Who's running a race that's NOT Chicago this weekend?
  • Pam & I are running the Montgomery Half Marathon
  • Aimee is running her first half.
  • Amanda also has a half this weekend.

Who else is racing this weekend?

While we may not be a part of the Tumblr invasion of the Windy City, but we could perhaps think of ourselves as satellite units.

Good luck to all runners everywhere.


So, I ran a half marathon on Saturday after running only 7 times in the month before it.  I had no real goal, but I really wanted an average pace under 10:00/mi.

This was the forecast for race time as of Friday night:

I was thrilled because I knew that would definitely help me out.

We put our jackets on Saturday, walked out the door, and went right back in and took them off. It was much warmer than I expected. And super foggy (=humid). My car said 69o. Our house in only a bit over a mile from the Montgomery Biscuits (yes, that is the name of our minor league team…) baseball stadium, where the race would end and Jeremy would wait for me, but a lot of roads were blocked off, so we weren’t able to get to the parking lots that were supposed to be open. This set us back a few minutes, so I called Pam to let her know I was walking towards the start but that I was leaving my phone with Jeremy.

I dropped my phone in the diaper bag, kissed Jeremy & Ryland for luck, and took off at a speed walk to make sure I’d have time to go to the bathroom before the starting announcements at 6:45.  I got to the line just in time, took a place a ways back from the line, and started scanning the crowd for Pam. I found her!

And the race began…

Miles 0-1.5: I ran with Pam, just below a 10:00 pace. This is the section that was almost entirely uphill. Half the elevation gain of the entire race was in the first 2.5 mi.

Miles 1.5-6.5: I felt good during this time. I kept a pretty conservative pace since I didn’t know how well I’d do when the humidity got to me or how much it would warm up if the sun broke through the fog. 

Miles 6.5-10: I had to poop and had just passed a port-a-let. I frantically looked for another (I thought there would be more along the course), but to no avail. I often have to go during runs, but in my 14 years of running, I’ve never had to go during a race.

At the turnaround just after mile 7, a guy started singing “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.” I briefly joined in, but couldn’t do the fast part. I said I had the song on my Ipod, but it died. He said he had it on his, but he lost his headphones. Then he said he had to slow down, but for me to finish it out for him. Once I pulled ahead, he noticed my socks and yelled out, “Nice socks!”  Soon after this I saw Pam heading toward the turnaround.

Mile 10-10.75: This had the hardest part of the race: running over the interstate (the steepest hill). I had also gotten goosebumps by this point, but refused to be defeated by the hill and walk. Once it turned downhill, I swallowed my pride and walked.

Mile 10.75-10.95: Walking off the goosebumps. One runner who passed said, “Good job” to me. I told her I had to stop because I got goosebumps, and she said, “Me, too.” I didn’t let that cause me to start running again before I was able.

Miles 10.95-13.1: The goosebumps had started to fade, so I started running again.  I caught up to some who had passed me while walking. I was really feeling tired, but I started pushing harder than I had up to that point since I was so close the end. I finally saw a port-a-let at mile 11, but I wasn’t going to stop that close to the end.  The goosebumps came back, too, but I had less than 2 miles to go at that point, and there were plenty of people around, so I kept pushing. 

Finally we entered the stadium for the home stretch. I passed 4 or 5 more people, but couldn’t quite catch one lady who had been just in front of me the whole time except when I had to walk. She stretched out her arms to fly over the finish line as I tried desperately to catch her. My finish photo will not be cute this year.

And I made it. 2:09:51. 12:24 slower than last year, but still, I made it.

My splits:

You can tell exactly when I was feeling good, when I had to go to the bathroom as thus slowed down, when I slowed even more for the hill and to walk, and how I pushed at the end. I forgot to stop my Garmin, so that’s why it’s a bit longer than the chip time.

Tumblr Tuesday:

To the complainer last week, Rincey has never been in my crushes, and Lori and Pam haven’t in quite some time. I just started following Kayla again this past week.

Oh, I’ll take “Talk to Me Tuesday” questions again, anon or not. 

