Day 2 of 5: There’s a Throwback Art Meme making the rounds on Facebook lately and it’s been great to see the old work contrasted with the new; a bit like seeing old friends and catching them up with new ones. 

To keep things interesting I’ve also been sharing some .PSD Walkthroughs and Full Resolution files to some of the older images and I figured why not share here as well.

This next batch is from my time (2009-2010) at ArenaNet here in Washington. Happy to still see so many of you guys regularly :) 

Here’s a link to the Full Res files: Click! Here’s day one: Click!


The Illustrious Warrior

Custom 4″ Kidrobot Munny.

Design based on the Illustrious heavy armor and the legendary weapons, Twilight, Frostfang, and The Moot from Arenanet’s Guild Wars 2.


Fiona Ng  is a toy designer and entrepreneur. By day, she is the co-founder of PianoVerse, a place for adult piano lessons in Queens, New York. By night, she is bringing life to little armored toy heroes and heroines.


A few pages from a couple previous Patreon sketchbooks of mine. I’ve been hitting GW2 really hard the last couple months, so it seems fitting to drop a few of ‘em here.

Sketches of some guildmates characters! I’ll need to get back to it. I had a nice thread going on the guild’s forum for people to post their characters. I THINK there were a few Asura, and I so want to draw some Asura.