arenal lake


Saturn’s Moon Titan

Titan is the largest moon of Saturn. It has an atmosphere composed primary of Nitrogen with traces of other hyrdrocarbons. The pressure at the surface is 60% greater than the pressure you are feeling right now. Perhaps what’s most unique about Titan are its lakes. These lakes aren’t made of water, rather they are lakes of liquid methane and ethane (see the illustrations above). These are the first liquid lakes seen anywhere in the Solar System besides Earth’s. The largest of these lakes is larger than the Great Lakes on Earth.

Ohio Gothic
  • You’re pretty sure you just passed that corn field… Oh, you just passed it again. Best not to look anymore. You might go blind.
  • The beaches of Lake Erie aren’t made of sand. You’re not sure what they are made of, but there’s teeth. And finger nails.
  • If you’re in the middle of nowhere, then why are you hearing footsteps? They only come when you walk, like they’re following but don’t want to catch up… Why?
  • When you dive the highway at night, no time passes. The road is an infinite loop, and headlights glare at you from in front of you, and in back. but they never catch up.
  • Everyone talks of the amusement parks and plan their vacations around then, if they can ever find them. They don’t. And they never come back either.
  • In the fall, it’s best not to go into the forest. There aren’t forest fires, but no one looks forward to spontaneous combustion.
  • Children scream in the distance, at the park. No one goes to help. No one wants to die.
  • In the summer, lights blink from the forest. Lock your doors. Those aren’t fire flies. You don’t want to know what they are.
  • the shadows get big and long when the sun sets. you better run on home. doppelgängers are a bad sign. You don’t want to be replaced.
  • It snows long into the new year. food is scare, but someone has to go… Everyone hides. No one wants to go. Eeny meeny miny mo.
  • Spring comes around after great loss. The trees bloom in blood. Iron fills the air. 
  • Winter leaves hungry mouths to feed. They’re lying in wait in the roads. Road kill isn’t enough. You can’t drive safely anymore.

Pink Lakes! 

Pretty aren’t they? 

These lakes are Pink in color due to the high salinity levels which  increases the number of alga who produce large amounts of  Beta-Carotene. The Beta Carotene helps protect alga against the intense light that reflects off the salt and also gives the algae its dark pink hue

The Algea in question is called Dunaliella salina