I got tagged by gunslingsmileyThank you :)

Name: Luchia (prefer that one on the internet)Nickname: Kowa / Kowalski. yes, penguins of madagascar :D
Birthday: 09. January
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5’6
Time Zone: CEST/CET
What time and date is it there: it’s 14:41 (2:41pm), 31. august
Average hours of sleep: hmm between 5-8 hours
OTPs: eren x mikasa I guess but i don’t really ship :D
A piece of advice to all my followers: Don’t take things personal from people that don’t know you personally :)
You have to listen to this song: Honest by The NBHD because perfection & Red by HyunA because monkey butt’s are red. this is so deep

I am gonna tag: areweevenalive , fuckyeahjapanandkorea & pastelkkuma

You don’t have to do it but I’d love to see it ^__^