the next fandom trope i hope takes off: a spite date

two people who hate each other meet by chance in a typical date venue and refuse to leave because it would mean the other person won. it turns out to be a lovely evening, if you ignore the glaring and the refusal to change seats or split a dessert 


How do you draw fluff? I don’t know these things.

This is for Cara, commissioned by Daunt!! Both are most fab ladies and I felt bad for taking so long and ended up going beyond a sketch, ah haha;; She asked for Derek and Stiles, or Stiles and a puppy. All dogs are puppies no matter what age or size okay. All dogs.

I have this dumb headcanon now about Derek and Stiles adopting a big ol’ Newfoundland (who I’ve been calling Herodotus in my head, eep). If the fact that both of them may be mildly aquaphobic now and Newfies are known for being good swimmers and are used for water rescue, no one brings it up (to their faces, at least)
Help Offset Cara's Medical Bills

As many of us on Tumblr know Cara McGee (aka areyoutryingtodeduceme) was admitted to the hospital earlier this week. Cara is well known on tumblr for her fan art, delicious fandom tea blends, and hilarious shout-y recipes. 

In high school Cara was diagnosed with Chron’s Disease. Because she is uninsured she’s been unable to receive treatment for the past few years. After she was admitted in the ER it was discovered that Cara has a tear in her small intestines. She’s currently being treated with antibiotics and steroids in the hopes of avoiding surgery. Happily, as of the time of writing this, it looks like Cara will be able to go home tomorrow.

Unfortunately she will be going home with a pile of medical bills thanks to the healthcare system in the US. As someone who is chronically ill I know how fast the costs of treatment can pile up. Without insurance those costs can quickly become a mountain of debt.

I’m asking everyone, as both friends and fans of Cara and her work, to consider making a donation to help offset the cost of those medical bills. I’ve set the goal at $1,000 but every dollar really does make a difference. If we can meet that goal (or even exceed it) that would be amazing, but any money raised will make a difference.

Cara has spent a lot of time making art and yummy teas for various fandoms, from Sherlock to Teen Wolf to The Hobbit. She organizes free tea parties around the country for fans to meet up and discuss the shows and characters they love and travels to countless cons. It’d be amazing if we could give back to her, especially now.

Any questions? Feel free to drop me a line on tumblr.

Even if you can’t afford to donate please, please, reblog, tweet, anything to help spread the word!

I know some people have also wanted to send her get well cards and the like. Cara posted her P.O. Box information on her tumblr yesterday. It is:

Cara McGee

PO Box 13301 

Atlanta, GA 30324

Today was a big day for me ! I got my first ever tattoo. It had to be Sailor Moon inspired and here’s what I got. It took a good 3 to 4 hours to do. 

I’ve always wanted the Moon Crisis Locket as Super S is my favorite arc of the series but i didn’t want it blank so after seeing areyoutryingtodeduceme design I thought some roses would look amazing with it. The Fight Evil is of course related to the series but it is also a personal message to myself. 

All the credits goes to the amazing artist at 23keller in Paris that is eddieczaickidesigns. Check out his art, it is amazing and he’s really professional (just like everyone there) and was fun to sit with for 4 hours ! 

Also a big thank you to Cara McGee for letting me use her idea for that. I hope you like how it turned out ! 

Encore enormement merci a toi Eddie pour cette session et cette petite piece magnifique ! :D 

I will cherish it for ever <3 


Cara McGee is a graduate of SCAD where she spent many years learning how to draw comic books. She now puts that knowledge to use creating fandom based tea blends because why not, life is weird like that. She still enjoys comics and draws them frequently, and most of them concern food. You may have seen her crying over Sherlock and other fandoms and pushing tea on her tumblr.​

We are thrilled that Cara will be joining us as both a panelist and in the Artists Alley! She’ll be doing many art panels at the convention as well as a tea-making panel! Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, she’s also making the convention poster for this year. WOOT!
Cara got her hospital bill today. Let's keep showing how amazing fandom can be!

Today Cara shared on tumblr that her final hospital bill comes to over $15,000 dollars. As far as I know that does not include yesterday’s hospital visit and is instead just for the original three day stay.

This website, with your incredible support, has managed to help raise over $3,000 dollars for Cara so far. Everyone from fellow fans, to friends, to other tumblr users suffering from chronic illnesses have come together to show support for one of our own.

Tomorrow, the 12th, is Cara’s birthday. Because she’s been so sick lately she’s unable to follow her original birthday plans to go to NYCC and attend a live recording of Night Vale.

Wouldn’t it be an amazing birthday gift if we could continue to donate and help her pay for her hospital bills? If you’ve donated the first time around, thank you so much. If you’re able to donate again, or donate now when you couldn’t before, that would be amazing. But even if you can’t donate please, please, please keep reblogging to help spread the word!

As with the first time if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Okay I’ve been working on this ask on and off all day so here ya go! I went way out on this and made it a lot more than I think you wanted but oh well. 