I probably shouldn't run today

since my leg started hurting again yesterday.

(Thanks to those who replied when I asked about DUs)

@Steph- I’m definitely doing them wrong because I jump really high. I don’t have the wrist movement down. I don’t even know if my right wrist will even let me turn the rope fast enough. And I get exhausted after just a few jumps.

@K- I think I’ll try doing them either inside, if I can find a big enough space on the hardwood, or outside on my yoga mat.

Back to my leg…

It doesn’t hurt this morning, but it didn’t hurt yesterday morning and started later in the day even though I didn’t do anything that would cause it to hurt.

I need to let it get better.

Friday evening & Saturday Jeremy & I are hiking/ camping the southernmost portion of the Pinhoti trail. I’ve never been there, but I know there’s a lot more elevation than where we normally go.

Next Saturday is the 10k trail run with Pam.  Even if I have to take the next week & a half off from running and stick to walking & biking, I know I can run a 10k.

Then that next day is when I go to camp- a week of running around nearly all day long (except for the times spent eating, sleeping, worshiping, and a few other activities).

I really need my leg to not be hurting me.

So today I will ride the lame stationary bike to give myself 1 more day to heal, and we’ll see from there.

kmeiselle answered your question: Good idea: Running a timed 5K to assess your…

If you’re not used to mid/fore-foot striking, it will take time for your calves to adjust, but they will be better off for it.

ok. That’s good to know. I think my calves may end up bigger than they were at my starting weight, but that’s ok, too.

arestlessmind replied to your post: Good idea: Running a timed 5K to assess your…

Did you run in the rain yesterday? James and I ran in that same freezing rain and barely survived!

Yes! I had no idea it was going to be cold and rainy in the afternoon, so I didn’t have sufficient clothing packed. After I got going, everything was warm enough except my ears.

Done with negativity for the day.

amandafullofhappiness replied to your post: my eating yesterday does not determine my value as…

just remember everyday is a new day :) dont let what you do one day determine who you are

aliblogsgradschool replied to your post: my eating yesterday does not determine my value as…

You are so right! You are extremely valuable regardless of food choices. :] Love you, Nikki!

catherinegetsfit replied to your post: the details of yesterday- under the cut in case…

Nikki, it takes so much courage to admit to a binge and post the details. This does not define who you are. Today will be better.

losingitall replied to your post: the details of yesterday- under the cut in case…

There is never any sense when the binge monster come to town. Whats done is done and its not really that bad. Its amazingly hard to put it all out there to be so honest, I hope you just move onto a new fresh and happy day. Please don’t dwell on it :)

arestlessmind replied to your post: the details of yesterday- under the cut in case…

We all have those days and it definitely took a lot of courage for you to admit it. Don’t worry about yesterday, just accept what happened and move on. Today is a fresh and new day!

shortmom replied to your post: the details of yesterday- under the cut in case…

I like your “moving on” attitude … it’s so important to remember that yesterday’s or last week’s screw ups don’t mean we’ll repeat them today. For me, owning up to the mistakes puts them on my radar so I will have less chance for repeat.

ariavie replied to your post: the details of yesterday- under the cut in case…

Remember how crappy a binge makes your body feel.Enough binge-enduced stomachaches will make you reconsider. I’m glad you’re not freaking out about it. That shows some progress right there! :)

Thanks everyone (and the ones I didn’t post)!

reinventyourlife replied to your photo: GPOYW- last year Halloween edition Unfortunately,…

You’re being negative again missy! You’re gorgeous and still look hot in that dress, I’m sure.

You totally read my mind my saying this while I was compiling this post.

Putting it all out there helped me assuage my guilt and also show that it’s not as bad as I felt it was. It also helped me see that if I have too many days like yesterday, I could be back at 170 by Thanksgiving. Yikes!

I’m going to make my next 2 days of eating the best they can be, enjoy my trip this weekend, try not to compare myself to my gorgeous, tiny sis-in-law, and get myself straight when I come back. Is it wrong for me to want there to be a noticeable difference between when they see me this weekend & Thanksgiving?