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do some matt and neil best friend headcanons

oh my god idk i’ve already received and written a lot about them which you can see in my brosten tag but i’ll t ry

  • matt has a pinterest board dedicated to unflattering pictures of neil he finds on the internet entitled “my mans”
  • personally i love the headcanon that neil gets signed to matt’s pro team before he joins andrew’s can u imagine how much shit these two would get into 
    • can u imagine matt enabling neil at press conferences oh my god
  • matt practically lives at neil’s apartment during this time and oh boy
    • neither of them can cook, it’s lucky that matt has a full exy player’s salary bc they literally just eat takeout
    • matt giving neil piggybacks so he can reach the top of the shelves to dust
    • matt popping up at his door at headass o’clock after an incredible game’s just been aired so he can talk to neil about it
  • when neil moves away to join andrew’s team they schedule fortnightly skype sessions 
    • matt: no, you hang up first 
    • neil: [hangs up]
  • matt getting neil into star wars and maybe neil’s not 100% into it but matt’s such a loser for this franchise that he lets matt take him to marathon screenings and he even buys him tickets to a premier for his birthday
  • also matt definitely cries the day he asks neil to be his best man at his and dan’s wedding
  • matt refers to neil’s cats as neil’s kids like
    • “thank you for looking after the kids last week, i’ll return the favour i promise” “i don’t have kids, matt” “are u sure about that”

shinee talking about shinee without the rest of the group around: we really arent friends we’re more like a family. over ten years we’ve formed a pretty tight bond and no single person keeps the group afloat, its really a group effort. no matter what issues come up we still love each other and try our hardest in performance.
shinee talking about shinee in a group: 

Phone call

Slytherin (picks up phone): Hello. Moron. What do you want?

Gryffindor: Good morning to you too, Sly. Where are you right now?

Slytherin: Why do you want to know? I moved. We don’t live in the same country anymore.

Gryffindor: Ooh, does someone miss my company?

Slytherin: Oh, yes. Only someone as inane as you are would miss wanting to smash their head against the wall all the time while saving you from public humiliation and your own stupidity.

Gryffindor: So you admit to being just like me? Anyway, so I’m here for stuff and I have a few hours before I catch my flight. I just wanted to know if you’d like to, uh, hang out for a while.

Slytherin: Well…no. I’m actually still preparing for exams; besides, a few hours? I don’t want you to miss your flight.

Gryffindor: Because you just want me gone that bad?

Slytherin (amused snort): Yes. Of course.

Gryffindor: I know you don’t hate me that much.

Slytherin: Oh, I don’t. Not really. But you just…

Gryffindor: …Have the unnatural power of annoying you-

Slytherin: All the damn time? Yes.

Gryffindor: Oh, I’m so sorry!

Slytherin: Yes, I know you are.

Gryffindor: Okay then. Hopefully some other time?

Slytherin: I’ll try. Go catch your flight, you ass.

Gryffindor: Bye, Salty.

Slytherin: Goodbye, Idiot.

Sometimes I only realize how alone I am when it’s 1am and I’m a complete mess, but I can’t talk to you anymore.
—  💜

Friendship to endship





Karen: and that foggy is how my friendship ended with frank

Foggy: * putting volka in his coffee* its too early for this shit.


Oliver: “Ok, I’ll be there! Thanks again! Talk to you later, bye!”

Awa: “Hey babe. Who were you talking to?”

Oliver: “My dad. Good news! I told him about our sitatution and he said I can come work for his company, I start monday!”

Awa: “That good I guess .. but what about your dream of owning your own bar and everything?”

Oliver: “I can always do that later, Awa. Right now my dream is that you and the babies don’t starve to death”

Awa: “Why does everyone keep saying babIES?? There’s only gonna be one baby mmkay”

Oliver: “Twins run in my family ya know”

Awa: “What are you talking about, you have like one childless aunt and you’re an only child, you dork”

Last Post On The Topic

Hi all!

Just going to make one big ass post going through everything that I have seen over the last few days.

Yeah….probably shouldn’t have deleted Tumblr but whenever you see all your families personal information in a private message, your brain panics a bit. If youre wondering why I did delete tumblr, people were threatening my family and I by posting all my families info and to be honest, my families security is wayyy more important than a post on a social media.

From what it like, a main talking point is ‘Why do you not want to be associated with Vanoss?’ and its not that at all. We grew our channels together and ive played with him for years! Just because we dont play together anymore doesnt mean we arent still good friends. We make music and whenever i’m in LA, we always hang out. I feel like a lot of you alerted to HE DOESNT LIKE EVAN which is 100% false.

From what i’ve learned, the fandom doesnt see Evan as being a leader but outside the fandom, its something I get slapped in the face with everyday and after a while and after tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people saying that I am is what bugged me.