All of these teas were made by Cara (areyoutryingtodeduceme) and you can find all of them here. Links to the teas I posted about are on the tea names. The art work used in the graphic above was also made by Cara and all credit goes to her. The labels used in the graphic are the ones I’m reviewing. The reviews are in the order they appear when I clicked on the list of all her blends so don’t worry about order. 

I’ll update this list as I try more teas, I’ve got the rest of the HP samples to go through still! 

TARDIS earl grey bravo, blackberry, vanillaWent through my bag the quickest of any tea I’ve tried so far. It’s perfect hot and cold. Tastes like a blueberry muffin melted into a cup! I drank a lot of this over the summer because it’s not too heavy and gave me the perfect start to my morning. I prefer it no milk with sugar. Honey dulled the berry taste so I’d just use sugar to sweeten. Extra sugar for cold. 

SHERLOCK HOLMES lapsang souchong, assam melody,oriental spice Not one I enjoyed actually. Perfect character tea, but like I told Cara it just wasn’t for me. You really should try a sample of lapsang souchong (you can buy samples for $3) before you decide to get this one. It’s smokey, very! It literally tastes like a fire it’s so weird and different. The smell is also off putting but it tones down a lot after it’s brewed. Though I don’t like it I know a lot of people do!! Try the lapsang souchong before you commit to a whole bag. 

KILI ceylon sonata, oriental spice,vanilla accented with ginger:  This was a pleasant surprise! When I tried this (I only have the sample) I was eating Chinese takeaway that was a little spicy. I can’t tell you how excellent a companion this tea was to my dinner! It has a bit of a spicy kick but not in a chai tea way, and yet under that it has a bit sweet citrus taste. A bit too bitter without sugar, I added about a spoon and half of sugar and just a tiny tiny bit of honey. I will purchase a full bag of this blend!

JOHN WATSON irish breakfast, cinnamon, earl grey greenI love this one, I’ve bought it 3 times. You can find my actual review here. Basically know that it’s John Watson in a cup and surprisingly good. Great for first time loose leaf tea drinkers because it’s not so far off from normal bagged tea that you’re not going to do with it. It’s really great. I take it with milk, sugar, and honey. 

BILBO BREW irish breakfast, sweet potato, vanilla green accented with cinnamonThis is one of the teas I tried at Cara’s tea party at Almacon so I can’t give you an indepth review. I liked it though, I would possibly buy this one. I was nervous about the sweet potato actually and I was pleased to find that was one of my favorite parts of this tea! It felt really homey and nice. If you like Watson there’s a good chance you’ll like this one. Good for first time tea drinkers I think.

REICHENBACH RECOVERY earl grey bravo, hazelnut, caramel: I love this one, it was one of the first I bought! It really feels like a giant hug. This is also another tea that I'd recommend if you’re new to tea blends.It’s not so different than an earl grey tea bag that you’ll freak out but it’s different enough to be much better and worth buying. I love the hazelnut in it because it’s subtle! I’ve found that I don’t like a lot of hazelnut but this is just enough to give it an interesting taste. I take mine with milk, sugar, and honey. 

MYCROFT: chocolate chip, rooibos vanilla chai,creamWhen I first had this I was like meh, not bad not great. Then I tried this as a latte. I finished the bag so fast it’s not even funny. It’s so good as a latte! And to make it is stupidly easy. Just heat up some milk and (if you don’t have a frother) whisk it up or what I did was put it in a little bowl with a lid and shook it up. When it gets all bubbly put it in your cup and add lots of sugar. Hello amazing tasting heaven. It also smells fantastic! It smells like Christmas! I’m out of this now but I might buy another bag someday down the line. 

DESTIEL oriental spice, assam melody, tiger eye accented with cinnamon and cocoa nibs Er I actually only had a sip of this one. Alex tried this at the tea party and I had a taste, it really really tasted like weak coffee though! Not for me, but Alex liked it because of the coffee taste so idk go ask her what it tastes like? 

REMUS LUPIN  earl grey moonlight, pu erh dante,chocolate chai I didn’t have any milk when I tried this one! I’m telling you this because it needs milk. I think anyway. Very earthy and I love the hint of chocolate! It’s sweet but not too sweet and one of my favorite blends character wise. Like seriously this is Remus in cup. No doubts. I didn’t really like it  without the milk but now that I have some I’ll try it again. 

MIND & THE HEART irish breakfast, berry blues, rooibos vanilla chai One of my favorites! I love the fact that it’s almost sweet and spicy at the same time. I’m a huge fan of the rooibos vanilla chai because it’s got a great taste without being overwhelming. Loved this with sugar and honey because it brings out the berry taste even more. Perfect balance of almost opposites. 

