arent they adorable

As promised, here’s my ROMANOGERS AVAC fan art!!! I was debating whether I should do my usual coloring style (one that takes hours to make) or just use flat colors instead since it is easier and faster. In the end, I decided to try something new - used flat colors and add little highlights. I think it turned out great?

PS: I intentionally cropped their faces for a “mysterious” effect. I leave the interpretation of their expressions to you. Feel free to leave comments on how I can improve. 

everybody’s sittin around arguing about jicheol and meanie and junhao when we all know who the real otp of seventeen is

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CHALK DREAMS _(:3 」∠ )_

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“Uhm… Steel?”, Lygari was slightly startled by the sudden hug, but didn’t mind it. She was more concerned why Steel had decided to suddenly hug her so tightly and not let go at all. Like she was about to loose her or something.

“Is everything alright?”, she asked, concerned for her crush friend.

 Steel kept the tight hold going for a few more seconds and finally released her girlfriend with a small sigh. She took a step back and shrugged, eyes remaining closed and face in her usual relaxed and blank expression.

“Yeeah. Just thought I saw you shiverin’ there for a moment. Y’know, don’t want y’ to catch a cold n’ stuff.”

 Of course she wouldn’t have gone through with the plan if she hadn’t already thought up this lame excuse beforehand.

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Let's fangirl about gramander? :D what I love about these two is how soft their love is especially in canon fics. There is so much hurt/comfort which makes me squeal quite loudly. There is this grumpy hardass AUROR who is secretly a sweetheart and this beast-loving cinnamon bun who is secretly a badass! I can't get enough. Give me all the gramander love. I hope they were kidding and we will see the real Percival in the next movie. That would be amazeballs! :D

Oh my goodness, I didnt see this until now! I just love gramander they are so adorable! Like, I picture it as Percival just being a serious hardass towards his aurors and everyone is just terrified and then Newt pops up like “Hi! Look at me, arent I cute with my adorable freckles and my tendency to get in major trouble all the time?” And Percival is just a goner for him and thinks the adorable cinnamon bun needs protecting when really Newts a badass I just love it so much!

Also if Percy isnt in the new movies I will cry cuz if I were him Id be so pissed off. Like he was gone for so long and no one noticed but this magizoologist who didnt even know him! Id rage quit on the spot