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Capsized by Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird’s new album, Are You Serious, came out last Friday, and with it, a new video for the single Capsized. The song is heavily informed by soul and R&B, and has a catchy chorus with a strong underlying drum beat. In the dreamlike video, Bird runs somewhat aimlessly through a concert hall, a city street, a bedroom, and other disparate locations. Some of these are places typically associated with large crowds, but, aside from a woman who appears in a few lightning-quick shots near the end of the video and whose face you never clearly see, Bird is the only person around. Several questions come up during the course of the video: Where is everyone? Who is this woman? Why does Bird have a target on the back of his jacket and a spotlight on him as he stumbles down the street? Is he actually in an episode of the Twilight Zone? I’ll probably be watching the video a couple more times, both to try to answer these questions and because it’s a pretty sweet song, too.

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Mj please, Ive seen multiple people say try are going to hurt themselves. Is there any positives for Klainers? Even Gleekto is upset.

Again…why are you turning to me? Fans who are hurting themselves over a TV show have issues far beyond anything I can do.

Do you really believe that positive news about any ship on Glee is going to solve their problems? REALLY?  If you know somebody who has threatened to hurt themselves, I suggest you tell an adult, or make sure they know where they can get help.

Okay, so I decided to make an updated fanfiction authors list because there are some new or recently discovered authors that are amazing and deserved to be recognized.

I listed the everlark author’s pen names on ff or AO3 and their tumblr names. Some authors don’t have tumblr accounts or I couldn’t find some of them.  If I listed an author as “no tumblr” and they do have one, please let me know!

I added my old list to the new list.


Josh Hutcherson Fanfiction

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  • bigdhutch
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  • joshmopolitan
  • lovesbiggerthanpride
  • lurkinginthecorner
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  • youarebeingridiculous

Everlark Fanfiction

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I am proud to say that “You Can Always Come Home” turns 1 today!

A year ago today I took the leap back into writing full story fanfiction again. I had tested the waters with a few short one-shots and drabbles before deciding to jump in head first. 

That jump consisted of nerves, fear, and a desire to build a world around two people who had somehow managed to creep in and steal my heart. Bringing them to life in my story came easier than I ever thought possible, and slowly but surely, the story began filling out. 

Looking at it now, I have no regrets about joining into this amazing fandom, which at the time consisted of only a handful of people, nor do I regret becoming reaquainted with the world of writing fanfiction. The lives I created within ‘You Can Always Come Home’ have become very near and dear to me. These characters, these people, have and will continue to make appearances throughout my future works.

The very first Joshifer fanfiction I stumbled across was Hunger by jenniferandjoshua. From there, I was led to the story that inspired me to begin writing again, and more importantly, seeded my love for Joshifer. I found Tell Me You know by areyouserial and I was a goner.

I want to thank Casey for reigniting my passion for storytelling. You gave me back something that I thought I had lost. So again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This story has brought some beautiful people into my life. Jamie, I know your Everlark is what brought us together, but your praise for YCACH meant more to me than I think you’ll ever know. I love you! Natalie, you are an amazing person, I have grown to love you like family, as well as Nick. From these friendships, so many more grew and for that I am forever grateful.

And finally, I want to thank each and every person who has read through, liked, reblogged, supported, and loved ‘You Can Always Come Home’. This story is my baby of sorts and to have all of you beautiful people take a chance on not only my writing, but me, truly means the world to me. Thank you.

Thank you all so very much! ~ Mel

For anyone who would like a link, ”You Can Always Come Home” can be found in its entirety here.

After breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, Nick, Jennifer finds comfort in the most unexpected of places, her best friend Josh’s arms.

Josh finds himself in love with Jennifer, but when she tells him she’s giving her ex another chance, he falls into a pit of despair and fights to put his life back on track. There’s an obvious solution to his problems, fall out of love with Jennifer Lawrence. If only his heart would listen. 

Follow Josh and Jennifer as they each go their separate ways attempting to go on with their lives while keeping their friendship intact. Will Josh ever find himself able to stand on his own and get over losing the love of his life? Will Jennifer make a secure future with Nick or will she risk everything and take a chance on love with Josh and accept the offer he made when he said, “You can always come home.”