arent they the same person


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Hi! Your prompts are my favorite and I was wondering if you could do some dialogue? This time person A(24y/o) and B(32y/o) are in a relationship. this is A's first relationship, B has been in a couple. Then B's ex(someone they truly loved), person C, comes back and tries getting B back, but B doesn't budge, so then C goes after A playing mind games (A worries about the relationship because of the age gap). I was wondering if you could come up with C hurting A and maybe B comforting A. Thanks!

Thank you! I am so glad you like them! I’ll try my best:

1.C:”Why would you want someone so…inexperienced?”

B:”They may be inexperienced but they’re a heck of a lot better then you ever were.” 

2. B:”Don’t let them get to you, okay? They’re just trying to psych you out to drive you away from me.” 

A:”Well it’s working. They’re right, arent they? We’re so different, wouldnt you prefer someone closer to your own age? “ 

B:”You make it sound like we are a hundred years apart. You’re only 8 years younger then me, and that doesnt even matter. I love you, and you make me happy. That’s all that matters.” 

3. C:”Don’t get so confident. Why would they want you when they can have someone more mature, and more experienced.” 

A:”You’re right. I don’t know why they want me, but you know what? They haven’t left me yet. So I must be doing something right.” 

4.A:”You did love them at some point… right?”
B:”Yeah. Yeah, I did, but that was then, and this is now. They arent the same person any more and neither am I. Right now, I love you, not them. You have me now, not them, and that isnt changing any time soon.” 

5.C:”What do they have that I don’t? How could you possibly choose that over me?” 

B:”You really want to know? They are so much better then you in so many ways, but most importantly, I love them, and unlike you, they love me back.” 

I hope you like them, and if you need anything else, don’t be afraid to ask! 

im really glad aquamarine (appearance wise) wasnt as bad as i thought she would be. like the actual worst frames of her were chosen from the episode for the leaked pics. im glad she got a bit more fluidity but she’s still kinda inconsistent like the size of her gem and her hair. some scenes she has a fuller face (like with actual cheeks instead of simply a circle) which imo was much better.. and her wings arent the same as her shadow which still bugs me.
personality wise tho she’s basically boss baby.
the eps were pretty good tho

i went to get a pic of gwyndolin to show my friend that him and his father arent the same person and honestly i want to end my life

video game journalism was a mistake

You can’t like Framework Ward and hate “Real” Ward. They’re the same person. Don’t try tell me they arent. They are two versions of the same person. Just like May and Coulson and Fitz. Especially Fitz. One version of Ward was given a chance. One version was not abused and brainwashed.

You cannot like one and hate the other.

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girl you better sit the fuck down chris doesn't deserve your ugly comments he's done nothing. we get it you don't like his character and that's fine but chris and mon el aren't the same person??

chRis aND mON EL AreNT THe SaM3 PersON??

Happy 5th birthday to my blog!

ok so my blog turned 5 and i wanted to make a little appreciation post because i love you and your blogs all so much, i’ve changed fandoms and urls so much in the past five years but most of you have stayed and i met so many new people and i became such good friends with a lot of you and you’re all amazing!!! (i put it under a cut bc it got way longer than intended whoops)

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