MIND PALACE ceylon sonata, blood orange, vanilla accented with marigold flowers I think I would consider this my top favorite of all the blends I’ve tried. It’s really homey and sweet but not overly sweet. My Grandma makes me tea with orange slices instead of lemon and this is exactly what it tastes like! The orange is strong but in the best kind of way. I like it with sugar and honey but NOT with milk. The milk I found dulls it, which some might like but I want that orangey taste! Because it is very light to begin with I like to seep it a bit longer than I normally would. It brings out the flavor more if you let it sit a bit. If you’re wary about the orange, have a cup of English Breakfast with an orange slice and that’s similar to what you’ll get with this. Love the smell too!

MORIARTEA  ginger, masala chaiOh man, this was my second cup at the tea party and I was so pleasantly surprised! I really didn’t know if I’d like it but I did! I added sugar, like Cara recommended, and I’m glad I did. It’s spicy and bold but in a good way. Very warm and every time I took a sip it was like a new experience. I really like this one and will buy it! I would love to see what this tastes like with milk. If you’re a fan of chai tea you’ll probably like this. 

JACK FROST snowbud, cream, peppermint accented with lemon balm [CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK]I got this blend as a sample from the tea party (thanks Becka for the trade!) and I wasn’t sure how much I’d like it. It’s a bit different but give this a try if you like mint! I really like it. It tastes like winter! Not Christmasy but like the days when it’s cold but not bitter, there’s a fresh pile of snow, and the sun is out! It’s a really light tea which I was nervous about but I had no reason to be. It tastes great and all the flavors compliment each other very nicely. I added sugar only and made a huge pitcher of it iced which I love!

MOLLY HOOPER chamomile, dewy cherry, snowbudI ordered this for a friends birthday and tried a cup of it so my review is not going to be very helpful since that was a year ago but I know she really likes it! I’m not a fan of chamomile at all so this tea was not for me but it’s good if you do like it. It was really really light, almost clear! It was also fairly sweet and I don’t think I added sugar. Very Molly though! 

NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM irish breakfast, rooibos vanilla chai,peach This is the tea I’m drinking right now actually! The peach here is amazing, I was worried that it’d be a subtle taste but it is very strong! If you like peach flavor you’ll love this. The rooibos vanilla chai complements this so nicely, it gives it an extra kick without being overwhelming. The Irish breakfast is a great base to this one as well! I have a box of like Lipton or whatever that’s just peach and while it’s okay it doesn’t give me the complex and interesting tastes that this one does. I take it with just a tad of milk, with sugar and honey to enhance the sweetness of the peach. Great for first time tea blend drinkers. 

THIRD STAR irish breakfast, ginseng green,vanilla Now this is an odd one because when I first tried it I actually liked it but as time grew on I liked it less and less. It’s kind of odd and the ginseng green is hard to get to taste right. I’m not a giant fan of green teas though. The vanilla was a great addition though and it gave it a more interesting flavor. It tasted kind of grassy at some points. Very mellow and tasted best with honey, I ended up giving this one to a friend actually. She liked it more than I did so if this sounds like something you might like give it a try!

#BELIEVEINSHERLOCK assam melody, irish breakfast,honeybush hazelnut Not the tea for me. I am not a fan of assam melody which has a very robust and nutty flavor, that combined with the hazelnut put me off of it. It was all a bit too much for me. I gave this one to a friend. I could see coffee lovers being into this one though, and if you like nuttier tastes you  want to give it a shot!

Well that’s all I’ve had so far! As I try more (and believe me I will!) I’ll update with new reviews. Take my advice lightly though, what I like you may not and what I don’t like you might! So try whatever you feel comfortable with!

Many thanks to Cara for coming up with all these amazing teas! ◕ ◡ ◕

The wall had it coming.



Bored! Bored.

This cake is my tribute to BBC’s Sherlock, my absolute favorite show that I have ever had the pleasure to watch.

Six themed layers inspired by the first six episodes and my slow descent into obsession.

The damask wallpaper is all hand carved from chocolate, as are most of the decorations.

(The blood on the bloody apple, is of course Mark Gatiss’s own recipe)

This cake, which I lovingly call my “Sherlock monstrosity”, took 2 years of sketches and 3 days to make. It was utterly worth it.

Thank you, BBC, cast, crew, and actors. Thank you, Sherlock fans and fandom. You have truly been an enormous inspiration for me over the past three years, and I owe you so, so much.


This summer my friend and I have been going to a pottery place to paint pottery.  The last time we went I saw this tea dispenser and just had to make a Tardis!  I just got it back today and am absolutely in love with it.  To make things even better I just bought a box of Doctor Who tea samples from Cara, and they fit perfectly!  

I can’t wait to have this in my dorm with me!

i made cupcakes and reichenbach recovery frosting

reichenbach recovery tea: x

vanilla cupcake recipe: x

reichenbach recovery buttercream:

2 2/3 cups powdered sugar
8 tablespoons softened butter
2 tablespoons Reichenbach Recovery Tea + 3 tablespoons boiling water


allow tea to steep in boiling water for 10-20 minutes

whip together icing sugar and butter until light, pale and fluffy (3-4 minutes)

add tea to frosting. mix well.