Waist trainers. Are they good or bad for you?

Hmm let’s think about it for a sec. It’s a resurrected corset. These went out of style in the early 1900s!!! Why are we bringing back a device that just smooshes your organs together to achieve a tinier waist? That’s so dangerous! There’s no evidence that you can extra burn calories or extra fat by wearing one.

Sure celebrities say they “swear by it”, but remember that they also are PAID the big bucks to shoutout those waist training companies. All the results are temporary. Once you stop wearing it, your belly will bulge out again. So if you want a permanent, real, strong waist with visible abs, then girl, you gotta work for it!

There’s no magic. No spot reducing. There’s only plastic surgery and then there’s exercise and eating clean. Do the latter as you don’t have to spend any money, and you get stronger in the process. No point in having a big butt when you can’t squat heavy or a teeny tiny waist but you can’t do a crunch. You feel me?

So for anyone wondering if you should get a waist trainer, the answer is a stiff NO!!! Now, do you want to know how to NATURALLY achieve a tighter waistline? Read about the history of corsets and the challenge I designed for you on my blog, (link in bio). #challengecomingup #areyouin #30daywaisttrainer

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This was right after the tattoo so still a little dirty. >.< I’ll post an other picture when its fully healed and you can see the red better. Thank you @cebedoe for fixing my my chest piece I had for 2 years. I love it now! #incubustattoo #incubus #areyouin #red #black #girlswithtattoos #girlswithpiercings #gauges #cebe

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Incubus makes it into my top ten bands, Morning View is one of my favorite albums. It came out in 2002 when I still lived in Indonesia, reminds me so much of home and the ocean. This is their greatest song, gotta go see them live one day. On my bucket list for sure. Just ordered this album on vinyl, should be coming any day now. Song is Are You In?