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I know its sad..saying goodbye to loved ones is never easy..
 Please understand that the only thing Saint really was leaving behind was the pain that he was in.. He was still fairly young for his age, roughly 56 in human years. But he had a very fulfilling life, he created memories and inspired so many. He accepted his death with dignity and understanding..he wasn’t afraid to face the end, he embraced it… It was hard to tell him goodbye, but I knew it was for the better. Saint belonged in a much better place. 

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i don't care if your gf says fox ears are dumb FOXY GRANDPA FTW

I mean..they arent actual fox ears but they sure are folded weirdly,,,


ok the lion king 2 actually really isn’t a bad movie BUT there are two incredibly distracting things in it

1) THE EYES!! they all look at eachother really sexily. simba is especially guilty of this, even when he looks at kovu he has this “lets get it on face”. like honestly… the sexual tension in this movie. 

2) kiara calls simba “daddy” exclusively. not once does she call him “dad” or by his name.