Child Killers
The Murder Of Hanna Mack

On the 9th of September 2007 in Texas, Dana Mack found her 6 year old daughter Hanna Mack sleeping on the couch. Leaving her in peace she went upstairs, However, 7 hours later the little girl was found hanging half naked in the garage, she had been raped and beaten to death.

At first, Dana’s live in boyfriend Kevin Anders was prime suspect. Authorities found child pornography on his laptop but the dan didn’t match. The murderer was 21 year old Shaun Arender, a friend of Anders. The pair became friends in prison and bumped into each other the night of the murder. After talking child pornography and taking drugs they decided to kill Hanna.

At trial, Arender took a plea deal which meant he avoided a death sentence.

In 2009, Shaun Arender was sentenced to life whilst Kevin Anders was sentenced on child pornography charges

what if in splatoon 2

you get to defeat a brainwashed callie and get her back to normal, but then it turns out marie’s been kidnapped in the process and you have to fight a brainwashed marie later, getting her back to normal too after defeating her?

and what if dj octavio was merely brainwashing the squid sisters so he could obtain dna data from them so he could make octarian clones of the squid sisters… in other words, octo sisters?



New series unites the worlds of the video games, Templars and Assassin’s comics; starring both familiar and new characters.

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Written by scribes Dan Watters (Limbo) and Alex Paknadel (Arcadia) and illustrated by Assassin’s Creed®video game storyboard artist, José Holder (Deceivers), this new comic series will culminate a key storyline from the Assassin’s Creed® video games, kicking off with the Phoenix Project (featured in Assassin’s Creed® Unity, Assassin’s Creed® Rogue and Assassin’s Creed® Syndicate) - a Templar plot to unlock the ancient secrets stored in the DNA of a precursor race.

In the first arc, tensions are running high for both the Brotherhood and the Templar Order. A nefarious new world order is on the horizon and only a united team of Assassin’s have the knowledge and skill to save humanity from subjugation.

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