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Full Trans. of Deleted Article

This is a full translation of the article that is deleted within (an estimated) 30 minutes after it was posted. Apparently, TS was in contact with the reporter that wrote the article, hence the availability of quotes in the article. Please read the full translation of the article below. 


B.A.P’s world tour is opening soon. The fans declare a boycott and express objection towards the concert (T/N: Seoul Boom; context for Babyz’ reference: Boycott Camp wants to boycott Seoul Boom to lead to cancellation of the Seoul Boom concerts as well as the rest of the Party Baby World Tour). TS Entertainment’s position is that they will not back down because concert cannot be cancelled with the confirmation of plans and contracts for concerts in place, hence it is impossible for cancellation. The situation of the intense polarised spate (between the agency and the fans) is being played out right now.

TS Entertainment released through the B.A.P’s official channel to inform fans of a world tour that will start with the concerts in Seoul. The Seoul concerts will be held at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall over three days starting on 24 March and the world tour is coordinated now with USA and Europe to happen afterwards. In the concert poster, an exciting party atmosphere is seen with logos and neon signs reminiscent of a club to reveal a scene of exciting fun and exciting performances by the members.

Contrary to the poster’s enjoyable time with the members, fans’ reactions were the opposite. Via SNS platforms (T/N: Twitter), fans expressed their sentiments with the hashtag #2017_BAP월드투어_반대, which is now part of the boycott campaign that’s ongoing right now. There has even been a portal site petition page that has been opened for the campaign. Campaigners are worried about the tight and taxing schedule that the members have to digest after going on many tours after their 2012 debut, with the Pacific Tour in 2013 Summer, the Arena Tour in 2013 Winter, the Continent Tour in 2014 Summer, the World Tour in 2016, the Japan Tour in 2017 January, and even the upcoming 2017 Party Baby World Tour.

Another question that fans have is of Yongguk’s health—on sick leave due to the diagnosis of his panic disorder—and his participation in the concerts and in the world tour. In the past year’s second full length album NOIR’s promotions for ‘Skydive’, he was even too unwell to participate in the promotions, thus it is doubted whether he is well enough to join the upcoming tour. The conclusion is that it is fans’ wish to see a stop to the abuse of ‘our oppas’ with unreasonable schedules.

The agency is put in a difficult spot by the fans’ boycott. It is said that the plans for the tour cannot be made without the discussion with members, and members have also shared the official post of the world tour on their own SNS accounts to express their wish to go through with the plans; hence this is the current stand. In response to the charge of unreasonable schedule, it is expressed that “after last November’s promotions for Skydive, members already had a 2-week break” and this has been discussed with the members. With regards to the lack of domestic activities for B.A.P, TS expressed that “a new album is about to be released before the world tour and it is in the pipelines for B.A.P to promote it on Music Shows” as explanation. It is also speculated/ hinted that in the new album, the voice of Bang Yong Guk who is resting now will be heard.

As such, right now the agency and the fans are in a tense standoff. The agency that refuses to give any explanation or response to fans wants to tide over the controversy of being labelled as ‘bad’, and from the standpoint of the agency, fans are putting on a show of tyranny. Whether it will be a performance that has no fans, or the disadvantage of cancelling the performance, either outcome will be B.A.P’s tragedy.

Full Translation of deleted Article
Trans cr. @ricejuseyo-gimmerice

(Personal side note: While I’m not in the boycott camp, I felt slighted and mocked when the reporter used terms like fans are worried about the abuse of “our oppas”. In addition, it starts to look like a report in favour of TS when the quotes start coming up, which made babyz’ concerns seem unreasonable and uncalled for. Also, most importantly, the fact that TS thinks that having 2 weeks break after promoting Skydive means B.A.P can have a killer world tour schedule from March till god-knows-which-month tells me that TS has no common sense and is not listening or reading our concerns, which is the killer tour schedule and not whether B.A.P gets vacation breaks or not. For instance, sleeping 72 hours straight does not mean that you can work for 123456 days straight. So resting for 2 weeks last December doesn’t mean that one can store that rest like a camel stores water and overwork in future. In addition, promoting on Music Shows for only around 2 weeks before going on tour is not doing the new album justice nor is it really answering to our call for more domestic activities. TS is not answering anything at all. Last but not least, the very last line is immensely saddening. It is also precisely why I champion for the middle ground camp. Why doesn’t anyone see it like I do.)

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