For my friends and I, we have always seen eachother as individual channels and thats why a lot of us make solo videos and videos with everyone and anyone. The ‘BBS’ as its known is only made up of whoever Evan only plays with and thats why I said it quote on quote ‘doesnt exist’ because we all do our own thing bar Evan who only sticks to a core group. From what i’ve learned during this whole thing is the BBS is a thing because people who makes fanart and people who are a fan of what we do needed a name to go to and if anything, that makes sense now and I want to thank the people who have came up to me and help clear things up. For me, I always saw the ‘Vanoss Crew’ and ‘Vanoss and Friends’ and those names is what triggered this whole thing because we all put so much time and effort into all of our videos and to be categorized as a ‘friend’ of another channel is demoralizing but what I wrongly did was categorize BBS under names like that and from which I see, people in the BBS fandom know Evan isnt the leader and we are all equal which brings me peace of mind and I can only apologize for thinking they were the same thing. For me, I couldnt get my head around BBS but after seeing such a strong, passionate fanbase, it made me realize that even though im apart of it, the whole thing is a lot bigger than me and to those who I have offended during this whole thing, I want to say i’m sorry.

I love you guys so before jumping to conclusion, if you have a question or problem, talk to me instead of attacking me.

I feel like no matter what I say, people will take it in a bad light when the original post was meant to be a good thing but hey, thats life! Regardless, ill be over here making videos for the people who want to watch :D


look at the way nunu looks at me in the last pic! true love!!!! (this is the first time my face has been on this blog please be nice :////)

i was tagged by the lovielyesd @hobisluvr  to do this selfie tag things (first time ive been tagged in anythign on this blog im truly blessed)!!!

i have like 0 friends rn but imma tag the GREATEST people i know because i love them with my entire heart and they deserve everything pure. i know yall have probably done this before but…… i wanna tag yall bc i love you and dont feel like you HAVE to do it bc i tagged you bc you truly dont i just want to love you a lot <3333333 : @softyfor-sweaterpaws @pastel–woozi  @obey-this-shorty98 @kpoplord2002  @uhhuhlistenboy @girlsday(also anyone else im just too scared to tag others) (it’s okay to reblog!!)

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blue and ronan being low key bffs but every time someone mentions it they are Outraged and Offended we arent friends that's disgusting

Blue can’t reach the top shelf of the bookshelf because of her impossibly short legs. “Ronan, can you give me a lift?”

“Sure thing, maggot,” Ronan replies affectionately as he lifts his arm from around Adam’s shoulders and crosses the room. 

That’s when Gansey walks in and ruins the moment. Spotting Blue on Ronan’s shoulders, he professes joyously, “I sure am glad you two are friends now.” 

With a loud thump, Ronan drops Blue from his arms. She comes crashing down on her ankle, rolling it under her body.

Tears in her eyes, pain her heart, she yells at Gansey, “How dare you suggest we are friends!”

“Shit,” Adam says getting up, “We need to get you to a hospital.”

“Not until Gansey takes back what he just said we don’t,” Ronan says, crossing his arms.

Blue, through the pain with clenched teeth, nods her head in agreement while staring down her boyfriend. 

Nobody ever accuses the two of them of being friends ever again.

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i bet your not even disabled

holy shit…. you must be right.

now my leg can stop aching all the time. that’ll be good. it’s been flaring up a lot lately, so ill appreciate the break! cant wait to be able to walk more than a block without being in extreme pain!

and my brain can pull itself together.

oh my god, anon. youve changed my life. 

thank you so much.

#8 Mitch Marner

can you do a mitch marner one where everyone knows you guys don’t get along but fighting or arguing is something you secretly like (and he secretly likes it too) and there’s chemistry and sexual attraction that he can’t take it anymore and kisses you and it’s like aggressive kissing idk it’s not really smut but like the next time y'all see each other you guys don’t argue anymore and everyone’s like ?????? pls and thanks!

Warnings: Angry kissing *you cant see it but my eyebrows are doing a thing*

Song suggestion of the day: heathrow by catfish and the bottlemen

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You’d known Mitch Marner for way too long and for the record he’d always been insufferable. You would have been perfectly content to stay friends with Connor and Dylan, till Mitch came barrelling into your trio. He and Dylan were like two peas in a pod and you hated it. Then you’d moved to London and so every time you saw Dylan and Connor, Mitch was always there. You couldn’t stand it. He was so annoying and immature and he’d never leave you alone. You didn’t think you could dislike another person more. Con was always the mediator when you fought, he was shy but he really had a way with people that he didn’t give himself credit for. Connor and Mitch weren’t as close as Dylan and Mitch were, plus he was definitely more of an introvert than the other two so you ending up talking to Connor a lot more than you did Dylan. This became yet another reason for you to despise Marner, not that you hated talking to Connor but that you missed Dylan. It was worse when Dyl and Con weren’t in London. You had to feed your hockey addiction so you found yourself at knights games where you’d be forced to see Mitch. To add to that, you’d see him around town all the time also. You finally thought you’d catch a break when you were accepted to a Uni in Toronto. You’d get to see Dylan and Connor and avoid Mitch easier when they were there for games. Those first couple of months before the draft were pretty lonely. You’d seen Connor brown around town a couple of times and remembered him from when he was playing with the Otters. You and connor got on pretty well and he was from Toronto so he helped you find your feet in Toronto, which was awfully nice of him. Then Mitch went and got himself drafted to Toronto, much to your distain.

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