arent they

i fucking hate it when the people whove bullied me accross the years and still bully me now are wearing fucking blue for autism speaks “light it up blue day™” acting like they support autistic people

i have autism and ive been bullied all my life by the people who then turn around and where blue saying that they love autistic people

just because you wear blue on a special day for an organization people are woefully ignorant about it doesnt mean you support autistics

just because you say you support autistic people doesnt mean your actions support autistics

funny shit

repeating detail-type headcanons that show up in my shit about various post heresy characters. not to be taken seriously.:

Abaddon the Despoiler:
-dorito bits in armour
-does not bathe or remove his armour except when stuff grows on him
-cheetofingered all the time from snacking while planning black crusades
-never talks to human beings, ever, unless he has to
-barely talks to astartes 
-loves mtn. dew and drinks it nonstop
-the kind of dead inside that tumblr kids think they are but for real
-never take the talon off if at all possible

Ahzek Ahriman:
-the nerdiest
-has a sort-of cat thing but refuses to call it his cat
-tries to kill the cat all the time, cat is impossible to kill and can warpwalk
-gets really cluttered with stuff he’s picked up and stolen, basically a hoarder of priceless and heretical bits and bobs
-cares a lot about The Aesthetic (blue, gold, glowy bits, ram horns)
-snacks on sweet stuff
-socially awkward

Lucius The Eternal: 
-hates when people invite themselves to his drugs
-loves to share the drugs of his own accord though
-still thinks he is the sexiest thing in the galaxy at times
-Other times overcome by crippling self loathing
-a total bore and also a total asshole
-would love those “Tag yourself” memes

Erebus the Dark Apostle: 
-has a thing for biting the tops of bottles off/snapping them off instead of opening them 
-adopts pets at random
-not actually pets, just different CSM to hang around him and be all bodyguardish 
-basically a mean grandma of chaos
-tired of everyone’s shit 
-hates strawberry scented things with a passion
-will slap you

Kharn the Betrayer: 
-hates the kill maim burn meme
-hates you
-hates everything
-hates himself a lot
-smells pretty ripe
-not a bad dude if you don’t piss him off
-everyone pisses him off
-5ever sad


ok kids that shitposting was fun but we are done for the night!! just some nice reminders:

  1. jb is not rly a satanist (source needed tho)
  2. all of you need jesus
  3. idk please refollow us if u unfollowed :( we were trying 2 be funny ill send u that cute urine my heart cat
  • me:*is at an exo concert*
  • my inner monologue:I know these will all be stories someday. And our pictures will become old photographs. And we'll all become somebody's mom or dad. But right now, these moments are not stories. This is happening. I am here. And I am looking at them. I can see it. This moment, when you know you're not a sad story. You are alive. And in this moment, we are infinite.

Isle of Flightless Birds

The one where Louis is blind and has to move to a new school. Harry is the school’s bully, but maybe he changes a little when they cross paths.

larry stylinson


withoutacuppateaaa asked:

Listen little girl, maybe look up the definition of "white feminism" before you try to get into arguments online with adults who have way more education than you do about things you clearly do not understand. Get the definition correct before you start talking shit. Just a piece of advice. Good luck.

eat my ass

is this what u call a drag honestly