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I don’t want to believe that Ben Affleck is a horrible human being because where does that leave me on Matt Damon? I love Matt Damon. He seems like such a great guy. Affleck/Damon brotp, am I right? But why would he be bffs with a douche? Is it a loyalty thing? Was Affleck not always a douche? What are the answers????

Still dont have net ill catch up with everything once i do but hey look! Moved to my new apartment and am in the process of unpack but wooo two monitors and ofc my silver haired husband and his army of ponies are going to keep my company while i work. Geez what kind of fuckin nerd do you guys think you follow?

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Oh shit, entonces los teclados no traen ñ? :0 y cómo hacen para diferenciar palabras que significan cosas distintas dependiendo de la tilde? (me daría risa que alguien me dijese algo como "mi papa está durmiendo" lmao)

las computadoras y teclados son en Inglés aquí. entonces tiene que programar español in the computer, pero mucha gente no sabe hacer eso. para diferenciar, munchos usamos Spanglish or just use context to figure it out wwww i know its a very unstable thing, but we all do it :3

That moment when

it’s 11pm and you realise that you don’t know an adult lesbian that you could realistically talk to about how to have safe lesbian sex and a bit of you dies inside because you’ve realised that you’re going to have to sit through straight people telling you how to have safe lesbian sex or you’re going to have to brave the lesbian obsessed internet in order to educate yourself.

It’s 3 am || Rick & Kat

Rick put down his phone, reading Kat’s last message and rolling out of his bed. If he remembered right, she did live pretty close by, which gave him twenty minutes tops before Kat showed up at his door (or window. She never did specify…) He turned on the light, put on a sweater, and started heading down the stairs, making sure the door to his aunt’s room was closed. She was a heavy sleeper, but better safe than sorry.

He closed his front door behind him, sitting on the swing in his front porch in a sweater and pajamas, and waited for the sight of blonde hair on the side walk in the middle of the night.