arend van dam

To date (August 14 2012), the officially recognized tally of victims in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is 7978 dead palestinains, of which 1620 under the age of 18, and 1503 dead Israelis, of which 142 under the age of 18.

Notice how Israel has killed more Palestinian children (and this is not counting casualties in Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and other places Israel has invited themselves to attack) than Palestinains have killed Israelis, total.

Question: how did Alexander the Great’s conquest differ from Persian conquest? How can you politicize something that happened 2300 year ago? And of course, how much “western civillization” is threatened by one country maybe having nuclear weapons when the United States has a stockpile of thousands of nuclear warheads.

And of course, never mention better art in your shitty art.

I do wonder waht planet Arend Van Dam lives in. It’s apparently a really nice place, where IDF is extra-polite and not at all jackbooted thugs against the Palestinians.

Nowhere in history has an occupying military force ever abused its power, nor just generally made the lives of people under occupation hell in small everyday microagressions. Nope, the IDF are like the boy scouts!

Now, it is bad there never was any commemmoration of the Munich strike, but it wasn’t an act of “Muslim terrorism”. It was terrorism, but the motivation was national liberation.

Meanwhile, as for the “security measures”, I fail to see how exactly they’re justified in any way. Especially the missiles; a plane is hijacked and flying above the city and you shoot it down? Here’s a riddle, where does it land? Oh right, right into the city. Basicaly doing the damage the terrorists would want anyway. Good job.