Bierbrouwerij Emelisse TIPA

Another one enjoyed at the Arendsnest. This Triple IPA is one that will make you appreciate the more mundane, expected things in life, such as sitting down in a chair. Mainly because when you give it a go, it’ll knock you right off your feet. This 10% beauty is as flavoursome, rich, deep and epic as it is vibrant.

The beer pours such an amazingly dynamic cloudy ambery golden hue that you’d think the saturation was turned to full in Photoshop. The beer gives off a large hoppy apricot and tropical fruit scent, along with sweet caramelised malt that lets you know you’re in for a treat.

And what a treat this is. Thanks to the triple hops, this packs a walloping hop flavour of citrus and florally notes. And then, as if by surprise, the smooth, sweet malt backbone comes in to balance it all out so delicately, with a final push by the high ABV. The fine balance of flavours in this beer is comparable to a grotesquely fat person walking a thin tightrope hundreds of metres above the ground with such graceful ease.

What a pleasure to drink. I’d easily have this again, and would highly recommend it if you get the chance. A big thumbs for the Dutch TIPA.