for the pictures. I can’t remember who had the camera at the time!]]

Today was a big day for me ! I got my first ever tattoo. It had to be Sailor Moon inspired and here’s what I got. It took a good 3 to 4 hours to do. 

I’ve always wanted the Moon Crisis Locket as Super S is my favorite arc of the series but i didn’t want it blank so after seeing areyoutryingtodeduceme design I thought some roses would look amazing with it. The Fight Evil is of course related to the series but it is also a personal message to myself. 

All the credits goes to the amazing artist at 23keller in Paris that is eddieczaickidesigns. Check out his art, it is amazing and he’s really professional (just like everyone there) and was fun to sit with for 4 hours ! 

Also a big thank you to Cara McGee for letting me use her idea for that. I hope you like how it turned out ! 

Encore enormement merci a toi Eddie pour cette session et cette petite piece magnifique ! :D 

I will cherish it for ever <3 

The wall had it coming.



Bored! Bored.

This cake is my tribute to BBC’s Sherlock, my absolute favorite show that I have ever had the pleasure to watch.

Six themed layers inspired by the first six episodes and my slow descent into obsession.

The damask wallpaper is all hand carved from chocolate, as are most of the decorations.

(The blood on the bloody apple, is of course Mark Gatiss’s own recipe)

This cake, which I lovingly call my “Sherlock monstrosity”, took 2 years of sketches and 3 days to make. It was utterly worth it.

Thank you, BBC, cast, crew, and actors. Thank you, Sherlock fans and fandom. You have truly been an enormous inspiration for me over the past three years, and I owe you so, so much.